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My new 1977 sport coupe

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Those damn leaking window seals!!! Leroy is so right! After you get it fixed, place towels under the seat and check after EVERY rain! Better yet...locate a rear window seal.....someplace! That is the issue. We need to get those remade, like we did the front gaskets! At least on the station wagons, you can use the VW beetle one.


Good luck!



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Score of the year ! You mean dash was like you see if when found or you got it re-done? Makes you smile , huh? :D


Wow...that there is a nice dashboard. Who's time machine did you use?

I didn't do anything to it. I got it from danny. It was a huge score.

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That was THE dash from Charlie. I held that dash overhead roaring in delight. The magic is yours now. Use it well my friend. :)


So that dash went from CT to TN to OR .... Reuse , Recycle !! But Restore that old Subaru Coupe !!

Enjoy the heck out of that puppy and keep it well. Now very soon it is time to get very serious about seats , stage one parts , and my storage !! Massive snow being washed away now. We'll talk soon.

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That dash had thrilled thousands of viewers and the guy who deserves all the credit it CTSUBA - Charlie !!!!


Nobody but no frikkin body had one and now it's been passed along and it's legend grows as faces glow ! :)


Charlie , somebody does give a crap!!! You're the best !!!!


Earl , complete the circle and finish that resto the drive it east. We'll meet you at Subaru headquarters in NJ



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