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Found 10 results

  1. Meet Harold, our 1984 GL wagon. Highly original survivor originally from New Mexico. Dual range four speed, ea81 with a Weber.
  2. I have a 88(I think) dual range transmission with a blown ring and pinion. Instead of buying a new ring and pinion from subaru for $500 I picked up a gently used 93 manual push button transmission($100) with the intention of taking the ring and pinion out of that. The transmission is perfectly fine except that I would be better off with the dual range on my rig. So my question is, would it be possible to just swap the transfer case on the end of the transmission? They seem to be the same size, and it would make the project much easier. Thanks for the help. And just for kicks I have an 88 Gl-10 4" lift ej22 swap
  3. Hello Everyone, greetings from South America new to forum posting, long time voyeur. I recently picked up a 89 loyale 4wd ea82 carbed, 5mt dual range in regular body conditions but with a really smooth running engine, not so smooth tranny! My question is, What is the number of positions the 4wd lever should have (curved lever, not the "T" style lever found on brats), and what does its supossed to do on each? As of now i have figured out: 2H N ( should this be a 4 High?. No light at dash)) 4L ( this posittion turns on light at dash) Normal should be? 2h 4high 4low Little info: On purchase chek, i noticed a squirring sound when putting it on 4wd, (first step of lever y assume). Previous owner said it was only the rear diff being dry and that i would just have to pour some oil in it and it will stop making the sound, he offered me a deal, 200 usd of, if i took it like that, v/s regular price if he refilled it and it stopped the sound. Took the gamble, only to later find out that rear diff spins all the time (yikes!) Refilled it and it seemed to work fine! But still, cant find or seem to find how the heck to get it on 4wd High. Looked under the car when doing the oil change, when movin the 4wd lever it posittively made the rod on the transfer move in and out without issues.
  4. I have a good running EA81 subaru engine and a good working 5-speed dual range 4x4 4wd transmission with a brand new never used clutch. I was going to put this set up im my subaru brat but decided to go a diffrent route. Im selling this because im going to collage on March 3rd and I need it gone or it has to go to scrap. so im asking $200 OBO. thank you for your consideration. If you're intrested please call me at (541) 323-5000. I'm located in Bend Oregon.
  5. So I'm coming up on my Dual range Swap, done the research, looks rather straight forward. Getting the trans from a junk yard so i was planning on making my own linkage for the low range. Question is can i keep the push button vacuum actuator to select 2wd/4wd and just fab a second lever for Low range? (plus there some custom cup holders where the extra shiftier would go)
  6. I bought my wagon in 1995 from a new / used car dealer in North Denver. They had it stickered at $4999....IIRC I got them down to $2450 and had the car looked over by Rick (I think was his name and the owner) at CCR (Colorado Component Rebuilders) before I purchased it. I had never owned a Subaru but after moving to Denver from Southern California I saw so many around and old ones too. I went to Rick's shop with the wagon (dealer let me take it off the lot but only beacuse I was walking away if I couldn't get a machanic's opinion before buying) and met Rick, his wife and their shop dog, a cool bitch Boston Terrier. I now have a Boston Terrier as a result of meeting that dog....a very good dog. Rick looked over my wagon and he drove it around the block with me in it. Rick said, "looks decent...always keep an eye on your oil and water levels, use genuine Subaru oil filters, and don't shift in and out of 4 wheel drive while turning and you should be good to go." Now these years later the wagon is pretty stock for sure and has been through some scrapes. Back hatch from a MPFI 1985 GL-10 wagon and passenger side front quarter panel along with other bits. Alternator and AC system with bonus full time second fan and various other donor parts from a 1985 GL wagon non-turbo automatic. I have had the wagon through snow in the Rocky Mountains and even had studded snow tires for a time when I lived near Silverthorne. I can remember smiling proudly and charging past Suburbans and the like pulled off to the roadside during blizzard conditions on the I70. Since moving back to Southern California, the wagon has been out to the deserts on many camping and prospecting trips on some tricky roads...even up on high sand dunes in the Superstition Mountains just Southwest of the Salton Sea. That was funny. On a prospecting trip, my dad and I pulled up almost to the top of the dune field in my 1985 Subaru "Charger" (as I have named it) near this $70-100K massive 4X4 lifted Ford 250 or 350 (crew cab with fancy custom paint and huge tires) while they were loading quads into the bed of the truck. We waved and proceeded back down the dune because had we gone up and over the top we were not sure of the type of sand on the other side of the dune. That Ford was about to leave and there was no help for miles. Lately with the Subarus help my dad I located a placer gold claim at the end of of a long 4X4 road about 3000 feet up in the Southern Sierra Nevadas. We are getting geared up to go do some mining soon to celebrate my dad's 73 birthday....yes in the 1985 Subaru GL D/R non turbo "Charger" Wagon. So I will see if I can post some pictures I took today. Many thanks USMB
  7. Look what I got! 89k on it, has been sitting in a container at the junkyard I picked it up from since 1993. Car it came from was an 85 so it was only used for 8 years. High mileage for it's age, but low mileage for me!! The trans in my car is getting pretty bad too so it couldn't be better timing. Anyway, excitement aside, reason for posting; I'm going to be scouring all the threads on how to swap transmissions out, as I've never done one, as well as clutch jobs as I figure I may as well put a new clutch in while it's all apart. I'm figuring I'm going to pull the car up on ramps on all four wheels, that should give me a pretty good working space underneath the car. Do I need to remove the flywheel and have it re-surfaced? Is that advisable? My car has 82k on it. Also, should I go through the trouble of cleaning it up and painting it before installing it? Any tips or things to check on beforehand? I have a lot of questions about how things are going to connect, but I figure as I take my trans out I will see. Glad I've FINALLY found one.
  8. So i have an 84 GL wagon, just finished the 5speed swap. The 4wd is stuck in 4hi. not with the shift linkage or with pry-bars am i able to move it to 4low or 2wd. I'm supposed to make a few hundred mile drive tonight and I don't suspect id be doing very well on the "new" 5speed stuck in 4wd. Any clues, hints, advice would be greatly appreciated
  9. I hear talk of many 'how to' threads for a EA82 5 speed tranny to D/R 5 speed swap but I can't find them. I find random htreads asking questions but never any how to's. Where might they be located? Link? Thanks
  10. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Subaru-Gearbox-5MT-Dual-range-conversion-kit-USA-only-Legacy-Impreza-Forester-/271274224042?fits=Make%3ASubaru
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