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'85 BRAT, will install new clutch plate, what else?

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Make sure you get the correct size clutch. '85 EA81 should have the larger diameter clutch disk and corresponding flywheel.

Have always had good experience with an Exedy stock Stage clutch kit. Comes through my local speed shop; includes the clutch disk, plate, throwout bearing, and pilot bearing. Think it even comes with the alignment tool.

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Look out for differently sized release bearings in the clutch kit.  Some come with the larger release bearing.  There were two sizes made in those years and I had the unfortunate luck of having to track down and getting the correct matching set. I ended up having to purchase a new release bearing holder, wasn't expensive and bought from Subaru.  Good luck.

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Excellent follow ups after my previous post. All stuff my feeble mind dropped. 

And like Benny mentioned since you have it out , drop the oil pan and be careful with that sump stem. It’ll crack if you wrestle it too much. Can tap it downward as I recall. Use wood or plastic as your drift/punch if possible. Replace O-ring on top of stem part no. 8069 14020


Rear of crank has an O-ring too. P/N 41396 7000

Front main is 8067 38070 for the 1800. 38x59x9 is the size.

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Throw out bearing is p-n 30502KA000 - that was hand written above the crossed out original p-n which looks like it may have been 03151 4700

The little springs if you need them (2)  are 83173 8620

And the big one .... drum roll please ....clutch disk is 43012 7030 - also hand written over old number which had the last four digits as 7011 it looks like. 

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