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  1. Thought this Sedan looked Familiar... Here are photos of it, circa November 2010! The owner at the time had posted photos here, on USMB; they were pleased about the fitment of the Cupholder their Wife had made them for the car. Cool to see it still surviving
  2. There was a factory Cassette player available as an option, as seen in the accessories here: https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/122906-the-awesome-older-generation-picture-thread/?do=findComment&comment=1037814 Otherwise there are plenty of aftermarket head units out there... I'd try to find a console in poor condition at a J/Y, etc. to modify... that way the factory radio can be reinstalled at any time.
  3. Western WA got some decent snow between Christmas and now. The Brat slept, but the Family Loyale was the main mode of transport.
  4. I would too if I had the Space and Coin for Gas... love the SBC and the Ford Inline-6 300 I debated selling or giving away parts in the past... heck 5 or 6 years ago I threw away parts that are probably Gold now... Glad I've hoarded what I have now
  5. Also, look into using the 3rd gen Suspension on the Brat... I'm not well versed in the conversion... but would guess that the setup would have to be something like this; EA81 Tophats EA82 strut and spring EA82 Knuckles, etc EA82 Axles Not sure if EA82 axles fit to the EA81 trans... might have to make hybrid axles or convert the Brat to 5 Speed DualRange... Anyway... its always simpler to swap stock with stock... stay all EA81 would be my vote
  6. @PrinterTechnician have you been searching for the parts with "1987" in your search? That will bring up parts for a 3rd gen, which isn't what you are looking for. Do as Step-a-toe says and use either 1982, 1983, or 1984 in your search. Those are years where there was zero generation crossover (in the US) and will net you more positive results. Assuming you already checked rock-auto and all the major chain stores; VatoZone, O'Highlys, CRAPA, etc... you can also check Speed Shops near you that deal in Imports. Around me are several "Autosport Import" parts shops. Best of luck in your repair work
  7. That EA81 looks very industrial painted yellow, like a CAT. I like the custom bell-housing! Noticed your oil pump removed in the photos. You are probably aware that those are NLA and hard to find in decent shape, and to take care of your current pump if it isn't scored-up like a Record.
  8. Unfortunately no, @TIMBERTIGER, I never got around to fixing this issue... This '82 Brat is my "work" Brat. It will occasionally haul stuff to the dump, load firewood around, etc... the coolest side-by-side atv / power wheelbarrow one could ask for. I found it in pretty sorry condition in the woods of South Puget Sound. It was missing the carburetor and had been sitting many years collecting moss. Flushed the fuel system and installed a new Weber, and she was in business. All I have had to replace since then has been a clutch cable. I've never had to touch the braking system even... Following that trend of seat-of-the-pants driving excitement; I've been purposely not fixing anything that wasn't keeping the Brat from driving. Subarus really are inexpensive and meant to stay that way. Since the condition of this Brat isn't stellar, I have better condition Brats, and I also wasn't sure if this Brat would turn into a parts car; that also postponed the fixing of the issue. However I still need to put the Tailgate on this Brat. Maybe I'll try and sort this issue at the same time. Heck maybe I'll restore the whole Brat the way prices are going...
  9. It sounds like we need to see pictures of this Frankenstein. Maybe its a hopped up aircraft EA81 with custom heads, like what RAM Engineering does
  10. Cleaned out around the Fenders and other areas that trap debris on the all the Subies. Had four neat little piles around each vehicle This is a 3rd generation, looking with the Front RH Door Ajar; at where the Fender connects to the Body. This location LOVES to catch debris. It collects in the form of road-wash, and from debris falling from trees above. I used the small bamboo branch in the above photo to fish the majority of the filth out. Compressed air, a garden hose, or a vacuum would also work great 2nd Generation cars have a similar area that catches debris in the same location. On 3rd gen cars, there are drains on either side of the windshield wiper apron, these also like to get plugged with grime and tree debris Hard to see, but there are two pine needles diving in to clog the drain even in these photos This is just routine stuff that has to be done now and then. Keeps the car less damp and less likely to rust out as well
  11. @el_freddo found them on https://a15ff11300g.sakura.ne.jp/ (playwithlegacyrs dot com) long ago... Been wanting to re-share my favorites from that site since my original photo host crashed and burned. Looking forward to sharing more of my own personal photos and photo-finds as I get them sorted out... this last summer I found a stash of old paper Subaru Advertisements ranging from the 70's to the 2000's...
  12. July 1984 - *NEW* Leone FF - Japan July 1984 - Leone Optional Parts - Japan
  13. Plus they look funny with the quad lights vs the singles... IDK I'm a purist on that sort of thing
  14. What would you like to know? Local to the Seattle area... cannot always get out IRL however can usually answer most Loyale questions
  15. Yes No... only the photos that I have been meaning to revive... its a work in progress however I figured to repost them here rather than in the "OLD GEN" section as they were before. The website is called "Play With Legacy RS dot com"... depending on the system being used it may or may not show up when searched. On the PC it will load for me, on the Laptop it will not
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