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Found 6 results

  1. My 1986 Subaru GL was leaking gas from the vapor canister and I fixed that issue but now when I start the car I can drive it and it’s high RPMs when I first started and then it’s dies. I’m driving the car sometimes hesitates to accelerate having a rough idle and higher RPMs in park. I replaced most of the vacuum hoses so I’m ordering a EGR valve. What else could it possibly be?
  2. We fixed it but, I am leaving this post up for two reasons. If it happened to us then it may happen to someone else. I have attached the photo because I have a question as well. The plug connected to the small housing had a missing bolt and it was moving around. I noticed when I moved it with my hand the engine would stall. My question now that we put a bolt in and it fixed the car is, What is this housing and plug? I am very curious as I cannot find anything on it. Thank you all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all, My son has a 203 Impreza RS 4 door sedan. We are having a terrible time figuring out the problem to the point that we are just throwing parts at it. When he is driving the car, full tank or not it literally stalls on a left or right hand turn. When going over bumps in the road is loses power like it is going to stall, but he usually still has his foot on the pedal so you notice the hesitation until it catches again. We have done the fuel pump that is in the tank, IACV, TPS, Fuel pump relay under the passenger side kick plate and the fuse. IT has its' tune up, but I think this is a fuel issue and I am not sure where to check next. Any ideas? It sits and idles fine and runs fine. It is the turns and the sharp turns and bumps. The typical bend int he road does not affect it. Thanks all for your help. If we cannot figure it out it will go to the mechanic next week. I am tired of messing with it.
  3. Video of truck: Starts off stationary - at operating temp 0:10 - 0:30 then fwd 1st at 0:31 - 0:49 4wd lo first gear 0:50 into second last 10 seconds is 4wd lo 2nd gear, but going slow. Only speedo tach and thermometer work. I have oil pressure, and I'm not pushing 18v. I've done a new weber carb, fuel filters, plugs, plug wires, coil, and egr delete. Oil and filter are fresh These are the stock redline Weber subaru kit jets, with the short air filter, and a free flow (hollow cat, single muffler) exhaust Any ideas on what I should do next? This has been the problem my almost my entire time owning this thing, would be great to finally be able to floor it without killing it.
  4. Hi, We have a Swiss Station 1987, EA82 with MPFI and 3 speed AT with ca. 130k km. I replaced the timing belts at 80k km, head gaskets and oil seals a couple years ago, radiator, alternator, some brake lines, brake discs and pads. Generally it's a great car, just getting rusty. It consumes oil at approximately 1L per four tanks of fuel. It has been pinging up steep hills for years; a Subaru garage I left it with said they couldn't reproduce a ping and so it's been left that way. It's recently developed a very slow idle in Drive when the choke turns off. So low, that it dies under load with low throttle, like when you try to reverse slowly. Today the engine suddenly cut out at 80 km/h while cruising on level ground. It cranks over strongly, but we couldn't start it again. I towed it home. I suspected the fuel pump. It makes a buzzing noise when the key is turned to "ACC", but I can't remember what it used to sound like when the car worked?! Apart from taking it out (looks like a rusty mess in there!), is there any way to test it from under the hood (bonnet for you UK readers)? Does the fuel just start flowing out of the tank when you take the pump off? Does anyone have any other suggestions for systematically testing systems to find our problem? Does the idle issue give a clue? I'm fine with old electromechanical cars, but don't have the tools or experience with automotive electronics or fuel injection. Thanks, Jeremy
  5. Hi all, I've been poking around the forums and I've noticed plenty of great suggestions. Hopefully you all can help me out. My wife's beloved 96 Outback has been stalling for a month or so now, and we can not figure it out what is going on! We've had it in and out of two different shops with no luck. It stalls hot, cold, at speed, at stop signs, turning, not turning, AC on/off... It isn't reproducible, and has seemingly no trend. In general, it seems to stall as it is going to idle. The power stays on, and no engine check light appears. Poking around the threads, I've noticed MAF seems to be a common failure point. I cleaned it out, and although it seemed to run better, it still stalled. Reading elsewhere that if you unplug it, it may solve the problem, but the car ran terribly, idling wildly. Perhaps this points to something? The car will usually start right back up, however I did have one time at a light I could not get it to stay on. The starter kicked the rpms up, and then as the rpms came back down, it would stall, with no response from pumping the gas. This seems to point me in the direction of a fuel issue, although the fuel pump is new as of last year. I'm thinking of just replacing it again myself, or at least tracing down some of the fuel lines to make sure there are no pinches? The car doesn't have much worth as it is, so I'd hate to go down an expensive wild goose chase with mechanics. The shop doesn't want to deal with it because, of course, it never stalls when they drive it... I've been downgraded to my bike since my wife has to commute, and the upcoming Oregon rainy season is putting the pressure on. Any help is appreciated!
  6. Hello USMB members. I'm fairly new to subarus but have a couple old wagons now and love them so it's time I I learn all I can and I really, really appreciate those of you who take the time to reply so thanks in advance. Ok, so 1991 Loyale, 5 speed, 4x4, 229k on body and unknown on the engine as it was swapped out prior to me owning it. The car always starts and has been running fine but recently has started dying/stalling on me as I'm running around town and then won't want to start. If I wait a few minutes or longer it will start again. I have replaced the fuel filter. When the fuel pumps go out on these wagons do they just go out or do they present these symptoms? Any ideas as to where to start troubleshooting? I really like this car and want to keep her going for years to come.
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