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The "WISH LIST" thread -please add yours and print all

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set of the trim pieces that go around the door handles?

also the bottom plastic pieces of the doors on the inside... preferable black...


also are there the peices that came in the fake wood grain (guage cluster trim thing, glove box door and control panel trim) available in black?

I have 4 Brats And 1 has those piecies in black.

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1979 Subaru 4WD, 4spd, gold/brown interior, GL wagon:


- Driver's side rear tail light

- Rear Bumper

- Brown Dash

- Interior plastic cargo covers


These are currenty the main needs, but as I begin to restore, I think there will be more.




Boulder, Co

Did you find the parts?

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1984 Subaru BRAT suspension components...all components needed, since BRAT is now only a rust free body/ shell with al glass and dorrs intact. It needs a forklift to be moved. Any suggestions/availablity of a suspension upgrade would be much appreciated. I do not need engine nor transmission parts since I plan to go the EJ route.Please PM me if you have anything, will check my messages every Friday same time as this post.Thanks folks.

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Front seats for a first gen.  I really just need the driver's side in blue.  This is the passenger.



I'm thinking this is going to be very hard to find, so I'm also looking for seat covers.  The ones on it are pretty torn up on the front seats, but the rear is OK.  I'd love to match them but that also seems real unlikely.  




Any lines on slip covers?

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I think there's at least four of us looking for that mythical excellent condition blue driver's seat like you are.


Danny W is always asking me to send the one he saw in my storage but I always tell him its not so great , and I could use it too.


You can swap that passenger side over but will have the hole from the release handle ( or is it the pivot?) , but that's so low maybe it wouldn't bother you. Can always do a patch job and again , being so low nobody should notice.


Danny - "drivesubies" here , and "dannybreadman" on eBay does have a lot of factory parts and some seat covers on ebay. Maybe we'll all get lucky , since he hasn't gotten to all his stock last I knew , that just maybe he'll one day open a box and find a few driver's seats in blue.


Best of luck to you!!


Also keep in mind I started this thread to help folks by getting people to print it out before they hit a junkyard or source of any kind. The list is old and some folks may have fallen off of it . But items mentioned here are pretty much sure bets. If the person who posted an item finally got theres and didn't clear it out from the post you can count on the next guy needing it.

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I've been the owner of a '79 Brat for a little over a week and have started building up my wish list.  If you have or know where I can find any of the following items, please let me know!


OEM Roll bar

OEM Wheels


Windshield gasket

Back glass gasket

Driver & passenger window gaskets

GL grille

Driver Door card (black)

Carpet (Black)

Pedal set (manual trans)

Back Subaru emblem

Seats (black)

Steering wheel (black)

Lock & key set (doors, glovebox, ignition) - mine are mismatched!


I'm sure there's more, but this is it for now.

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