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  1. 201motels

    86 Hatch 5spd D/R Need Info

    The 91-94 Leggy turbo was faster than an SVX? I know they're heavy but damn...
  2. 90-91 are the same. 92-94 have the updated look so the fenders, grille, headlights etc are different.
  3. I know you said you're making numbers up but to me 40% is wishful thinking. From my experience it's more like 70-80%. I've rebuilt 140 or so of my own cars over the years and found that the only way to sell a rebuilt title car is if its really cheap, wasn't involved in a major accident causing frame damage or airbag deployment, and most important a car that a lot of people want to own. To the OP. Considering the description of the car and your location I would be happy with anything over $2800
  4. 201motels

    91 xt6

    What are they asking for the car? Do you have a link to the post? I'd love to see it. I have a 1991 XT6 too.
  5. 201motels

    Lambo doos on a Brat?

    The rollbar... and the wheels/tires... I, I just don't get it. Good luck with that sale.
  6. 201motels

    Build Thread: 1988 XT6

    Seems like any good one to be found is in the pnw or california. They're getting to be quite rare. Congrats on finding a good one!
  7. I was just wondering why a 2001 trans wouldn't work, or why not one from an Impreza or Legacy. It just took me by surprise that the 2002 forester trans has something different about it than other 2.5 Subaru's of the same era. It's got to be sensor and/or gear ratio as stated above.
  8. Does anybody know why the automatic transmission in a 2002 Forester is a 1 year only transmission? And only used in the Forester? This was a surprise to me. Everywhere I looked for a used transmission it is only 2002 and only for a Forester. Possibly a 1 year only gear ratio? Just curious if somebody knows why.
  9. My buddy (who is also a Subaru enthusiast) and I have a running joke about the B9 Tribeca, Subaru people don't buy the Tribeca! But in all seriousness I would totally buy one if I found a cheap one. Another friend's wife has had one for years and they love it.
  10. A 1 farad power capacitor or larger should help with the subwoofers giving them an extra boost of power. Not sure if they make them anymore but there was aftermarket extended brackets for mounting head units into the 85-94 cars. They extended out from the mounting hole. They even had ones that accommodated the trip computer next to the stereo. I had one in my old 86 GL-10 wagon. And I also had a couple of subwoofers but my amp was only about 400 watts.
  11. Very cool idea. I have a Z32 myself. Great cars. To see one with a Subaru engine, and it gets 35mpg? Awesome!
  12. Ooof that's not great. I assume there's rust holes on the rockers by the dog legs when you open the rear doors? One of my H6 wagons originally came from Pennsylvania (which is a salt state) and looked similar. Drove great though. If it's rusty or has issues I wouldn't waste your time. There's a lot of clean 1st gen Outbacks available (some without motor issues) and they sell for cheap. Even 2nd gens are cheap and plentiful.
  13. I love me a 6cyl Subaru. I've had 3 H6 Outbacks, 1 sedan and 2 wagons. I always find them cheap because nobody likes working on them. Got any pictures of the car? I'd love to see that severe wheel well rust.
  14. 201motels

    New to me 1990 Loyale

    That's A great looking Loyale. I dig the 2 tone with the tint and racks. Man my old 1982 GL fwd sedan was fun and capable around town but on a steep mountain pass it was downright scary! With a top speed of around 45mph you always were watching your 6, and forget about passing that semi-truck.
  15. Wouldn't a 9 year old Subaru have a chipped and/or laser cut key? I know my 08 wrx does and I think it would be very difficult to steal. Guy must be a pro.