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Let's see your LIFTED Soob off roader 2010 edition.

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same old rigs, new pictures.


86 GL wagon,

still powered by EA82

32/36 weber carb

5spd D/R,

about 1 3/8" frt and 1 1/2" rear suspension lift

235/75-15 SXT MT

15" mitsubishi wheels

6 lug conversion

welded rear diff.

custom bumpers

off road lights







84 GL wagon

EA81 w/ 32/36 weber carb,

4spd D/R,

stock suspension cranked,

LSD rear end,

14" pug wheels

215/70-14 Blizzaks



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I was kinda waiting to compile a complete build thread before revealing my lifted rig v2.0


But since this thread is here.....I'll at least post a roll call.


Here is my 84 GL wagon.



LIFT: 6" home built by previous owner. Modified and Strengthened by HighGuys.


ENGINE:1995? Impreza EJ18 Longblock.(thanks to Mellow65 for the great deal on it) ECU, Intake, and harness from '93 Legacy 2.2




265/70/16 in these pics. Redrilled Tacoma wheels Great but only for sand.


215/75/15 Snow tires for this winter. Hope to have 225/60/16 for next winter.


235/75/15 mudders will go on next summer. Mounted on Narrow offset rims for front, deep offset for rears. This is to compensate for my wider EA82 front subframe.




Of course the EA82 Front end. Crossmember, Contol arms, radius rods, axles.......


mounted to modified EA81 Radius rod plate. Swaybar removed, plate extended and angled up to meet body and extra mounting ear welded on (bolts into captive nut used for Auto trans crossmember, unused with 4spd)


Modified Gen 1 Skidplate. Extended to bolt to crossmember, and reinforced with a few strips of old mustache bar metal.:grin:


EA82 SPFI aircleaner box and SPFI air intake used along with extra legacy air intake and some Schedule 40 ABS 2" pipe to make high mount air cleaner and Snorkle


Fan relay wire interupted and run to a Single Pole/Double Throw with Center OFF switch. This allow the ECU to control the Fan normally when swithc is in one position. Or I can ground the wire and trigger the relay with switch in the other position. Or with center OFF Fan can be defeated for water crossing.


270 OHM resistor parrallel on temp sender wire to correct EJ resistance curve to EA gauge.


EJ idiot light sender wired to OP gauge on dash. Needle pegs high on start, then drops to zero when pressure builds. If I ever see the needle raise while driving I know somethings wrong :lol:

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82 Brat

4" JP Lift




83 Brat

4" BB lift





88 Wagon

2" WH lift




The Wheeler Wagon

2" SJR Lift

30x9.50x15 Buckshots mudders





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Current 2010 condition

Mock up new suspension. 30" BFG 80" wide track width. Lots and lots of new stuff planned this year






And the good old days

Jackson Rally 1'' lift kit. 28'' BFGs.



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Well, I still have the same old one, The Beast. Nothing much really different this year


87 GL Wagon

6" lift

31/10.5/R15 Maxxis Bighorn tires

welded rear

EA81 motor

stock 5 speed D/R

custom exhaust

modified front lower control arms

other mods





But I do have this now in the making...


'78 Brat

4" lift, stock tires for now

stock EA71 with a Fat Case bellhousing swapped on, '81 Brat 4 speed D/R swapped in

more mods to come




And this, which will be sold soon


'85 Brat

3" lift

27/8.5/R14 Maxxis Bighorns on Pug steels

custom bumpers

3" stainless exhaust stacks

stock EA81 with Weber and 4 speed D/R

other mods to come






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I have a few to add her to 27 inch swampers rack kcs and welded rear fuel inj yeah same old girl high guys helped fix my front camber issue4289168273_c6e49afe9c.jpg










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My 2 current lifted soobs.



'86 GL Brat, 91k miles, 3" BYB Lift, Genuine Subaru 14" Alloys, 205/70R14 tires.



'82 GL Brat. Delta torque grind cam in rebuilt EA81, MSD 6A ignition, recurved disty, weber 32/36 with 155 mains. '89 5 speed D/R, Samurai t-case, rear drive disconnect, '85 Toyota solid axle front, '86 Toyota solid axle rear, toyota drive shafts (lengthened). Custom built suspension, 4 link rear, 3 link front. Stock Jeep TJ coil springs, Subaru power steering pump, '86 Toyota steering box, custom crossover steering. Toyota V6 front calipers and Land Cruiser vented rotors. replumbed brakes, but still using soob hill holder. Lockright locker in rear. 17 gallon fuel cell sunk into bed behind cab. custom roll bar, bumpers, and subframe sunk and welded into soob frame rails. 105" wheelbase. Doetsch Tech Shocks

35" tires on 17x9 Cragar Soft 8's.

slightly cut wheel wells :)


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85 Brat, 4" front 3 1/2" rear lift, tube brumpers front and rear, 5 spd d/r, ea81 w/ weber, dual magnaflow exhuast, wrx hood scoop, impreza seats, locked diff, 6 lug conv, 28" hancook dynopro's, 27" SSR's, 15" wheels, ej22 motor in the shop, canopy being painted




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95 Legacy L


~outback struts/springs

~215/65/16 general grabber at2's on wrx wheels

~2.5 rs seats

~outback front bumper

~2.5 dohc swap



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1987 GL-10


RX Transmission FT4WD D/R W/ Diff Lock

RX 3.7:1 LSD diff

4" Ozified Lift

28" Wildcat Mud Terrain Tires on 15x7 Black Steel Toyota 6 lug wheels

Hubs drilled to Toyota 6 lug pattern on Bridgeport mill

Custom 3" Snorkel with in-line K&N Apollo enclosed air filter

Allied Armament Front Tube Bumper

Custom rear bumper with d rings and hitch receiver

Custom Roof Rack with Front and Rear off-road lights

Custom Exhaust system from manifold back

Custom two piece skid plate tied into front bumper and cross member

Fern Camo paint job with spray-on bed liner on sides

Front driving lights

Rear disc brake conversion





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'81 GL Wagon

4" lift

5 speed D/R

Stock EA81 w/ Weber/snorkle, custom y-pipe to 2 1/4" exaust

(new engine in the works w/ delta cam and 10:1 compression)

EA82 front control arms,knuckles,axles

VW Baja rear coilovers

Welded rear diff w/hybrid axles

27-9.50-14 SSR Swampers on 504 Pugs

Trimmed/ reworked wheel wells

Tube bumpers w/ skidplate

Fog lights in grill

Yakima roof basket with custom mount






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88 XT6 Manual 4WD(:lol:).

2" lift modded to retain air suspension up front with temporary coil over conversion in the rear until I finish reassembling the rear air struts with high grade adhesive sealant.

2005 Forester XT Turbo Wheels.

Canadian height button installed, not yet operational.

Custom built hitch receiver.


3.9 LSD parts in garage disassembled ready for cleaning and reassembly.


Pic's here:


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I haven't off-roaded it at all yet, but it's lifted so I figure I'll post it!!


2000 Impreza OBS


1" JacksonRally strut spacers

1/2" Paranoid Fabrication rear saggy butt spacers

1/4" Paranoid Fabrication front strut spacers

RA mud flaps

17" Rota wheels w/Hankook ice bears w300 225/50/17

Hella Fogs


These are pics before the new wheels. I would post current ones, but my computer is stupid!





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Some Hellas, 3" High Guys lift w/ Forrester struts, wrx rims


I would love to get a new front and rear bumper, snorkel, D/R





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Sorry havnt done much wheeling lately as it is currently my daily driver.






Just some bald rear tires, new doors on one side and more cracks in the windshield. lol


6inch homemade lift

33x9.50 BFG's

Sammi t-case

R-180 STI rear diff and axles.

Front and rear LSD's

2.5L High comp. Hybrid motor.

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8" Boss/WH/JAW Lift

30X9.50X15 Buckshots

Welded Rearend




Not all the way done but getting close...............




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Well, I was hoping to post my Waterwagon 3 Earlier, but it was not lifted....







Now it is :banana:





SJR (new, prototype!) EJ 3"/3.5" EJ Lift, Outback Struts, 27x9x14R Swampers


and since it was a Brighton, other mods- OBW instrument cluster (to gain a tachometer) CB radio antenna (for future CB radio)

Rear disc brakes from Gen 1 legacy, (actually, entire rear suspension) and a 3.9 open diff from an 86 GL, (matches the current 5spd AWD) awaiting future D/R swap, which I just need a few more parts...



More pics later, it's still getting mods installed ;)

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