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Found 11 results

  1. Does anyone have suggestions for brighter, replacement headlight bulbs. LED, I guess. Diode Dynamics have a set of 2 for $150. That seems high. I tried looking around but don't know enough to make a choice. It's sort of like reading a phone book with all the numbers. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to Subaru. Recently I changed the low beam bulb for a more powerful H7 and what happened is that the low beams do not illuminate the road; they seem to be going to the sides. The right hand side to the right and the left hand side to the left and not very far, so the center of the road is not lit up, I took it to the Subaru dealer with no change in the light pattern. I would appreciate your comments as to what is happening and how to solve the problem. Thanks, Alejandro
  3. Hey there, I own a 1986 Standard 2dr Hatchback that came standard with the two single large round lights. They work fine, but as a side project I was looking to convert them over to the four square light setup as both a practical and aesthetic upgrade. There are times that the rounds just don't produce enough light even with the highs on and having the four lamps seems like the best option. Not to mention they look a lot more appropriate considering I have seen other models of my same wagon with the four light set up and they look unbelievably slick. Because of the universal compatibility of the body styles in this line of vehicles making the swap is relatively easy, however I need some advice on the wiring harness for the lights in terms of whether I would have to rip out and replace the entire wiring setup and replace it with one that was designed to accommodate the four lights, or if there is a half-harness system of sorts that disconnects at a certain point from the rest of the system for this very purpose. Any advice on what sort of parts I might need as well as advice is greatly appreciated. Beaux. For Reference Before: After:
  4. Hello all, I've had my 2006 Impreza for about four years now. Since I've owned it, I've gone through several headlights (about three per year; alternating passenger and driver). I also go through oil like a hole in the head, despite having all head gaskets replaced about two years ago. Additionally, my emergency brake light has not gone off in about 6 months. What gives?! Are these common problems with my make and model?
  5. So I just picked up my very first Subaru. Its a 2002 Forester L. Of course the jerk who sold it to me forgot to mention that the headlights don't work. I replaced the bulbs with new ones, and still nothing. If I "fiddle" with the drivers side bulb connector I can get both of the headlights to come on, but they are very dim. Oh, and the passenger brights come on... WTF?!? I checked the ground cleaned it off and it didn't change anything, also I squirted some dielectric grease one the headlight connectors because they're a bit corroded, drivers side is actually burnt a little bit too. I'm assuming the problem is bad three prong female connectors, but i'm confused on why both headlights turn on very dimly when I fiddle with the drivers side connector. Any tips/advice would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  6. The wiring harness for the driver's side headlight on my 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.2L "L" sedan has melted. My daughter was on a long road trip yesterday, and I guess 3+ hours of continuous use was enough to melt the horizontal tab that controls the low beam (high beam is still OK). I want to replace the current plastic harness with a ceramic one. Can I get some suggestions? I do a lot of soldering and have all the soldering irons, shrink tubing and heat guns needed for the job. This one on Amazon looks like it's intended for folks who DON'T want to solder: Hipro Power H4 (9003) Heavy Duty Ceramic Headlight Wire Harness : Amazon.com : Automotive Here's one that requires soldering (curious why they didn't color code the wires): Amazon.com: Amico 2 x H4 9003 Ceramic Wire Wiring Headlight Harness Sockets for Car Headlight: Automotive I want to do this job right once (will replace both sides) but I can wait forever for shipping. Suggestions?
  7. 1983 GL Wagon 4WD Low beams work fine. When i pull back on the stalk switch, all 4 lights illuminate as they should. When i push forward, turning the high beams "on" - all 4 lights shut off. Any hunches as to whats going on here? Searched to no avail. Thanks!
  8. Hello, Please help..... I have a 95 Legacy with a headlight electrical problem. The left headlight has full power to the lamp. The right headlight keeps burning out. Before it burns out it gets progressively dimmer over weeks. In addition when I turn on the brights, the left lamp gets dimmer and the right lamp seems to get full power. I checked the amps at each relay and I was getting 10.9-11.2. I am thoroughly confused. Thank you Devin
  9. Curious what the difference is between the models? It looks like there were 79 brats with dual headlights and some with four.....is that the only difference between these models. Did one come later in the year....which is more desirable? thx!
  10. I've had an 04 Impreza TS since 2007. During that time I've replaced both passenger and driver's side headlights at least 5 times each. In my almost 40 years of driving I've never had to replace a headlight. Are Subarus excessively delicate this way? What am I doing wrong? Recommendations on longer-lasting headlight bulbs would be much appreciated. Thanks! Laurie Sabol Ayer MA
  11. So my Brat has always had pretty weak headlights, but lately they have been downright unreliable. My car runs completely fine, but when I go to turn the lights on at night, my headlights flicker off. When they turn off, I also hear a strange electrical sound (sounds like a servo or something like that). It doesn't happen every single time that I try to run my headlights, but pretty close. I don't think it's the battery, and I already took my alternator out and had it tested, but it passed the test just fine at O'Reilly's. Could it only be bad wiring that is doing this, or does anybody have any other ideas of what the problem might be? p.s. The right headlight shines weaker than the left. I don't know if that is significant or not.
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