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    Gotta love these YouTube videos! Not only is that guy (MrSubaru1387) a good mechanic, but he also knows how to use a video-camera.
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    Knob runs into some plastic or rubber funnel, just tighten it until it feels right and align it. If it's really sloppy, like inches wobbly when in gear, likely the shift linkage U joint. Probably the most annoying part you'll run into is tapping out the 2 roll pins, especially with no lift. If you're gonna be working on the floor, it's a good idea to wear a face shield. Keeps dirt and hammers away. This video is pretty complete on what you're planning to do.
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    NASIOC will be your friend in this case. A quick google search with "NASIOC" in the search field will pull up all the threads you could need.
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    Aftermarket coils are crap. Likely your problem. In fact a 1/2 misfire on a wasted spark ignition system is going to be a coil 99.99% of the time - since that's prettymuch the only thing shared by 1 and 2. Get an OEM coil. 100k is a good run for a coil. Also (OEM) coil failures are typically a result of plug gap being too large or the wires being shot. Anything the increases the secondary ignition voltage requirement will cause more heat in the coil and kill it sooner. GD
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    I didn’t know this was an elusive “item”. All Australian delivered DL’s have the single in-dash speaker (povo pack) “stereo system”. I’ve since put speakers in the doors on mine - pretty much the first mid I did over a decade ago! Cheers Bennie
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    1981 wagon been sitting since ~2003 (so 16+ years) before and after. Started getting real bad lichen on the shady side. Getting it back into commuting shape. Parts going to powdercoat and coming back. Letting cars sit for so long just absolutely kills them.
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    A couple of pics that my lady took on a drive last weekend out to Lake Coleridge. She's driving the subie for 3 months while I'm overseas. Apparently 4x140 life is growing on her... she says it's more fun to drive than her Colt Plus haha
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    Some pictures of my L wagon in various configurations... Fenders are a bit ugly at the moment but I've had bigger problems to deal with Eventually they'll get flares and a paint job. Upset someone cut the bottom rung off the 3 tube bullbar I found, but it's still pretty good. Hope you all like those camber angles. I'm sure something ain't right there...