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  1. I edited your topic title to help those understand what you need help with better. Essentially you take that little shelf out on the passenger side. 2 10mm nuts on the inside end near the radio and the screws along the bottom edge of the glove box edge at the top.
  2. I want to try this but haven't yet. http://www.amazon.com/Excelvan-Bluetooth-Interface-Scanner-Adapter/dp/B007P14NPU/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1386483730&sr=8-12&keywords=bluetooth+scanner#productDetails
  3. M10x1.25 studs and stainless nuts are the proper items. If they fell out chances are good you will need to take a timesert or if you can't find that a helicoil set and put inserts in the head to repair the holes. The heater blower motors do fail, more often the blower resistor but if it doesn't work any any of the speeds pull the plug off the motor and manually put 12V power and ground to the motor to see if it works at all.
  4. I don't know of any great shops up that way. Stay clear of the dealers up there for sure I have heard and seen nothing but bad from Dellenbach's service dept. Happy to take a look and estimates are usually free at my shop.
  5. The only problem might be the interiors offered with pieces available for a hatchback. The longest running of the body styles but never any GL-10 or fancy optioned cars. Sure, coupe and such pieces will fit forward of the rear of the door seam but from there back nothing really is going to look good without a color matched paint of some kind. For a factory look I would go Grey or Dark blue as there are more of those than most and there is blue and grey variants from 80-87 if you look hard enough. For mine, I would do whatever color you can get an uncracked dash of. With the bright red exterior I think I would do grey interior. Im also not sure I would trust interior paint with our sun baking environment.
  6. Retro Roo, What is the difference in the kits for EA81 and EA82. I have an 81 Brat that needs the Weber. Do I need an EA82 intake manifold for this. Also, I am also looking at an 85 EA82 to Weberize. What's the difference in the kit? The only difference is the adapter plate. You don't need an ea82 intake manifold. Thanks, we are trying to keep cost down we like our USMB members.
  7. We have the kits on Ebay now so you don't have to call or anything if you don't want to. Here to help if you need to do an order over the phone still. Will be adding factory intake manifold gaskets to the store as well for those that remove their intake to do the installation. (We do). Link to the RetroRoo Ebay store: http://www.ebay.com/sch/retroroo/m.html?item=281215750714&pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4179c3d23a&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Thank you for your support.
  8. You could buy a wrecked 2001 Outback and gut the whole car and move everything from the one car into the other resulting in(if you wish) a lifted sedan with the bigger motor. But that would be about the only way I can see to do it in a reasonable cost manner. I would just fix this car up.
  9. Can you post a picture? I only recall using a T40 torx to do roof rack installs but its been a little while since I had one off.
  10. Models without a turbo you can put a tapered pin punch in the passenger side of the bell housing half way down there is a threaded hole not being used. Sometimes newer models have o2 sensor wiring or something around there but its usually wide open. My 2nd choice is the factory crank pulley holder tool. 3rd would be chain wrench wrapped around an old accessory belt. Last would be the starter trick. Its just not very calculated how much torque is being applied to the bolt and I like the ability to get it off again someday. Torque to 130 ft pounds.
  11. I can honestly say I think the ej18 EFI is really about equal in simplicity but as you mentioned you wouldn't have to rewire 2 cars-just one. You said very rarely you wished for more power but honestly it is sure easier to have more than too little in an off road rig.
  12. Why not make the ea82 car have the ea81 engine and put the ej18 in the brat. The brat will be great and you know that already. The SPFI ea81 isn't half bad-I have done 2 of them now and they are a little gutless but they sure are reliable.
  13. We are using the block and crank from a 2001 RS to have the larger rod bearings and #5 rod journal.
  14. Attaching a photo of 4 different EJ25 Piston options we have here at the shop. All of them would obviously have their benefits and are doable but wondering what compression ratios these would make with 1996 EJ22 Single port heads that the owner of the car has available to him and an accompanying harness and intake manifold make that choice rather easy. We could switch to dual port heads and swap the front of the ypipe but would rather not as a cost measure. PIstons shown: 1996 EJ25D 1997 EJ25 D single dot 2004 Subaru Baja Turbo (ej255 I believe) 2004 Ej253 2 dot (sohc piston) I could also go for a 2006 Ej25 sohc piston set we have around here that looks even higher compression visually to me than the 2004 model. Does anybody know what the compression of the engine would be with these types of pistons? Fuel requirements at altitude? The engine will be going into a 1984 Subaru Brat with a dual range ea trans so keeping the power reasonable is necessary with the clutch/trans.
  15. ea81 or ea82 car? I think they are the same but worth asking.
  16. Have you inspected the belts? Does it increase in noise with RPM? Is it with the A/C on/off?
  17. $20 to ship a clutch cable is pretty steep. I can do $10 shipping and $36.08 for the part.
  18. Has the dealer even tried putting the hose back on and filling the radiator back up? I would agree with them-the engine is likely scrap but it wouldn't hurt to try! Pretty damn tough sometimes.
  19. Very cool! Lots of Ea81 conversions on those around but not so many Ej ones. Not sure why but maybe you know.
  20. I can have one in stock on Tuesday.
  21. Not to me but you might have luck in selling it in the marketplace.
  22. If he had to splice wires he did it wrong. Have him pull the engine, pull the heads, install 1994-1995 heads on the shortblock and use the intake from a 1995 to correct it. That would be the perfect solution as its 8 bolt case. Be sure he uses the older head gaskets as well (1995 EJ22).
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