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The Awesome Older Generation Picture Thread

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Good god that's a nice Brat!

Got new wheels and tires on my EA82 wagon and I promptly took it on some desert adventures.




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Up on the lighthouse road at Akaroa

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My 1984 GL Turbo at subiefest2020.

The only classic one that attended.


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Went out for some more desert adventures last weekend. This is a perfect car for the dirt roads in the Mojave. Most areas don’t require tons of ground clearance, and the independent suspension soaks up most of the smaller bumps with ease, especially with these larger tires. 

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Now has a winch in place of the front license plate
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Back in 2013 I made an attempt to revive all the dead photo links of mine in this thread...

Made it to like page 7 before giving it the ghost...

This year I've made it to about page 23 so far. That includes all the old American Subaru ads and some from Germany and Netherlands...

There is much more to be revived... the jdm ads begin on like page 45 or so.

Anyway, the posts that I did revive should be around for a good while now, have changed my image host thanks to a tip from Loyale 2.7 Turbo.

If you weren't here around the time of the original posts, chances are you never got to see them before the images died a few days to weeks later.

Enjoy them like never before! Some bonus photos and info added where available, or see them for the first time.

Get that nostalgic feel, reminisce, get inspired, learn Subaru History!

It all begins back at page one...

More to come in the future if you all wish...

Pics of my '82 to keep on topic...

My third eye saw it coming...



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Redback Brumby went on a little road trip from Bendigo to Wandiligong Pub via Tooborac, Seymour, Yea, Mansfield, Whitfield, Myrtleford, Porpunkah, and Bright. 

Wandi Pub - the sticker that came with my bullbar I got for it a number of years ago was the reason for the trip! 


The return trip was more of a bee-line home to save on time. It was a boring run but still a good end to the day. These are one of a series of “silo art” that are part of a circuit you can do to see them all. This one is at Colbinabbin: 


Good day had. In the 682ish km we covered we only came across one real dickhead on the road. One too many but good compared to what we could’ve come across considering it’s a long weekend.

The brumby did 7.8L/100km for one section - this included a flogging through the hills with a load of twisties involved. I’m yet to work out overall fuel economy. She’s no sports car, but she does alright ;) 



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in order to not repeat posts, let me point you in this Direction:

I shared various photos of a 1985 Safari Rally version of the Subaru Leone / Loyale \ EA82 Still New, unused:



...Also, photos of the rare "Orciari" version...



...of the Same model, here in the Legendary "Strange & Weird Subaru Stuff" Thread:

~► https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/50983-strange-and-weird-subaru-stuff/?page=99


Kind Regards.

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