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Found 9 results

  1. Not for the faint hearted, the swiss DTC group did a small overlap crash test with an SVX. On the good note, it seems that for a 90s car it does very good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dT5PD1stTO0 (DTC does all kinds of weird crash tests at speed with retired cars)
  2. I have a 92' SVX LS-L that I may part out or sell as is. Complete car minus engine and wiring harness. Really nice car. Older couple bought the car new in Charlotte, NC and was always dealer maintained. On day 1, the couple covered the interior in sheep skin. I took the covers off and the seats are mint as is the rest of the interior. Transmission was replaced by the dealer at 95k miles. Car has 125k miles. Everything works inside the car. The wife passed in 2017 and the husband traded the car in. The sales manager gave the car to his daughter in college. She hit a light pole and bent the front frame and cracked the radiator. I just bought the car this past weekend so I haven't had a chance to remove the engine and harness. I am using the motor for a Porsche 914 conversion and have the SVX at the shop in Denver, NC. I would love to make a deal on the entire car once I remove the engine and harness if you are interested
  3. I have a JDM SVX I imported from Japan that came with a dead transmission. So I am wanting to do perform a manual swap on it. Mostly because I don't have room between the engine harness and brake booster, and in the name of keeping everything as simple as possible I am wanting to go with a cable clutch setup. My question is since I am looking for a parts car so I can have all the parts I need in one place, and I am wanting to know which model Subaru's came with a cable clutch so I can narrow down my search to the cars I actually need.
  4. Bought a 97 SVX end of October. Love it so far! Had a transmission installed early last year with an external cooler. I have heard of the many failures that are common to the SVX automatic. I know the 97 model had several updates to the transmission that supposedly increased reliability. My problem, or concern, maybe even something that just bugs the crap out of me at times, is my SVX when driven fairly reasonable is shifting into second gear around 10 mph. If I mash the gas pedal say half way it extends it out several more mph but I feel it is still shifting mighty early. Would the Transgo shift kit help with that at all? Has anyone here ever installed one in a Subaru and if so how did you feel about the results. Thanks!!
  5. Okay I've recently picked up a 1992 Subaru SVX LS-L in rough shape. We've (My father and I) already put a lot of work into it to get it back into a good condition, but it runs and has a clean title in my name. =D But we've run into and issue with the rear window. The wires and spade tab that connect to the opposing tab on the rear glass is broken off; the tab is in one piece, but we're not sure how best to reattach the tab. I'm thinking of using solder, but my dad ensures me that we won't be able to get the solder to work well enough to adhere both ends together. Does anyone have an idea of how to repair this? I can provide pics later on if need be. And I'd really like to get this fixed before we put the headliner in.
  6. I have a '92 SVX with sunroof that slides open but not quite closed. Stays open about 1.5 inch. If i hold the button down I still hear motor turning. I cleaned tracks with WD 40, paper towels and cotton swabs doesn't move any further. Also lubricated linkage at back of sunroof. When it comes to a stop its a definite stop. Feeling the panel as it closes the stop seems to be on front driver corner. Any suggestions? Diagrams of this mechanism?
  7. Hello, this is my first time posting here and I'm looking to finally have my own Subaru. Background is as follows: -Learned to drive in my dad's Subaru Bajas (he owned three over the years) -Got a 99 Ford Contour as my first car. Was alright, but had problems. -When I was planning to sell the Contour, I was trying to find a Subaru, but couldn't find one in my price range, so I gave up and tried Volkswagen in the form of an '03 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition (sport suspension and a 1.8L turbocharged engine.) -I'm not a trained mechanic in any way. I'm teaching myself from working on my Jetta and Passat (long story as to why I own two Volkswagens) I was originally planning to turn my Jetta into an all-wheel drive car by importing a parts car in the form of a V6 4motion Bora (name for the fourth generation Jetta in other parts of the world) I've looked at various cars and it seems like Subaru has most of what I'm looking for and appear to be more willing to recieve the things that they don't have that I want, so I want to finally try again at buying a Subaru. The problem is, I don't know which Subaru I should look at. The H6 fascinates me and owning a two Volkswagens with turbocharged engines has me hooked on boost for life. I plan to buy a car that has an H6 OR a turbocharger and swap/add the other one so I can have both. What I'm looking for: -All wheel drive -Turbocharged -Comfortable -H6 engine -DIY friendly I've got it narrowed down to three and have some questions about each. Third generation Legacy sedan: -How is leg room in the back seats? Is it better than a 99.5-05 Volkswagen Jetta? I can't find a third generation Legacy sedan for sale in my area to find out. -If I got this route, I am planning to swap an H6 into this at some point. How much time and money would I likely need to spend on parts other than the engine itself to do this? (Applies to Baja as well) SVX: -How is the EG33 as far as engine reliability and maintenance costs? Are there any common and/or major issues I should be made aware of before buying one? (I know of the transmission issues and have plans for this) -What is a good price to pay for one? I don't mind buying a fixer-upper as long as the frame and body panels are intact and rust-free. -If I want to put some form of forced induction in at some point, how much is it likely to cost me? -Is there anyone in or around Columbus, Ohio who has one that would be willing to let me see it in person and possibly ride (not drive) in it? Baja: (Not as many questions here because of the front-end similarities between the Baja and Legacy and I've been in/drove a Baja before) -I'm aware of the head gasket issues in this car's engine, it claimed my dad's second Baja. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this issue? (Until I can swap the engine out entirely) -Does the Baja turbo have the same head gasket issues? -Are there any significant differences in the engine bay of this car compared to the Legacy/Outback of its time? Questions for all three: -Are these cars more DIY friendly than early 2000's Volkswagens? Everyone tells me that VW is a pain to work on, but these haven't been that hard for me. From what I've seen, Subarus look easier to work on, but I would rather hear it from someone who has worked on them. -How hard is it to find parts for each of these? -If I buy one that has a turbo stock, how many of the turbo-related parts would be able to carry over to turbocharge and H6? -If I were to H6 swap a car, which H6 engines would you recommend? I'm looking for one that will be able to readily swap into a Legacy or Baja that can handle some boost and other modifications.
  8. After going to the west coast subaru id really like to get together with other Old Gen Subaru lovers here in the NW. i see so many pages on facebook etc on the new gen (which are great and i love em) but i want to see all the Old gen rigs. Would anyone be want to join in on this? Im thinking after christmas time. If your interested Post on here or pm me. maybe if we find out where everyone is coming from finding a good place to all meet would be easier. Im in Salem, OR Where yall at?
  9. Hey guys, I'm new here. I currently have an 01 Legacy GT Limited with about 118k miles on it. Love this car, no mechanical problems at all. However, I've been eyeing a 1995 SVX LSi with 92k miles on it, for $2k. First question, is this a good deal? Exterior and interior look clean, I haven't taken it for a spin yet but the seller doesn't list any mechanical issues. Second question, am I crazy for wanting to get rid of my 01 Legacy for this? Like I said, I love my car, but I want something a little more powerful and sporty. This SVX seems like a good choice for me, because I love having the safety of AWD, but want something with a little more kick. Basically, I plan on buying this car and giving my current Subie to my sister who is currently a broke college student. Is it a bad call for me to get rid of my current ride, for this one? Thanks guys.
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