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Found 8 results

  1. Meet Harold, our 1984 GL wagon. Highly original survivor originally from New Mexico. Dual range four speed, ea81 with a Weber.
  2. Hey y’all, Just had a good chat with my old Subaru mechanic about having a hard time shifting into 3rd gear (it grinds and is very particular about how it goes in). He suggested replacing the synchro ring, maybe for 2nd and 3rd since 2nd also gets pretty beat up under normal circumstances. Anyhow, he says it’s ideal to find a new replacement, but my research so far has suggested that may be impossible—Subaru catalogs at official parts spots don’t go back to 1983. So, I’m hoping someone out there either has a connection to some very lovely synchros or otherwise knows of a way to possibly breathe new life into this transmission. Hoping to fully restore the car and keep it forever, so I’ve got time. Thanks in advance!
  3. I have an 85 Brat with the 3AT. I also have an 89 GL parts car with a 5 speed D/R. I want to put the 5 speed into the brat but, I have to get rid of the GL by this weekend, so i wanna pull the transmission and other stuff I need. My question is what do I need to pull from the car for the swap? If the list is somewhere on here just post the link. If not please help!
  4. So I've got a 92 loyale with a rebuilt 1.8 and the stock 3AT tranny pb4wd. The engine seems fine other than some valve chatter I've been to lazy to fix but the 3at is getting sketchy. It's left me stranded a few times and it gets -60 here so no good. I'd love do drop in a 5 speed d/r but haven't found one yet and frost is on the ground so I'm down to what's at the landfill. I can pull whatever parts from a 90s? Legacy sedan, 91 loyale with a sloppy 5speed, or the only one that's in any remotely decent shape; a 84 GL with a 4speed or MAYBE a 5 speed not sure as I didn't get a chance to mess with it much. So is it feasible to swap out the 3at for a ea81 4 or 5 speed? So fare on here I haven't found a thread with much on the subject. I know the 4speed isn't as good as an ea82 5speed but the 5speed in the 91 loyale is very sloppy and goes into gear with out the clutch so I'm assuming it's toast. Should I just deal with the 3at till I can find a good 5speed d/r? Swap in the questionable 5speed from the 91? Try to use the ea81 tranny? I also plan to do a 4" lift and maybe a EJ engine swap if that matters.
  5. hello, I have a 92 loyale and i just recently swapped the transmission to the dual range. I got the car running and drove it around for probably an hour. I had put the car into 4hi with no problems, I popped her into 4lo and the car just stayed in neutral, the transmission would still shift into all gears put just wasn't connecting to the engine. Put it back into 4hi and 2wd and still stuck in neutral. Im guessing something is up with the transfer case. in 2wd the car will occassionally move a fraction of an inch. Any ideas?
  6. I have recently acquired an '88 GL, my first Subaru, and am looking for a D/R transmission. My understanding is that there were a few models offered. The most highly desired is the trans with a separate lever to shift 4H and 4L. If you are looking at the tranny, is there an obvious way to tell between the two? Anything that a vin number would tell you? I have been using sites such as partshotline.com and car-part.com as there are practically no Subarus, let alone of that era, in the junkyards around here. Most places i have called have the parts out of the car, and arent able to tell me which style of tranny they have. They just have them listed as 5sp, dual range, non-turbo/turbo. I found a non-turbo tranny that came out of a low mile car ~70k for relatively cheap ($250 shipped) but they have no idea which style it is. Also - my car is a turbo EA82 - what are the differences between the turbo and non-turbo trans? The turbo trans are full time 4wd? Please excuse my ignorance - i am a new, excited member of the Subaru world. Thanks in advance for your help guys. I have a 3" lift on the way from Highguyslifts and got a set of 6 lug wheels that i am cleaning up. I am planning to redrill my hubs when i get the lift in order to run the toyota wheels. I am super pumped about this car. The D/R tranny will be my last mod for a while as i am quickly running out of money!
  7. I hear talk of many 'how to' threads for a EA82 5 speed tranny to D/R 5 speed swap but I can't find them. I find random htreads asking questions but never any how to's. Where might they be located? Link? Thanks
  8. i have a 1984 ea81 Brat with a 5 speed D/R transmission swap (removal of 4speed auto). the CV axles are going out which axles should i purchases? EA81 or EA82? The Subframe is original EA81, but the transmission is EA82.
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