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The "WISH LIST" thread -please add yours and print all

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Hello All. I have a 1976 DL/GF 1600.

I'm looking for:

1) Fuse Box Cover

2) Dash Clock

3) Leather Steering Wheel

4) Chrome Trim From "Landau Roof Option"- The interesting thing about my car is, for whatever reason, it looks like the dealer was going to put the Landau Roof on my car, then stopped after adding the chrome pieces by the rear window vent that wraps around to the trunk. Unfortunately, at some point in my cars nearly 40 year life the chrome trim on the driver's side has disappeared.

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Paul, since I recently aquired another gen 1 stage 2 wagon, got a bit of a list that I need. It's a 1978 1600cc 4wd 4 speed


Blue ashtray

Blue dash mat


Straight front/rear round bumpers (or Jackman bumpers like a winch bumper)

Rear hatch badges

Blue door panels (the upper pieces)

Passenger side chrome rocker trim

"Subaru" hood badge

Chrome hood trim above the grille

Blue hatch interior panel

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Sounds great Russ , but no need to address me. :)

These post should be to all of us. But I know what you mean since it's obvious I'm cleaning house big time. I sure will check for you.


One great deal going is that I catch wifi at storage so I can check this list easily enough. The thrifty way. ;)

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I only have one badge on the back that says "4 Wheel drive". I know there are supposed to be others but my hatch was repaired at one point in time so all but that one are missing. It's not even in the right spot....

ok sorry I dont have those types of badges.  I have the license plate light housing that says Subaru on it.

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1980 BRAT


Looking for:


Center tailgate Badge

Clock next to the radio

Driver door interior panels

Hood "Subaru" logo



Shelf under glovebox

Clutch and brake pedal covers


Added this last part^^^^

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1979 Wagon


Driver Side Rear Swing arm assembly, Early style with u-joints, not CVs, Backing plates would be nice too.

Rear bumper, as long as its straight.




I have some parts I would trade. 

Gen 1 , 2 Headlight grill.

1979 Gauge cluster, no tach.

Console Clock

Front blinker cover, 1 has a crack, I  have nice chrome too.

Misc. Interior pieces.



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Since we're wishing.....

Intact rear quarter panels and front passenger door  for 1997 Legacy Outback.  Oh yes, in pearl green, complete with the silver striping.


I can dream, can't I?

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This post thread is for pre 1980 Subarus with only one exception - the first gen Brat up to ‘81.


Just do your best , I’m not even sure you can remove it now , but that’s not a big deal. Enjoy the board and good luck. 

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Hey guys - anyone left here ??! - as many of you know I am cleaning storage out big time. For those new or who didn’t know , I have a lot of vintage Subaru parts mostly from 1972-1979 and Gen I Brat. Still have lots of New Old Stock items and plenty of great used items. 

If you saw this and still have an early Subaru please bump this thread up and correct any list you may have made in the past and please bump it up into a revised post.

Gettng cold fast but I see better weather coming next week. Trying to get parts out and make some deals. Check eBay as I’ve sadly become an active seller these days. I don’t like it , so make contact here. Save us both.


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An old family friend is selling his farm and moving south. He no longer has room for his Brats and the parts he has collected over the years. I just bought all three and his parts collection and will pick them up tomorrow. Two run, the third is a parts car. The two that run are a 1979 and 1981.

My wishlist:

Windshield and gasket

Tail lights, right and left

Steering wheel

Seats. They do not have to be original seats. Is there another car that makes a good donor car for seats that fit well and are easier to find?

Tailgate in good shape. Doesn't have to be perfect, just better than the one I have.

Once I sort through the collection of parts that come with the cars I will see if I can fulfill some of the wishes listed above.


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9 hours ago, idahofarmboy said:

Seats. They do not have to be original seats. Is there another car that makes a good donor car for seats that fit well and are easier to find?

i just replaced the seats in my 1980 brat last night actually, used some from an EA82 since i have 3 parts vehicles of those in my backyard,

you gotta weld a plate 2 inches over on one side (meaning do it for both of one side) since the EA82 seats are 2 inches wider than the EA71 seats, they are very nice though, and fills in that gap between the seat and door you currently have, now for that last rear inner bolt hole, i didn't weld a plate in since i got lazy, and plus it doesn't really need it, i feel no wobble or anything, but that's completely up to you, it's easy, just gotta weld a flat plate in the right place with the right measurements and drill a big enough hole.

oh almost forgot, there's this bracket plate thing that sticks down lower than the rails, you'll need to remove this plate to achieve a flat surface area, you need to drill out all of Subaru's spot welds on it from underneath, i think there's 5 on the longer piece, and 2 on the short one.

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On 11/11/2018 at 10:40 PM, idahofarmboy said:

Tail lights, right and left

here's the left side for your brat, being sold by one of the forum members here named "Moosens". EA71 parts are really hard to find, just be aware of that.


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