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  1. I got a set of Conti DWS06 from 4wheelonline. Dry traction is great, and they feel planted on the road. Performance in the rain and slush is quite impressive also.
  2. I replaced the brake pads and installed the bilstein shocks on my Outback. Ride is a little firmer now, and there's an increase in control.
  3. I usually go to local junkyards to find the parts I need. Good luck on your project.
  4. What they said. Haven't seen chrome replacement ones on ebay.
  5. dameson

    Silverbullets' resto

    Nice project. I'm curious about the sound of your custom exhaust.
  6. Any update on this? I'm curious if speedo will be off with 21570r15. I'm thinking of running all-terrain bfg tire or the geolander.
  7. dameson

    Building a outback pickup for off road

    That's a cool project. I like the first pic.
  8. dameson

    78-79 Brat find

    Any update? Did you get the Brat?
  9. Changing the exhaust only won't provide a significant hp gain unless you do other performance modifications on your car.
  10. dameson

    What color is my Subie?

    Yes, Sapphire blue is darker based on -- https://www.automotivetouchup.com/touch-up-paint/subaru/1987/all-models/
  11. If you want to paint it, just do the prep work really well for the paint to last longer.
  12. I know all Legacy and Baja hoods of the same generation will fit.