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  1. Well my setup was original turbo turbine side but VF11 compressor housing and wheel fitted to it. What I think happens wit it isbthat the smaller turbine housing can now keep turning at more higher speeds since the compresaor side isn't so restrictive anymore. Original turbo tends to be restrictive from compressor side at higher revs since it's so small. But no real info why it did that but boost started to build over the wanted level after around 5000 rpm level with that setup. Ane by the way I did have 3" bellmouth downpipe with it.
  2. Well first off TD04L compressor housing won't just bolt on to the VF7. VF11 compressor and wheel would fit better to the original VF7 but still should be balanced after that. There isnkind of no point doing hybrid turbo from original and TD04/VF11 parts. Just get a hold of complete new turbo and change or mod the flanges to fit the new one. But once again it's just my opinion. EDIT: Oh and probably you will get somenboosy creep due to the small turbine housing if you fit VF11 or similar compressor to the original turbo. I know I did and that's the reason I changed to complete TD04L-13T from newer subaru and it's just perfect now.
  3. TD04L-13T seems to be a perfect match for the EA82T engine in my opinion. Spools pretty quick but goes up all the way to the redline. With better exhaust manifold it comes on from around 2400rpm and boosts 1 bar at around 2800rpm. Original RHB52 or VF7 boosts almost from the 2000rpm but is really restrictive in the upper rpm range.
  4. That is most likely to happend with turbo camd. Turbo cams don't have valve overlapping like the na engine does. Google around for na vs turbo cams and you will be much eiser hopefully.
  5. Also remembere thar the cam profiles are different in the turbo. I eid drive my ea82t engine without the turbo for some time when my original turbo gave up. I just did a pipe with turbo flanges to bypass turbo and plugged the oiland coolant passages so I could use turbo again. I did have na block (pistons) in it already then and it was drivable like that
  6. Just to mix things up more my -88 leone coupe has EA71 engine in it and all of our third gen EA71 1.6 engines are supposed to be 54kW. I assume the difference comes from timing advance settings and higher octane fuel or something similar. Difference in the Japanese engine can also come from more timing advance due to higher octane fuel.
  7. I took my old EA82T block apart and found the reason for thick smoke cloud behind my old leone: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3bfdq51emivdkhb/2014-10-30%2012.42.31.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/virji25yantmq44/2014-10-30%2012.41.45.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/z73vp2stfpya805/2014-10-30%2012.41.24.jpg?dl=0 Also found out that in my other supposed to be ok block the last owner had installed one different kind of piston in it. So now I have two blocks and no good set of pistons to put in neither of them. The othre block has lower skirted pistons and the other has those that are in the pictures (last owner mixed them together in one of the blocks). Happily I never did build that block to working condition.
  8. If i remember correctly my na ea82 engined leone had red stripes in it. But for sure I know my parted out wagon had golden color stripes in it.
  9. My leones too has those black metal door handles. Those door handles are mostly black in here too but I remember that one of my stepfathers leone STW had chrome ones in it. It's kind of funny to see the door handles painted black in the top range models (like the jchumbs one and my parted out turbo lifted roof STW) and chromed in the lower end models like the GL my stepfather had many years ago. But my 1.6 -88 GL leone coupe has them painted black too.
  10. Did "some" welding to my leone. Its been sitting pretty long now and it would be nice to get it going some day. Previous owner had done some shitty repairs and just used a lot of filler to hide the rust. So I found a lot of not so nice suprises under it. But anyway the back arches are now welded and altought looks nasty without the cosmetic repairs done yet I should get it going now if I find the cash to take it inspected. Some pics: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mbm8jude8v0p425/2014-09-21%2014.58.27.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/45br9z8l68o2bkr/2014-09-21%2014.58.02.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/iu30yfgxomqjxs8/2014-09-21%2014.57.31.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/tojegc4u739qcar/2014-09-21%2014.57.09.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/qo7q43ja837kqeq/2014-09-20%2015.29.57.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/sx6h776we5io165/2014-09-19%2019.48.11.jpg?dl=0 I'm starting to think I need to collect all the pics together and start a thread about this build altought it's not happening very fast.
  11. Just bought a set of these rims for my leone. Has anyone seen these before ? https://www.dropbox.com/s/km3km9l5ez1o3f6/DSC_0137.JPG?dl=0 Some specs: They are 13", ET42 and reads RW spyder in them. Two of them has the center cup in them and two don't and the paintjob needs some love and care.
  12. This kind of brush is brilliant: It's a soft rubber brush and it can remove animal hair pretty easily. EDIT: Similar one used here:
  13. Standard ecu is located inside the car under the steering column.
  14. Easiest way to make it work with your old ecu is to just switch the old dizzy in the new engine. Pictures would be good to know the differences between the new and the old ones. Also check that the dizzy connector plugs have the same pin amount in them. If not you will have to use the old one with the original ecu anyway. Basicly I think the new one will not work with the old ecu because the new dizzy pobably has electronic ignition advance system built into it and the old one uses vacuum to change it. So the old ecu won't probably have the timing advance control in it as needed for the newer dizzy. (btw probably 4 pin connector in the new one).
  15. EA82 crank in EA71 How about that ? No idea does it work and so on but would be cool to stroke EA71 engine.
  16. Those don't look like the normal peugeot ones to me.
  17. Might have but it's ot that easy to find it in Finland. Might be loads of money to spend into just shipping and taxes and maybe some custom payments too if ordered from there.
  18. Just replace it with something else than air suspension. The air suspension is pain in the rump roast after it is done. There ain't no displacement parts around and from my opinion normal shock/spring setup is much better handling than the air ones.
  19. Well that's not my project and I think there is no video available of it yet. Otherwise I would have linked it here already
  20. Check the condition of your rear subframe. Mine did this (see the rear wheel tiltin from inside from upper side): When this happened:
  21. The heads have been machined and ported fully and probably some other work done in them too. Trigger wheel is there for EDIS system. I think there is not much stock in that engine other than the shortblock.
  22. Here's one old video. It's Tjani's old leone rx with bad gearbox.
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