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  1. That is very generous of you. Anybody in Montana would probably love to take you up on your offer. In for photos
  2. I have an appreciation for most all vintage vehicles. Some people are strictly Chevy or only Ford, I see the beauty in them both. Old Volkswagens are nice too. I was almost hit just yesterday in my mother's Volkswagen. My mother was in the car with me too. I was simply driving out of my parent's driveway (which is on a side street, 25mph limit) and turned onto the road, started to build up speed. Suddenly I see a modern Toyota Booger SUV flying up in my Rear View mirror. Coming down the road, opposite direction from me, was a Mail-Truck, doing their job. The SUV puts their left indicator on... they want to pass me, I'm almost doing the limit at this point. They are doing at least double. I decided to be a road hog and blocked the Middle of the road. They had to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting the back of our car. In the rearview I see them throwing their hands up and complaining... its a little old lady driving the Booger car for crying out loud! I motion out the window, "slow down". They imitate my motion, not sure why... and continued to Ride my bumper the whole way down the street. Where the heck did they even plan on going? If they had tried to cut me off they probably would have either clipped me or the mail truck in the process... I emphasize again... people drive like f#@k-tards... Today: I'm in the Volkswagen again, with my mom again. We are traveling down a two-lane highway (one lane each direction) 35mph limit. We are stopped at a traffic light with one van behind us. The light turns green and we go, building up speed. In the left mirror I see two cars flying up at freeway speed. They pass us like we are standing still, in the oncoming lane. After they pass, I recognize the two cars as riced-out 8th gen Accords. Lowered and rattle-canned. My mom says, "Jesus..." I go, "Yeah, they are probably going to crash..." We see a cloud of smoke, a quarter mile up the road from us, only a few seconds later... "Did they have to hit the skidders?" There was some construction going on up the road, new blacktop meeting old, and it was unfinished, leaving a nice speed bump... one of the lowered ricecars hit the bump at speed and they lost their oil pan. They left an oil slick for several hundred feet, and then turned around back the way they had come. They had no oil left at that point, which was why their car was smoking so bad as it went past us. They got what they deserved... and their dumb rump roasts were trying to drive back... they weren't going to make it even close... You can do everything right, and some pleb (simpleton) can still mess it up for you. Luckily I dodged two bullets two days in a row.
  3. Photos of what you have going on with the wiring would be very helpful. Don't have any photos on-hand of my own to show at the moment... Do you have a Haynes Manual? Would recommend volume 681 for 1980-1988 Subaru 1600 & 1800
  4. Ah, that's too bad... sometimes its just the hand you are dealt. Have been in those situations before and it's like all you can do is throw your hands in the air... thank you God for this Glorious Test. When I traveled to Vegas I noticed the same thing... no old cars on the road. Literally every car I saw was a modern Booger Car. Exactly what I was seeing on the above mentioned trip to Vegas... the Bank owns everything.
  5. Holy Cow... glad you are OK. I am constantly dumbfounded by the stupidity that I see on the road. These days I give people tons of room in front of me, that way I have time to react to whatever they decide to do on a whim. And if they are tailgating me, I pretend that they aren't even there. If I'm going too slow for them, they can go around... which they can't wait to do. I used to be liberal with "the bird" but have stopped doing that after a few road rage incidents... people don't realize that they are doing anything wrong, they see the finger and it lights their fire, instead of thinking, "what did I do wrong?" They have to one-up and it just escalates
  6. "Our new second car has become our first choice."
  7. In my '86 EA82 GL DualRange Wagon, the cups that you get from the drive-throughs fit wonderfully between the Driver's seat and the E-brake. The transfer-case lever keeps the cup from tilting forward, and the center console/armrest from going backwards. Depending how tall of an order you get (cup) I just reach past the cup for the trans-shifter. Not like it requires any real effort to shift, its like working a Toy. Those paper-multi-cup-holders also work well, the ones they give you are the drive-thru, as long as you keep your turns under a G.
  8. Points condenser in the distributor is pretty common... would have to check for spark when your symptoms arise
  9. Your points are all valid... I'm just partial to classic Subarus. A lot of people are... And I'm not part of the "wheeling" club. My cars rarely go off road, only up to the mountains occasionally for snowboarding trips. To me they are most beautiful mechanically in stock form. The 80's Subies have less techno stuff to go wrong (manual everything) than the 90's Subies. But I agree parts are getting scarce. I've dabbled with the square body chevies and they are very nice vehicles. We grew up with my grandfather's 77 Blazer, 4x4 auto... it went everywhere; camping fishing, etc. The power steering was wonderful. We probably should never have sold it as it was all-original... however it had it's tail end in salt water a few too many times loading/unloading our fishing/crabbing boat. Also had a '75 or '76 (can't remember) Crew Cab - on Standard Cab Frame (about the same as a 'burban frame). It had the granny-low first-gear 4 speed manual with 4x4 transfer case, it was also lifted 4 - 6 inches on suspension blocks with huge tires and had the front locking hubs. It had no Bed at the time so it looked like quite the bob-tail. Ended up selling that as well. The sound of the SBC was addictive... We just had zero space... the big Frankenstein I described above took up about the same real-estate of two classic subarus. Nobody pulled out in front of either of those vehicles when they saw them coming.
  10. Scott84 your location is Florida? Looks pretty clean for that area of the country (not rusty)
  11. Subaru's get more than twice the mileage of the square body Chevy. But there is nothing that feels quite as safe as driving a Tank around
  12. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1603473039901513/permalink/2911123415803129/?ref=group_browse If anybody is a member of the 4x140 or GTFO club, he's posted them there^^ I've had good luck with Imjur so far, JesZek recommended to me
  13. What Moosens said... Let them do their song and dance, as long as you get the car back. If you can prove the value of the car is about $3000 - $3500 then that is more $$ in your pocket. Be firm! Don't settle... the insurance companies like to lowball, but hate to have cases drag on. Eventually you will make them submit to your will with the proper proof of your vehicle's worth.
  14. Welcome. Glad your boy is OK. While I am not familiar with the new-age Subaru Space Ships, you are correct that is not the process of towing. If the speeds were low and the distance minimal, hopefully any damage to the drive train reflects that. Check if one or both of the rear tires have flat spots or chewed up rubber from dragging...
  15. There was a cool video a member made on one of the FB group pages. Involved cooling the bearings in the freezer for a while, and applying a heat gun to the knuckles... the bearings slipped right in without having to use a press
  16. Any coil/strut combo from the corresponding type of chassis will work. It depends on if your "GL" came stock with the EA82 or the EA81 engine. There was some overlap of models being made in the 80's... the EA81's were in the 2-door-hatchbacks still in 1988. While all the other models (4 door wagon, 4 door sedan, 3-door lift-back coupe) had the EA82... This doesn't include the XT series (wedges)... I'm not as familiar with those
  17. And here I was fretting over the same seal, back when building up my '85 Brat. Good to know... I was worried that without it there would be symptoms akin to a rear-main leak.
  18. You may need to source conventional coil-over springs/ struts to wear in the meantime. Those air suspension pieces will be difficult to find
  19. Use the floor jack to hold pressure on the LCA when removing the ball joint castle nut nut. Then take the castle nut and thread it back on upside down until it is flush with the stud tip of the ball joint. Few whacks with a BFH and it should be loose. Tricks learned from an old timer, my pops
  20. Don't quote me, as I've never personally lifted a 1980 wagon... but I would say that is the gen 2 (ea81) category. Even though the engine is an ea71, the body is gen 2. Not sure how different the cross member is between the ea71 and ea81 for the gen 2 but it cannot be very different if it is. The ea71 in the gen 2 form is almost identical to the ea81.
  21. To keep with the Rising Sun theme, she's Custom
  22. Sorry Kiwi, not sure why the coolant is needed in the stock Hitachi... was hoping Bennie would chime in on that... Perhaps it is to warm the carb when it is cold, and to cool it when it is hot... I've thought I've had a blown head gasket before mistakenly; Removed the oil cap and the condensation in the engine created the milkshake appearance on the roof of the oil cap lid. However finding it in the dipstick is more devious... I pray it isn't the case for you, but indeed you may have a blown head gasket...
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