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    The motor contains the door park switch, IIRC, so once you get it wired in properly, the motor will tell the relay when to break the circuit, stopping the door.
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    That's what I had thought. Regardless I checked the basics and the new cap was missing the button that makes contact with the rotor. So I took it out of the old cap and got her running. Thanks for the help!
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    Update I ordered an 8-pole dpdt relay like the one you pictured. Also just tested my unit with bench top dc power supply. Both the motor, acuator arm and even the original light work! I noticed the motor runs continually and assume the relay will tell it to cycle when the switch calls for power, raising the door, and when I power it off with the switch, that the motor will cycle to close the door. Really excited with the progress and thanks for the help!
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    You could try a quality ceramic pad if you haven't already. Also don't forget to put the extreme pressure moly or ceramic lubricant on the back sides of the pads and or shims. The dealer pads come with new hardware and special grease with detailed instructions on where to apply it.
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    Hacking out the old EA Suspension IMG_3475 by Dans Subaru, on Flickr Chaos of the project unfolding ont eh shop floor. Note the ol' EA parts on the right. IMG_3476 by Dans Subaru, on Flickr Sexy pic of projected "fully stuffed" wheel travel. IMG_3477 by Dans Subaru, on Flickr This ones dark, but it's the underside with the fully stuffed wheel. This will be about the limit of the up travel. bump stops to be added. IMG_3478 by Dans Subaru, on Flickr Starting to look good under there. This is barely tacked, and only at the rear.......more work coming later today hopefully. Once I'm happy with positioning, I will drop it back out and weld it all solid. IMG_3483 by Dans Subaru, on Flickr
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    Are you switching from a 4 headlight grille to a 2 headlight one?
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    http://www.indysworld.com/subaru/general/USRM/mick-usrm/electrical/centerlamp-relay.pdf http://www.indysworld.com/subaru/general/USRM/3rdEye/using_center_light_w.htm That should take care of your wiring. What does your original grill look like? I have the honeycomb grill and if you carve out the center you can get it to fit the center lamp really well, it's already the correct shape.
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    I've been away from the forum for a while now, and lost my old password and email in the switch around, but here are some updates. Mountain grizzly mk2 is alive and well. It now sports an ea81 pushbar from the desert fox. I've also swapped in heated front seats from a gen 2 outback. I want to swap this to a manual transmission, but I only have a 4 speed duel range and have yet to figure out if that will work. I know the 5 speed is more desirable, but I would rather use what I have available. There are no sources for a 5 speed near me. I believe I have almost everything on hand to make it work aside from a clutch pedal assembly.
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    My 87 gl10 stripped the threads in the head but subaru was cool enough to put a second set of holes 180 deg off from normal. The pipe had a rotted hole in it as well so the exhaust shop just cut off the flange rotated to match the second set of holes and welded it back on with a new piece of pipe. I can upload a pic later today if you want. Also as some one who just did tie rods and ball joints be careful with the axles, my driver side popped its snap ring at the knuckle and I had to replace the whole thing. Stupid roll pin.