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I'm back for now....

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Hey ho,let's go.......testing one two three four!!!!!!!testing.....

using a Mac from wagonsOnly......many thanks Elwood!!!!


Sent out the shifter boots.....to Subynut in AZ and the D/R top shifter boot to Jerry......


Sorry for my absence.Look for more later.




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I concur... enough with the suspense. I wanna know what died. Figured if I knew what went wrong, it'd provide a big enough excuse to get the wife to head down your way for a weekend, get a look at the wagon, and get that 'puter fixed.


Been rather borin' around the northeast without hearing from Paul. Then again, more and more of us are starting to appear. Wonder if I ought to start passing out those USMB business cards :-p

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nice to see your back on board(no pun) :)


there is a guy getting rid of lots of first gen stuff in the market place. there may be a chance he has your dash? he mentioned he had a few with no cracks. anyway nice to see you back

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In no particular order......

Damn,Johnny's dead too....

Ted,I sent you diaphram for the shifter the other day.


Bard-the C drive is full and dopey me,I delelted some system stuff....it'll all work out with local help...I think,but thanks and if I do need help I'll surely let you know.


Ed-thanks,yes she contacted me before my computer went south....I can probably help her a little.....and maybe really make her day if I score this particular 48k Gen I Brat in Maine.It has rust but has my blue dashboard that I need,which will allow me to release the near perfect black dash I have sitting around.


Thanks for all the nice comments.Gotta fly...see you all soon.

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Great to have ya back, if on a sad day (Hey Ho Let's Go for Johnny).


Sounds as if your comp is as ancient as mine,:lol: .

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Dave,and a couple others,I need to even up with you guys.thanks for your patience.I'll be writing checks.....untill I die.....but seriously,I'll be taking care of you,shawn,and edrach this coming week.Thanks again!


You know,I don't normally listen to Howard Stern but today I heard a few minutes and Johnny was scheduled to call in today to let the audience know he was soon departing......all this and thinking about those three being gone....very very very weird.I just wish I had a Marshall stack to crank the piss out of with my Mosrite.


I hear there's some sort of Johnny statue to be unvailed soon as well.I've got a great idea for a sculpture that I hope to make a scaled down version of very soon while it's fresh in my skull.


I think this could be the Red Sux's year after all....Johnny was a huge Yankee fan,another reason to love the guy.I think his passing might lift the curse.Then we can maybe not hear so much whining.


Man,some of his friends that were at his side when he kicked,,,,Rob Zombie?He'd freakin' make him die sooner.And Talia Shire????But Johnny wanted to go west and hang with the popular/Hollywood crowd.I guess he got what he wanted.


There were essentially two truely revolutionary bands in rock 'n roll.The Beatles and the Ramones.Pay attention kids,you just learned something your mother and father never learned-most of you that is.


Gotta sleep.Thanks again for the big welcome back.


1 more thing.......go Johnny oh way oh,misfits joyride zone R.A.M.O.N.E.S

,R.A.M.O.N.E.S. RAMONES!!!!!!

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