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Found 8 results

  1. So, I have an 01 impreza obs with an auto that is going out, I also have a 5 sp manual from an 02 forester with rear diff, drive shaft, trans support bracket, pedals, shifter. My only issue is figuring out which cv axles I need to aquire to make this swap happen. Do I just buy manual cv's for my obs or do I need to buy cv's for the forester? I have searched for months trying to find an answer on my own and am no closer to making this happen. thanks.
  2. OK I have read a lot about the side differential retainers and how they set the differential pre-load. My problem is they keep shattering on my transmission. First lets give some history. I removed the engine and transmission to rebuild the motor, and found that the throw out bearing was shot. I also found that there was a lot of play in the input shaft. So my son and I decided we were going to attempt to rebuild this transmission. We watched several videos and did a lot of research into disassembly and reassembly of the transmission. Once we took the transmission apart we found that one of the bearings on the input shaft was toast. Since we had the transmissions apart we decided to replace all the seals, o-rings and gaskets. This meant removing the Side Differential Retainers, knowing that not getting them back into the same precise location would change the differential bearing pre-load and pinion gear backlash we marked a tooth and the housing of the transmission with paint so we could realign it to the same place as before the tear-down. We counted the rotations it took to remove them and reversed the process and reassembled the transmission. Everything was going fine on the test drive until I got back and saw that the car was leaking gear oil out of the side of the transmission. Upon closer inspection we found that the Side Differential Retainer was broken and the seal was destroyed. Thinking that we put the wrong seal on the wrong side, we replaced the retainer and the seals making sure that the right seal went in the correct side. But after the second test drive the same thing is happening. Can anybody give me any idea what I am doing wrong or some place that I can look to find out why this keeps happening. Thanks
  3. I have my flame suit on so here goes... I've searched for the past 4 hours on here for EJ22 to EJ20T swap threads and came up empty handed. I'm looking to swap an EJ20T from a WRX 02-05 into my 99 OBS with an EJ22 to bring her up to spec with how she was supposed to be imported here into the states before the bureaucraps got in the way! Need to find a build thread which outlines which components I need to grab from the other car. It's my understanding I would only need the Engine (duh), the exhaust components for turbo operation, and the ECM. Does the 99 OBS harness plug directly into the WRX ECM/Engine Harness or do i need to do a harness swap? I have a good line on an EJ20T longblock with a TD0520g turbo, but has rod knock which I can rebuild no problem, have a shop with lift and cherry picker and am not in a hurry so I can build the engine/exhaust etc off the car until ready for install. I am just trying to avoid making a big mistake from a technical oversight with compatibility or missing something obvious. Thanks for the help, and yes I'm sure there is a thread buried out there somewhere.
  4. So.. I'm back in with you guys, funny how that worked out. Wasn't looking for a Subaru, but I couldn't pass this one up If RallyAlex is reading this, sorry bud! As much as I hate to, had to pass on the White Lightning wagon :/ I almost regret that decision, but hey I was about to buy a Toyota SR5 truck, didn't expect to jump back two decades, I have to be weened back on the Subitol I have to point out, this is my 100th post, coming with my second Subie, THAT'S how it's done Thank you all for all the help thus far, Best garddarn forum on the globe! I'll be working through a few minor issues, and scowering the forum for information as usual. I'll go ahead and drop the topics, in case anyone would like to chime in 1/7 Blown driver's door speaker 2/7 one rear window is slow going back up (auto windows), wind noise on the highway (frameless doors yay, gotta love'em gotta hate'em) I've heard of lubing up the window rollers. Would cleaning and conditioning the seals for the doors and windows help? 3/7 Rear diff had oil splotch, how do I go about checking the oil level? 4/7 Plan on replacing the rear spring/strut assemblies. ...Monroe aftermarket, or pick and pull? The former is decently cheap. 5/7 Horn is going out, luckily I still have my low-tone I was going to use to upgrade mee Mazda3. 6/7 One rust spot near the rear wheel well, NEED to take care of that asap. 7/7 Full tune-up, timing belt might be original. Car starts everytime but the first crank struggles.. like *du-duuuuh vroom* like if it lacked the energy to turn over. I imagine a fresh set of plugs, and the timing belt and oil change should take care of this. Coolant flush ASAP, brake bleed seems in order as well. ~A little TLC and some SeaFoam never hurts, That seems to be all folks!
  5. Hey USMB! I just bought my first Subaru, and officially my first car with my own money! I previously drove a 97 Honda Accord Coupe which was shared with my dad and after that a 97 Lexus ES300 that I shared with the girlfriend. The ES started out as her car 5 years ago but recently got into a small accident and got totaled with 207k on the clock, which led to finding and buying this lovely Red wagon. It's a 2000 Impreza Outback Sport with stock everything except head unit, which was installed with a pry-bar it seems. I am the third owner and bought it with it's timing belt and water pump replaced but there is still an occasional squeak from one of the accessory belts. After a couple days owning the car I replaced the fluid in the Diffs with Mobil 1 75W-90 and did the first half of the tranny drain and fill, next weekend I will re-drain, change the ATF filter and re-fill with Mobil 1 ATF. I got new tires and an alignment last week and the whine from the rear diff is gone and it rides and shifts smooth. I hope to learn as much as I can from maintaining and gently modding this car, the most work I've ever done to a car previously was take apart a center console or replace a worn half shaft on the ES 300. Still, I've found plenty of good DIYs and have been reading up the FSM to start fixing the little things. Like that belt squeak - it's only when the car is cold and only for a few seconds before it goes away. The power steering belt looks brand new and I was told it was changed, tension looks good. The AC belt is maybe a little looser but does not feel loose by my approximation but the belt does not look as new, although it doesn't look worn, I'll grab a tensioner for a few dollars and check and adjust Otherwise, I'm looking for a retractable cargo cover and hopefully free up a bit of money for something other than steelies -Sam
  6. OK, here goes. Have a bad driver side front diff oil seal. Doing the CVs while I'm at it. Background- had a center diff bearing fail (shatter) 20K ago, split the tranny, found the bearing fragments and replaced no problem (also found some other old fragments of hardened metal from something else which failed and was repaired prior to my owning it). Kept the old seals and slid the halves back over the diff seals. Did not reset the backlash with the differential side retainers when it went back together (pops reassembled while I was at work, he couldn't help himself). Must I pull the trans to do this job like the manual calls out, or can I simply pull the side retainer, swap the seal & O-ring and reinstall the side retainer to the same exact point (indexing its original position/turns)? If I must pull the trans its all good, have all the necessary tools/equipment.
  7. Have my 99 OBS with EJ22, 120K on engine, 173k on chassis, Weapon R Dragon Short ram Intake (no CEL over rides needed) new timing belt, plugs & Wires. I've owned it since 140K and done some restorative maintenance on the powertrain (tranny bearing, center diff, CVs, U-joints, back to stock exhaust setup) When moderately accelerating in any gear from low RPM to high RPM ( 1200- 3200) it hesitates/hiccups until 3200/3400 when it cleans up and picks up steam solidly. Damn near like hitting a powerband on your 2stroke dirtbike! like when a boggy turbo finally overcomes lag and boost kicks in (mind you this thing is not turboed!). ALso it is critical to note I am not changing the throttle position during acceleration, just depressing the pedal to mid throttle and waiting for it to tach up so it will stop hiccuping and get my butt down the road. No DTCs according to the Innova, timing is on according to spec. If I drive miss daisy it will accelerate smoothly up through the tach range. Hypotheses so far: 1) clogged fuel filter 2) fuel pump working on taking a crap 3) clogged injectors 4) gremlins, drunken gremlins
  8. Hi All, As you can see, this is my first post here. I just purchased my second Subaru, a green/ gold '99 OBS 5-speed with 219,500 miles on the clock now. In my first 1,000 miles, I am really enjoying the car and have had no problems yet. I put on a new set of tires, replaced a ball joint which had a rip in the boot, and adjusted the clutch pedal reach/ free play, which seems to have greatly improved a synchro problem downshifting into second. My Suby was salvaged after being totalled out by a minor front-end wreck (have all documentation, it wasn't bad at all). The exterior is a bit rough, some dents and faded clearcoat, but I don't care as long as I keep the rust away. The engine is clean, no drips from the cases, and the tech who replaced the ball joint and tires told me it looked to be in good shape overall. My question for other Impreza/ OBS owners of this generation, is what would you reccomend in terms of preventative maintenance other than oil changes, etc.? The car had one owner for most of its life, the owner who wrecked it had it for only a few K miles, and it looks like scheduled maintenance was performed. I would really love to put another 100,000 miles on this little car, I am already in love. Thanks in advance!
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