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Good Wheeling Shots! Add you favs! (Comment Free Thread)

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@NorthCoast , How do the regular non-turbo Foresters with the CVT transmissions do on hill climbs? I've been wondering if the CVT can put down enough power to climb a hill just as steep as a d/r EA82. I love the look of them and I may have enough money by the end of the summer to buy one. What do you think about their performance on the trails?

In our group we had a 2014 2.5 Manual and two 2014 XT's. The manual had to get some speed going to get up the hills, that's why on one of the pictures both front wheels are off the ground. The XT's climbed as good as my SH9 4EAT does. They even have that fancy X-Mode with their hill descent feature. If I was going to get an NA CVT, I would get the one with the X-Mode. 


Here's a video from our trail ride, both camera cars were the 2014 XT's. 



Here's my XT climbing a level 3(From 1-5) hill at the park:


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Testing the snorkel... works :D !


It is indeed the Jackson wagon, and still getting plenty of mods/upgrades by me... soon to be in Oregon, where there looks to be quite a following for these up thatta way.


The avatar pic is what I use to spend a lot of my time doing... had a ton of fun building bajas for over a decade, both buses and bugs, drove them all over the West, but have since moved on to 4WD for obvious reasons. We like the wagon for its quirkiness, much like an old VW going places it wasn't meant to be.


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Appreciate the clarification... deleted posts with no explanation leads to newbie confusion. I guess I missed that this is a gallery and still don't see where it says so specifically, considering there is a gallery section and this is the forum section?? I understand the need to stay on topic, but topic based conversation keeps a forum functioning.


Nice! Looks like ya'll are having a helluva good time in the Mt.Vernon/B-ham area. I've spent quite a bit of time out there, but there ain't nothing like that going on around here. Look forward to getting back up to the PNW!





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Took some shots in nordhouse dunes when i went out a little further than i wanted to in my 02 VDC OBW, no damage except i cracked the flex joint on the exhaust to the point it finally broke the next day.  Some bundling wire has got that held till my fix comes tomorrow.  Just a 2" lift and BFG Rugged Trail 235/60R16's and about ohh 500lbs of camping gear and coolers.   Oh.. need new springs too.... but managed not to bottom out and missed the deep ruts.  Did smush my bumper a little i think... need to make one from metal...  but first i need to replace the steering rack, rear pads and rotors and get the camber fixed in the rear (ordering kit from SPC, and bushing from SJR to get that wheel right) before i can do that.  Probably need more lift too.  New tires in the spring too... never been a fan of these, and after a couple 3k mile ski trips to colorado this winter i'll be getting past 50k miles on them.  BFG KO2's next time.  Wish i had more pictures but this was an hour of extra wheeling when i was supposed to be going to the dune climb..  So.. here's a couple.. Must upload the video too..

The Ruts were pretty deep,  managed to avoid them... rained later that day.. was fairly glad i wasn't out there then.

Had enough clearance for the stump..


Rut was deep.. girlfriend has some good pictures too.. but i don't have her phone at the moment.

Was pretty sandy... this just lead to a tiny mud pit, guess it wasn't a trail..  never lost traction though.  Butt was pretty weighed down, think i need new springs

That's all for now.. Will try to dig up the video... this wasn't anything too hard, but it was definitely not a road.  Fun times.

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