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Found 11 results

  1. Hi there folks! Got CEL codes 42 and 33 pulling on my good old 1993 legacy. In reference to the 33, the speedometer stopped functioning. I have pulled the transmission side of the cable and the tab is present and appears to spin well. Wondering if there is any other troubleshooting I should do before pulling the gauge cluster out of the dash to see if that side still spins. If the cable is not the issue do I need to replace the cluster or is there a way to repair the speedo itself? The salvage yards around me are pretty sparse for the older models. If it is the cable it appears that replacements are no longer avaliable. What would yall advise I do at that point? In reference to code 42 the engine started to idle significantly higher then usual recently. Then started throwing 42. The odd part is when I run the car in test mode (green connectors under the dash attached) it only shows the codes as running codes and not in memory and the car idles perfectly in that mode. I suspect the IAC has gone bad, and I do have a replacement that I can put in there that i know is good. But I wanted to see if there was any specific troubleshooting steps I should take before swapping it out? For reference I installed purchased and installed a rebuild just over 800 miles ago and the car has been running very well up until the last 2 days. It did, however, really struggle to pass colorado emissions standards. Ended up adding an additional cat to get it to pass. At that point the high idle was not present, neither was code 42 or 33 and the speedo was functioning just fine. Please forgive me in advance as I am limited thus far in my knowledge and want to learn more. I love my subarus and I love working on them. I've got a fair bit of knowledge, but I would not consider myself an expert by any means. Thanks in advance for your guidance.
  2. Hi all, I am about to throw my SOHC 2.5/DOHC 2.5 frankenmotor into a '98 outback in pretty great (cosmetic) condition.... but it is 200,000 miles. I have gone through about 4 different 5mts in the past 6 years... All were cheap, but all were high mileage. I'm planning on purchasing a transmission that came out of the '05 Legacy GT wagons... Transmission code: TY757VBAAB... The gear ratios look to be a dream! With my wheel/tire choice, I can be at 3000 rpm and going 75 mph down the interstate and thus keep very good fuel economy. My problem though... In the picture of the transmission that I'm looking at, there doesn't appear to be a speedo-sensor installed... There is a plug circled in orange... Anybody have a guess if there will be a speedo gear in there when I take the plug out? If not, I'm assuming that I'd have to split the case halves to install? Just a matter of spending the time to do so? Unfortunately I'm not in a position to get this information as the transmission is coming from an online auction source. Supposed to be at about 50,000 miles. I guess I could go without a speedometer, and just memorize the tachometer-to-gear-ratio-to-wheel-size speeds off of a chart... I figure it'll last much longer behind a NA motor versus turbo... http://www.rallispec.com/downloads/Transmission ID Chart_Public.pdf http://www.gearhack.com/myink/ViewPage.php?file=docs/Subaru Transmission Chart Thanks all, Greg
  3. I tried to cram most of the details in the title. When this quite working, we pulled the cluster and pulled the cable from the tranny. Twisting one end turned the other end. definitely stiff but it did turn. So, we moved the car while looking down into the hole in the top of the tranny. It doesn't appear to be turning. We only moved a few feet but I would assume that would be enough to see it turn. Has anyone ever heard of an internal mechanical failure in the tranny that would cause this? The car drives and shifts normally. Thanks, Stephen
  4. Hi all, thank you in advance for taking your time to read this. I just purchased 1998 Forester. Automatic. Miles unknown odometer shows 97k but it's not working. The speedometer and odometer is not working at all. It's giving me code P1507 and idles rough almost stalling. I've searched the forum and changed VSS (vehicle speed sensor) but speedo is still not working. I've jacked up the car, put it on jack stands (all 4 tires off the ground) so i can put the car in D and simulate driving. When i simulated driving without the VSS, where the VSS connects is not spinning at all. (see picture) Should this be spinning when car is driving so it can spin the VSS? If so am i screwed? what can i do to fix this?
  5. 85 BRAT Have no speed indicator just hangs below 0. Odometer works. Where to start?
  6. My speedometer stopped working. It has intermittently came back but when I saw it come back on, it was not registering actual speed and dropped out again. I investigated the cluster. It seems to be ok. There was an older thread about a bad solder joint but it's on a 99 model. The panels on the flex circuit are totally different than the 98 model which I have. ODB2 shows speed sensor. Haven't checked that out yet. Any thoughts.
  7. All: So the speedo stopped working today. Threw the code P0500 speed sensor. Pulled the cluster and checked the small connector on the back...pulled left / right / up / down. Tightened the screws on the back of the cluster. And double checked the connection on the speed sensor. No joy. My 1995 Legacy is a MT. According to a vid on youtube it is a 17MM connection. I am planning to go to the junkyard and pull one tomorrow. Any other ideas / thoughts / things I should try? Tom
  8. My legacy brighton doesn't have a tachometer. So I went to pick and pull and pulled a cluster out from another vehicle with a tachometer. I installed it and everything seemed to go okay until I drove home and had no speedometer. So I pulled my old speedometer out (thinking it was a loose connection in the back) and switched it with my new one. The speedo worked but now the tach did not. I'm wondering what the problem is with the wiring? Do I need to wire the tach through the speedo? Or should I try putting the tach in my old cluster?
  9. My cluster only has a speedometer and the subaru car HUD (4wd, parking brake, etc). I kind of wish I had a tachometer. If anyone had a spare cluster like this, I'm willing to buy it. Anyone know if it's plug and play? Would it be easier to buy an aftermarket tach gauge to stick somewhere on the dash? Thanks
  10. I have a 1993 Loyale, 5speed, 2wd, wagon. The speedometer broke inside the tranny and it will be awhile before I can repair it. The Engine Check light remains on with code '33' all the time as I'm driving so I assume that the cpu is obtaining speed sensor readings to make adjustments to the engine. What kind of adjustments does it make based upon this input signal? Leaner/richer fuel mix? Timing advance? Or . . . ? The manual doesn't explain such detail. I just wanto know what it's doing to my car when it thinks the car is going zero mph.
  11. So I am about to go drive my car off of a cliff and shoot it because im so frustrated.... I have spent about 4 hours trying to snake the cable through the port to the instrument cluster and I have had no success in doing so. I have a 1988 GL 10, I have no idea what to try at all, snaking it through has not worked and using a tracer has not worked either, it is not a straight line the access port to the cluster it rises up and goes to the right. HEEELLLPPPP, before I lose my mind!!!!
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