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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All, My wife is looking at upgrading Outbacks and I need some help. We currently have a 2012 Outback which is very nice, but does not have modern safety features. She found a well priced 2014 Outback Limited 3.6R. The description of this car lists: EyeSight System, follow distance indicator, lead vehicle indicator, lane departure and sway indicator, pre-collision indicator, adaptive cruise control, back-up camera display in center console. It does NOT appear to have warning of cars in blind spot. It was my understanding that most of these features began in 2016. If not this 2014 Outback, we were looking at a 2017 or 2018 with these safety features (and possibly more). Is this 2014 on a reasonable par with the newer cars, or should we really hold out and buy the newer model? The price is very good for the 2014, but we can spend more if necessary. I will add, the 2014 appears to be a special order vehicle and has a special appearance package and EyeSight - and every other bell & whistle - it was a top of the line vehicle. Thoughts ???? Thanks. Craig
  2. Hello, I have a 2006 Legacy 2.5I Automatic When I am drive @ 65-75 MPH with Cruise Control on, and the car is between a hill and flat area, I can feel the car "accelerate" then "decelerating " more that I think it is suppose to. I run 93 octane fuel. Injectors were professionally cleaned and tested. New Plugs, Ignition Coil(Subaru), Ignition Wires (Subaru), Timing Belt New (Subaru) all new components (Subaru) The engine runs smooth. I just notice this when cruise is on going up a hill. Thoughts?
  3. The check engine light comes on and the cruise control light blinks and quits working. Computer reader says code 171, running lean. After it's reset, it does it again when I'm on the road. The interval had become short, and I'm worried about TO WHAT the sensor is responding. Recently replaced an O2 sensor, but a week later it happened again, just driving around town. It's hot, but that's no excuse, is it? I'd sure like for this to be fixed, and hope you people have some ideas. Why doesn't it correct the air/fuel mixture? Then maybe the sensor would stop complaining.
  4. So the other day I was installing a new car stereo in the car as I wanted to change all the stock speakers as well as add some bluetooth functionality to the car. After installing all of the door speakers, I installed some tweeters into the stock location (in the dash). I had to shove them up into the location as did not want to remove the whole dash. Now heres the issue... After installing everything correctly, my climate control will not work at all! The only thing that works is adjusting the blower! I cant turn on the A/C,change where it comes out, or turn on the defrost! When I Push the button none of the lights come on only the illumination lights come on at night! this all started happening after I installed the tweeters as I had the stereo in for awhile before this happened. So I'm wondering if I bumped/broke a cable or something. I also should mention that my tire pressure light is on even though all my tires are filled correctly and my cruise control turns on but I am unable to set it! Any help would be nice!
  5. im in no need to know what these are or in need to fix them but ive been wondering what they are or what goes there, any help is greatly appreciated! just theres nothing about these on the changes on EA82 topic, and if there is, theres no picture for me to know it was or what it used to be. all of these are from a GL wagon, except for the cruise control that comes from a Loyale. ive attached 6 pictures, 1. first one is inbetween the foglight and steering wheel, no its not some future add on of ABS before subaru pulled the plug on the EA82 when the EJ series was introduced, i know it says ABS on the back of it but it also says ABS on the front grill, so its not ABS and ive looked at numerous GL-10's and non have the option or whatever goes there. 2. the next one is those clips that hold the headliner up, some wagons have an extra clip on the side of the middle back one, some dont, i broke mine when i was trying to fish the wire for the hatch light i added. 3. the next one is next to the tail lights, is this the switch to tell me if the hatch is open or closed? there on both sides, mine has never told me that the hatch is open in the dash lights, until i found a parts car and that one does. 4. the next one is of the cover that goes between the pedals and the rat nest of wires, some vehicles have them and some dont, did they all come with it and just not bother putting them back on? also the front skid plate, did they all come with it but on the first oil change they never put it back on? 5. next one is cruise control, why does the Loyale's cruise control look so ancient? i thought they came with the button that goes below the defroster on the left of the dash? 6. last one is of the seat belts, drivers side has this thing that wraps around to stop the seat belt while the other has a button, im guessing its been changed before, but whats the difference? or why? thanks for your opinions and help, just things ive been wondering about. (some images may be upside down, sorry about that, im on my phone)
  6. I have a 99 obs AT and when I first got it the cruise control worked when I jiggled the selector switch, it then would turn itself off after a month of having it, then a couple months later nothing. But I didn't mind. I saw the resistance through the steering column was a little higher than stock but just went without. Now my horn went out as well and it isn't the relay. I know a lot of people say clock spring or roll connector but are these the same things and if so, are they for more than just the air bag as I have been led to believe? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can't pass inspection without the horn.
  7. 93 legacy 2.2 I have a question about my almost functioning cruise control... On flat land doing 70, I'll set the cruise control. The speed will drop to around 55-60 and hold steady. If I go up a slight incline it'll drop. If I go down a slight incline it'll gently get back up to around 60. So it IS working, just not engaging the accelerator to hold the speed constant. I don't know enough about cruise controls to know where to start troubleshooting, so....HELP!
  8. Hi! Trying to wire 2001 Subaru cruise control into my van. I have all the CC parts and wires, but they are all cut. I've been told there is 1 wire that goes from the cruise control module (brain) to the Subaru ECU, but I cannot tell from any factory diagrams or charts I have in my manuals, which one it is. 2001 Subaru Legacy 2.5L, MT Is there a wire that goes from the CC module (brain) to the ECU? Is the PIN 19 (Vehicle Speed Sensor)? Thanks! Jason
  9. Hello again, I recently went on a trip out of town to find that my cruise control wasn't working. Light comes on when the button is pressed but the stick doesn't do anything. It was a bit sticky but the temperature was about -40c overnight so I wasn't surprised and it seemed to loosen up a bit after a couple hours. I haven't had to use it in months so I'm not exactly sure when it stopped working. However, as some may remember I recently replaced my alternator and may have knocked something loose. Also, on the same trip, my check engine light came on (Upstream O2 sensor - P0130). This is the only light that came on that shouldn't be. I was a little slow getting on this as the cruise control is not something I use often but since I'm going to be needing it next week I'm hoping to get it fixed. The O2 sensor I need to get around to ordering but my repair manual lays it out pretty straight forward for replacing. I've been reading through the forum and my repair manual to figure out what to check. Tomorrow I'm going to check to see if the horns, signals, brake lights work to see if they could point to other issues causing the CC to stop function. I'll check the fuses for the cruise control. I'll check the sensor on the brake pedal as many people seem to have issues with the plastic coming off and affecting the sensor. (The brakes have been pretty stiff on a couple cold days. I'm thinking my hammering on them to stop may have damaged the plastic bit.) I'll check the vacuum hose attachment on the firewall and try to follow that back to wherever it goes to make sure it looks good. I believe I know which hose to look for but I can't seem to find a diagram on the Internet anywhere or in my repair manual (Haynes). I had a look earlier at the cables for the accelerator (one for the gas pedal and one for the cruise control I'm guessing, side by side). The one going directly back to the firewall had a bit of play in it is this normal? Does anyone else have any other suggestions as to what to check? Since it's pretty cold out there and dark by the time I get home I'm hoping to cover as many bases as possible in one go. Thanks!
  10. Iv'e had my AT 99 outback sport for a year now and when I first got it I had to jiggle the cruise control set lever to get it to set. After a while it would just shut itself off and not come back on. Increasingly it didn't want to come on, and now wont come on at all. I've checked the vacuum hose and its fine, taken the lever out and took it apart to clean the contact points, replaced the main CC switch, and checked to make sure the plastic plunger of the break switch was still there and all the parts are fine. I'll be checking the continuity of the actuator and break switch tomorrow but i would really like some input as to if anyone has dealt with this before. I have a 1,700 mile trip this thursday and CC would make it soooo much better!
  11. Is it possible to install a Subaru Cruise Control unit in a Gen2 Brat GL? It is labled to work for all GL models. Just wondering if it is possible now that I have converted it with a Weber Carb. If not then I will be looking to sell it.
  12. 93 legacy 2.2 wagon cruise control will engage and power the vehicle forward, but much lower than the set speed, and then only on flat or descending inclines. If I encounter a slight uphill, then it slows. Example: I set it at 45 MPH on a slight downhill, and it maintained it, but when I encountered an uphill portion of the road it slowed to 30 and stayed at thirty until the next downhill. At higher speeds (65 MPH) it won't maintain at all but will fall back to 55-60 even on flats or slight downhills. Thoughts? On a slightly unrelated note, the speedometer cable has recently(past 2 weeks) become noisy. Is it possible to lube, or should I just replace? The cruise issue is a year old, so I wouldn't think there's a correlation between the two, but...
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