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'82 Brat: Solid Axle Build *** DONE! :) ***


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Planning Started


made initial purchase yesterday


4 axle brackets, 2 rights and 2 lefts, all with a 10 degree offset

4 adjustable link mount brackets

4 tube link brackets, 2 rights and 2 lefts, all with 10* offset

3 upper control arm brackets flat mount

1 upper control arm axle bracket 8"

8 bushing kits

4 Large RE joints

4 Forged Johnny Joints 1" shank RH thread w/jams & tube adapters


more to follow....

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i actually did some measuring for this.i figured if i made a subframe to all of the regular suspension mounting points and made the center section a combo transfer case/link mounting area it would work out better.


as opposed to try and weld the center mounting area directly to the body. anyways.awesome,am looking forward to seeing how it comes out.


eventually i will actually follow through with this one. i only started it 2 times already.got closer the second time.cheers, brian

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got the RE joints the day before yesterday. I'm still waiting to get the '87 4Runner rear axle, steering box, and front hubs before it goes into full deconstruct mode.


I'll be removing some stuff from my Brat but still keep it driveable so I can drive it out to the shop.

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  • 1 month later...

I know, I know.... pics....

maybe later tonight...


The engine and tranny crossmembers are back in stock locations. definitely need to remove the couple of carb spacers from the weber...


complete rear subframe is removed and all front suspension/steering stuff removed.


still need to remove the gas tank ande-brake handle....

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Okay, so a bit of history on this Brat...


I got it in Feb. '03, came from AZ, engine was trashed, no fluids anywhere... a complete build was in order....





Put a 4/3 lift in, rear disk brakes, complete brake system flush, etc....

finally got an engine and in Aug, it moved under it's own power for the first time in probably 14 years...




Since then, it's gotten lots of decals, lots of dents, suspension changes, lift changes, etc.... all making it better each time, but always leading to the next weakest link....


Here it was in July of 2008...




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Parts mentioned in the first post....



also purchased a Samurai transfer case...


and a few years back, I had purchased a '85 toyota from a junkyard. parted it out, and here's what's left after finally removing the axles. I also got a wider rear axle out of a '87 4-runner so it at least matches the width of the soob rear....




and then cut up and ready for the recycler...



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what do you think...? Just a little more bashing?





actually, those are a little bigger than what'll be on it....


moving rear axle back a bit, and the front axle forward more... probably looking at 105" wheelbase... and will definitely be losing sheetmetal....

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Took a few more pics tonight with my good camera, when I went over to drain the gas tank, and pick up the no longer needed soob parts... Chris already had the front axle positioned under it to get a feel for placement, etc...

The exhaust definitely needs changed up front....









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