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My new 1977 sport coupe

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Looks super solid, much better than the wagon I just finished welding back together.... I can't wait to see some progress on this one!


That's what I was thinking when I bought it. It just has a couple of small patches of rust. Not bad at all for a 35 year old subaru.

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I got some more work finished on the coupe yesterday. I also found a surprise under the rear seats.










and.....boom! I guess it's got a water leak somewhere.











with a bit of grinding I got most of it off.









I'll keep stripping and cleaning then comes the patch work.;)

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Hey Pooparu, that rust usually comes from a leaking rear window seal. The water leaks down and is then soaked up by the rear seat cushion/foam. Because the foam is relatively deep the water never dries out and rust starts it's usual process of attacking metal...


Does not look too bad on your coupe and I am surprised by the state to the front cowl! This is the usual rust area...

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Stop your crying and get to work !! :-p:headbang:


Waaaggggghhhh , I've got rust ...... :popcorn:


That car doesn't desreve my incredibly beautiful rear seat. Make it so Number 1 , make it so.




Talk to you soon. I'm really going to get those seats out , but its too hot today and back to work tomorrow night. I'll get working on them this week.

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