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I found something pretty horrible from the internet thingy today...



Thank you for Sharing the Link.


But I believe that this Modified Leone Coupe:





Is still an unfinished product, in need for a uniform paint, and mesh grilles...


Then it will be a Ricer Subaru ...  :( ... Somehow the Custom "Bumper" looks Awry.


Kind Regards.

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 Somehow the Custom "Bumper" looks Awry.


I think so too. Not the best looking body kit but hey what re we to judge if the owner likes it. I wouldn't put that kind of bumpers to my car.




Do't know if these have been here before but I saved these pictures some year ago for myself. Feel free to share them forward if needed.



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... Do't know if these have been here before ...


Yes, it has been posted, long ago. But it doesn't matter. 


Please continue sharing those photos, in fact 50% of this thread,


is a Repost, from the Legendary "Strange & Weird Subaru Stuff" Thread.






Kind Regards.

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Old posts, I know... but I know this car, and I had one of the builder's others much like it... it unlike this one was street legal... sort of... but the police sure liked it.... :/


Oregon's education system at work!

PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals

Old pic from WCSS3...


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