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  1. dameson

    lift and tire size combo pics...

    How's the off-road performance of the Scorpion AT Plus? I saw them on 4wheelonline while looking for new tires online. I like them because their tread design is not too aggressive.
  2. I was in the same situation last year. For peace of mind, I ended up getting a set of ironman tires for my Outback. They are not pricey, and their road performance is just fine.
  3. I heard that the Torque app supports SSM. Is this true?
  4. dameson

    Xtrek #6

    Cool. What's the size of the tires?
  5. +1 on upgrading the suspension. It will make driving more fun.
  6. Using an aftermarket MAF sensor is a hit and miss.
  7. dameson

    Edcutate me on welders

    I bought a Hobart handler 140 for automotive work.
  8. dameson

    poormans sxs

    That's a cool off-road rig! Would love to see it in action.
  9. Sounds like an electrical/wiring issue.
  10. A 2011-13 Forester with FB25 and 4EAT would be a good choice.
  11. Blackvue has a built-in GPS, but it is quite spendy.
  12. Any upgrades you did on your Brat? Welcome aboard!
  13. dameson

    War Wagon (1986 GL Adventure Build)

    That's a nice wagon project. Any updates, OP?
  14. I got a set of Conti DWS06 from 4wheelonline. Dry traction is great, and they feel planted on the road. Performance in the rain and slush is quite impressive also.
  15. I replaced the brake pads and installed the bilstein shocks on my Outback. Ride is a little firmer now, and there's an increase in control.