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The "WISH LIST" thread -please add yours and print all

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How about we all get our needs/wants listed in a manner that's easy to print and take with us during our parts hunting?



BE SURE TO MENTION THE YEAR MODEL,COLORS,ENGINE (if your car was made in a multi engine year,i.e.:1976 1400 and 1600cc....)


There's been a decent increase in vintage Subaru ownership lately.To date we've all treated each other very well,overall.Let's hope the lists don't cause any arguments when items double over onto your friend's list.:lol:

Right now there's at least 3 people who'd risk jail time to get a mint condition blue dash for a '78-9 4WD wagon or Brat.:)


Please,please,please consider not buying items you already have in cases where someone else REALLY needs that item.Let folks have runners before you stock a shelf.

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The point is that no matter how big or small your list is we can all see,and PRINT,people's lists for when we go yard hopping,raid some old dealer's stock,or clean house and find some old parts you don't need anymore.

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1973 GL Coupe "Canyon Gold" currently has the 1400cc engine that came with it.



#1-Windshield and gasket

#2-Driver's door rubber window seal(sheds water from getting into the door)

#3-Rear bumper

#4-Front valance including signal/parking lights

#5-Rear side window hinge covers

#6-Passenger side mirror (might be getting one from some local '74's)

#7-Screws and spacers from the cowl

#8-Fuel pump

#9-Rubber stop pads under front hood

#10-the sticker under the hood,or even a good close up picture of any.

#11-Pass. side orange rectangular light lens with chome trim

#12-Pass. side rocker trim strip

#13-Driver's side Rear window (hinged,not roll down) complete w/hardware

#14-Black dashboard

#15-Driver's seat (black w/white center Coupe style specific w/hole under headrest)

#16-Rear view mirror for '78 wagon (located inside the car)

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well,76 GF coupe ,74 GSR coupe .

#for the GF

-lower blinker that comes under the front bumber,only the plastic cover(right and left)

-the rear GF simbol.

-a dash board and the shift stick sarounding,(will be hard to ship here)

-and rear chrome vent trim.both sides

#for the 74 GSR

-front grille,preferd with the subaru simbol and the g-SR emblem.

-the front lower blinker ,attached under the front bumper (larger than the gf's ,completly orange) left and right.

-front light plastic (both sides)

-and off course the genuine fender mirrors,they sims to be gone from the planet.

that it I hope i"m not being too optimistic:rolleyes:

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73' gl coupe,78'-79' wagon, brat,and coupe

1. rear window seals for any coupe!

2.frt. turn sgnals and valance for 73' gl coupe

3.rocker panel chrome

4.fuel tank sender 78' gf probably any coupe would do

5.Battery trays

6.drivers side fender 78'-79'

7.Brat tailgate no dents or rust

8.1400 5spd shift link

9.dfv manual choke weber

10.doors with no trim holes,dents.

11.carpet black

12.corner marker lights for 79' (slimmer style)

13.rear view mirrors that arent QUITTERS

14.coupe headliner off-white

15.coupe or brat door panels black or brown

16.upper strut mounts (new)

17.right and left rear qtr. panels in mint for 73' gl

18.corner window rubber for coupe pop-outs any up to 79'

19.GF trim behind corner window with no broken clips

20.Rubber seals for all lens'

21.Wiper transmission for the 73' I believe any till 77' will do

22.rear apron 73' GL

23.73' dash GL

24.Rear bumpers 79' wag or brat & 73' coupe

25.Wiring harness 78' 79' GL

26.jdm 1600

27.5spd and 4spd 2wd trans mounts, 4wd trans mounts

28.window scrapers coupe with chrome

29.Any nos body parts

30.handle pull cups interior in black & brown

31.headliner wag. off-white

And anything for any gen1 in new or perf. cond.,

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1975 1400DL wagon:

4-speed shift knob

Center console

Black carpet set--front seats (both)

Air-conditioning manual for dealer-installed air (photocopy will do)

Owner's manual

Front driver's window regulator

Door handles and lock set for both doors on driver's side


1973 split-tailgate 1400DL wagon:

Bumper sections, unrusted, far left and right rear

Good wooden shift knob for 4-speed (not urgent--my dealer-install is cracked and reglued)

Correct 1973 wagon hubcaps with orange painted trim, or what have you for nice Stage 1 caps/alloys.


1970-71 FF1. Would prefer wagon, will take any. MUST BE IN LOWER 48. I don't want to deal with importation from Canada, let alone shipping from Australia, sorry.

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78 subaru brat black interior, exterior: originally green, currently silver from the doors forward, hopefully some day yellow.


I seak the holy grail!


Rocket seats plus hardware.

Drivers side tail light.

Black ash tray plus mounting hardware... have blue.


I think thats it for my wish list right now... I have a bunch of parts sitting in my dads barn right now, but I havent seen anything I have that anybody wants. Do have spare 4x4 tranny out of 78 brat I assume it works, aparently cars cause of death was blown head gasket.

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set of the trim pieces that go around the door handles?

also the bottom plastic pieces of the doors on the inside... preferable black...


also are there the peices that came in the fake wood grain (guage cluster trim thing, glove box door and control panel trim) available in black?

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'78 Brat - NOS parts:

1 - front rotor

2 - plastic cups for the inside lock

1 - black dome light

Front Chrome bumper




Black 4WD shifter w/knob

Black 4 sp. shifter w/knob

Black driver's side kick panel

Black jump seat belts and booties!!

Black carpet

Front lenses w/rubber

Headlight surrounds with rubber

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If you have any of these parts for a 1978 Subaru Brat, or 1978 Subaru Brat donor vehicles in fair/good to excellent condition, please contact us at a1978brat@hotmail.com


Thank you!






Front End

1. Front bumper complete with rubber end caps.

2. Turn signal / Front marker lights complete with chrome bezels. (Both sides)

3. “Subaru” emblem on hood above left side headlights.

4. Grille complete with all emblems. (Refer to attached photo)



Rear of Vehicle

1. Rear bumper complete with rubber end caps.

2. Rear turn signal / brake lights. (Both sides)

3. “Subaru” emblem on tailgate, above license plate.

4. Tailgate release handle.

5. “4 wheel drive” emblem on tailgate, left side bottom corner.

6. “Brat” emblem on tailgate, right side bottom corner.



Rear Glass and Cargo Area

1. Rubber gasket for rear window.

2. Chrome trim around cargo area. Complete with both sides of bed, rear roof, tailgate, and corners.

3. Rear facing seats complete with seat belts and mounting hardware. Must be black color.




1. Dash cover for top of dashboard. Must be black color.




1. Center caps with mounting hardware for 4 wheels.

2. “4WD” splash guards for all 4 wheel positions on the vehicle. I need all mounting brackets and hardware complete. The original splash guards are white with black lettering.



Exterior Body, Sides

1. Plastic filler panels on “B” pillar. (Both sides)

2. Chrome trim around doors, “A” pillar to roof. (Both sides)

3. Front marker lights, amber color. (Both sides)

4. Rear marker lights, red color. (Both sides)

5. Door handles, chrome. (Both sides)

6. Complete lock assemblies. (Both sides including fuel door)

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Alright, time to throw mine in here:


1979 GL 4WD 1600 EA71 wagon.


- Accelerator pedal

- Gearshift knob and/or 4WD selector knob (black)

- Trim around interior door handles (blue)

- Driver's window crank


That's all at the moment. I'll think of something else and add to this of course.


Thanks in advance!! :D

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OK,I added you to the MS Word document I made.


If anyone wants the file in Word just email me and I'll send it to you.Easy to print.I already did the work of compiling the names with the items without all the crap.


My copy is in my travel bag and will be busy this weekend.

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Just got my '78 DL yesterday and I've put together a list of things I'm looking for. If you've got any leads, please let me know:


Thanks! Bryan





The car's VIN is: A26L733596


I am looking for the following:


Rear Seat Back in Brown Vinyl

Front Seats in Brown Vinyl

Dash in Brown

Original Subaru Floor Mats in Black

Black Carpet Kit

Steering Wheel/Center pad in Brown

A/C Switch

Hazard Switch

Interior Door Handle Bezels in Brown

Tranny Cooler (for automatic)

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For my 81 BRAT:

1. Tailgate handle

2. inside AND outside door handles

3. The pocket compartment where the stereo is supposed to go

4. Jump seats (yeah... i know... dont count on it)

5. exterior trim





I'm up in Nor cal... so if anyone near me has any of this, that would be awesome... cuz i dont really have much money for shipping...

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