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  2. subieroo

    Lambo doos on a Brat?

    Not sure how I feel about that one
  3. el_freddo

    Uno - My First

    So this build/ride thread has become an advertising ground for your YouTube channel? Bummer.
  4. el_freddo

    no fuel to 84 hatch

    When/how did you find out that there’s no power? ‘84 could be the year where they introduced the fuel cut relay. I’d be looking at this first. It’s a black box behind the kick panel above the driver’s feet. I’ve heard they can go bad but I’ve not experienced this myself. If your coil dies the fuel pump won’t work either. If your coil dies your ignition module dies too. Got a good coil and ignition module in there?? Cheers Bennie
  5. G'day, here's the struts off my 4x4 wagon, 2" lift was installed in the 90s and was engineered... This spacer doesn't look like it accommodates for camber at all and is probably the cause of my excessive positive camber? Pretty sure this a "redneck lift" block... Thoughts? Also just on eyeballing are those stock EA82 struts? The springs are extremely soft and I'm swapping them for height adjustable factory struts.
  6. Marc556

    Brat Mk 2

    Nobody has contact to give a little help?
  7. YnotDIY

    Two Tone Paint Jobs!

    @FerGloyale the painted mirrors are sick. I'll definitely be painting mine. @IFlyS5 bed liner bottom?
  8. DaveT

    no fuel to 84 hatch

    I never had an 84 - but none I had older or newer had a roll over switch. They do have control that shuts off the fuel pump if the engine stops running. You can bypass it to test, but I would not leave it bypassed.
  9. Should be available from Subaru 53061FC000 $125 Retail https://parts.subaru.com/p/Subaru_2002_Forester-25L-MANUAL-S/FRAME-COMPLETE-RADIATOR-PANEL-LOWER/49256497/53061FC000.html Not sure if available aftermarket unless used. IIRC that part is spot welded into place.
  10. Why did you replace the radiator? If you have the DOHC 2.5 and have had overheat problems you most likely have head gasket leaks. It's common on these engine. Do you have black oily stuff in the over flow bottle? If so the HG are leaking. Drop in a 2.2 engine. Larry
  11. Let it cool first. Remove upper radiator hose and fill . Then attch clamp and add to radiator. Suby's have their T stat at the bottom of the block, so just filling the radiator as is custom does not fill the block. Then proceed as you usually do. O
  12. bring the front of the car up in the air, fill the block from the upper radiator hose, connect hose then fill radiator. there should be a small plastic bleeder screw on the passenger side - may not look like much - just a phillips style cross in a small piece of white plastic (sometimes black). Thermostat needs to be OEM - aftermarkets will not cut it for these cars.
  13. Yesterday
  14. I replaced the radiator on my son's 96 Legacy and I don't see any bleed screws anywhere. I kept the cap off and waited to see water circulating but did not. I did remove the cap once slowly and collant came gushing out - don't know if I had overfilled it or air was traped and escaped when I opened the cap.The fan did come on and temp gauge for a couple of minutes was at hot level - I have heat coming out of the dash vents - but gauge stays at hot too long for my comfort - are their bleeders - am I missing a step in the process. Wonder if the thermostat is working properly? etc. Please advise. Thanks, Milty
  15. While the engine was out of the white Outback I tested out whether the H6 engine mounts can simply be switched side to side to provide some engine setback. This is how they look in the stock orientation: The bolt holes don't quite line up on the engine if you put them on the opposite side but a little slotting would solve that. I think the pads that bolt to the engine are not parallel to the pad that sits on the crossmember so it would put some stress on the rubber when the nuts are tightened. The pads don't sit flush on the crossmember when switched side to side either (or I would have taken a picture) but that could probably be fixed with some hammering. Swapped some other parts over to the engine and trans from the parts car. J stopped by Saturday morning and helped me get the engine and trans in the car and mostly hooked up. He left just before B got to town. B called saying that he'd blown up the ball spline rear axle just as he got to town. Balls and pieces of cage fell out when he reached under to feel how badly it was shot. I loaded up the towbar, lights, and chains and drove the black Outback out there to tow him back. Just before I got to him the engine started running rough again. I let it idle and tried plugging the coil packs back in, one of them seemed to smooth it out a little and it's been running fine since but had no unusual trouble codes (always has torque converter and evap codes now). First we finished hooking things up on the white car, started it up on stands. I'd forgotten to connect the trans cooler lines at the trans so that puked some ATF out before we noticed and shut it off. It took almost twelve quarts of trans fluid to get it full while running. While we had the front suspension halfway apart and CV axles out, we decided to put on bolt on front wheel bearing knuckles (thanks Slammo). I had one new wheel bearing and one with about 12k miles on it from the black Outback with no slop. Antiseized bearings and new ball joints in them, had to turn up a couple sleeves for the top eccentric bolt (I have long travel struts set up a little different than stock with two modified eccentric bolts). The front dust shields were rubbing badly, bent those in as best we could with everything assembled, but the driveshaft was rubbing on the exhaust under engine or wheel braking. I vee cut the exhaust where it was closest to the driveshaft and welded it back together so it has at least an inch of clearance now. Over the winter I'll probably replace that center section of the exhaust with something stronger and replace the engine and trans mounts. Other than that it seems to run better than the old engine. Haven't driven it fast yet to see if it downshifts smoothly. Thinking about putting a JDM engine in the black Outback before a week long off road trip (or two) we're planning this year. The blowby worries me a little and I'm not positive I've solved the intermittent rough running when warmed up symptom. Tempted to put in an EZ36 but probably won't. Anyone know how worried I should be by the blowby and if there's something else I should check that would cause it to run rough sometimes when warmed up but not throw a code?
  16. armedequation

    Springs: moog 854 or 856?

    Dropped the kids off at the grandparents and went for a small drive. Wash board was rough but i believe the wrx seats helped with that. Definitely made some adjustment to how i drive it. No more body roll and it stays firm through turns. Overall im very happy with them. Next is a brake job and new tie rod end links with an alignment. First pic is just a humorous one that shows how it sits next to the parents rav4. 2nd is on top of miller fork road
  17. PigEqualsBakon

    The journey has come to an end...

    Checker, ive got a spare EA82 I pulled from a scrapper sitting in the trunk of my EA81 wagon, and ive been looking to get it out so i can start driving it lol. Im in Vancouver BC so if you really wanted we could do something with themm im pretty close. The Car i pulled it from was in there for rust anyways, and the engine has 270K KM on the clock so about 160K Miles. No need to be so sad about it! its only a car, things can be fixed. We could swap my EA82 into it in under 2 hours if we really wanted to. Sadly I'm not interested in the car for myself, as I have my own EA81 wagon to get back on the road, and nowhere to work on it. Please, let me know so I can help keep that old girl on the road! and if anyone near him is buying the car, and needs an engine, let me know too!
  18. old sub freak

    Brat jump seats for sale

    Hey scoby, i still have them .sorry i thought i hit the button to let me know about reply's.... and its best offer
  19. Hey all ...My 84 hatchback has no power to the fuel pump..I think its the "roll over switch"..Its just above the hood latch,a little blue box...can these be bought or bypassed ? Thank you ,todd
  20. So I’m at work and can’t do much else than tuck it back under where it belongs.. but the noise is still happening and when I check it’s not popped back out. Could it be vibrating somehow because it’s loose? I will try and secure it tonight and test drive it then.
  21. armedequation

    Lifted Brat and Loyale build

    Cool i will be keeping on eye on this to see how it goes with much interest as ive been contemplating doing this for my lifted loyale.
  22. armedequation

    The journey has come to an end...

    Ferp, if you were in colorado i would for sure. If i lived in oregon that would be perfect as id get yours and checkers and build my kids first cars (ive got a while lol).
  23. ferp420

    The journey has come to an end...

    ive got a cherry 94 loyale ive been tryin to give away for years i even sold it then it got sold again then i got it back stole the motor back out of it as.i put it in before i sold it and have been trying to give it away ever since its even got the 2" lift and 15" wheels on it already with and no one has any interest in it at all theres no cutting on the fenders and no rust i wish someone would take it ive got.way to many projects this one and the forester got to go
  24. You mean short gears. Your up against the RPMs sooner, so shorter gears are what you have now. Tall would be 2000 rpms at 80. Doubtful he's got a Forester trans in there. If it was a regular forester trans it would be the same 4.11 as what it came with. The 4.44 manual trans only came in Turbo Foresters, and not as early as 98. Also, that 4.44 turbo trans has VERY TALL 5th gear set (desirable to swap into older trans) Here, the GT probably has 4.11 gears, like the Outbacks of same years. but Becasue of the smaller tires, the gears feel shorter. Remedy would be a 3.9 trans from a 2.2 engined Legacy or Impreza (not OB sport).......OR buy the tall 5th gear set from subaru and swap into your trans.......then only 5th would be taller. FWIW there is nothing wrong with cruising at 4300 RPMS........except for the speeding
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