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    both of our 1990 Legacy's had that grill style.. one was an LS (red one), the other just an L
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    Well, I had an absolute blast hanging out with the long travel guys from IL, and more short travel from TX! We did a little bit of everything from hiking, to jumps, to water crossings, to rowdy trail riding. Although us short travel folks kept up just fine on everything but the jumps, the long travel simply ate up the boulder-strewn water crossings and rock shelves. Ground clearance plus articulation can't be beat. My rockers definitely took a beating plus two bent trailing arms and a slashed tire! Looking forward to the next round... Short travel teetering down the ledge: Long travel bombs it: K
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    If it's low on freon, it can kick on but not maintain enough pressure to stay engaged. I would at least put a set of gauges on it to see what it's doing before I did anything else. Has it been converted? Dan
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    When you tried the wire trick, could you blow through the line. Mine had a lot of gunk in it. I would think I was all the way through and I wasn’t. I couldn’t blow through it. If you could, then either you still have a lot of trash in the tank or the problem is somewhere else. Make the lines are clear from the carb to the tank before going through the trouble of pulling the tank again.
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    You want a Subaru Thermostat! Larry
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    There is a small modification that you may need to make, the PCV arrangement is different from the 2000 to the 2001. On the 2000 the PCV valve (old style) screws into the intake manifold and then there is a cluster of tubes going to the block and the air box. On the 2001 typically they use the "new style" PCV valve and it is screwed into the PCV pipe in the block with a simple hose connecting the two. The 2000 block has a non threaded pipe in the block so I typically jury rig a piece of hose to accept the PCV valve and rtv it in place then use the hose from the 2001 manifold to finish the connection. There is some variability in this stuff as all model years are not the same but typically this is what I see.
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    Run your hand along the entire lens glas to see if you have a chip that is letting water get in.
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    I would replace the connectors in the plug or get new pigtails. Usually this is the cause of short lived bulbs in the headlights.
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    I swapped the older metal relays whit the newer plastic relays from JY imprezas.