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You also don't have to deal with the extreme cold. I was annoyed at the high idle on mine and tried messing with the IACV. The conclusion was if it's anywhere near freezing it'll just stall if it doesn't idle at least 1000 rpm, 1500 if it's like 10 or below. They're little engines that need to rev high to warm up.

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thanks....i havent noticed it smoking the last few days, the dipstick wasnt even registering any ATF.  i added about 5 keg cups of ATF.  it smoked a lil less that day,it seems to have stopped a lil.  but i also read that the AT vaccuum modulator might have a hole in the diaphram coiuld also make it smoke when turning.  i looked @ the short rubber hose that connects modulator to the hard line leading up to the manifold, it feels a lil soft & could be replaced. i checked lately & have NO LEAKS under the tranny.  i'm not driving it much right now, just back & forth to the gas station.  in the next few days were gonna drain the ATF & replace the filter.  i wish we'da remembered to drain the torque converter while we had the engine out.  my mechanic is Subaru Certified & is my roommate/best friend, so i actually helped pull the engine & redo alot of hoses that broke, gaskets & stuff that...all we could do is laugh about it.  probly spent $150 on hoses that split.  it happens on a car this old when nothing has really been replaced.  i'm pretty stoked about getting it rolling 100%        

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