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Found 15 results

  1. Hello everyone. Just got done moving my High Compression EJ251/EJ25D hybrid from a '96 Legacy Wagon into a '98 Outback. Along with it I put in a JDM import 5mt from an '05 Legacy GT Turbo wagon. 4.11 end range. This motor and this transmission makes a perfect ride. All except for the fact that the exhaust manifold is in contact with one of the steering rack hydraulic lines. Rattles like a woodpecker jack-hammering the side of your house at 0500. I'm assuming the heat from the manifold will not be good in the long run. This was not a problem in the '96. What gives? Are there taller/shorter exhaust manifolds? Are there any super thick exhaust manifold gaskets that I should be aware of?
  2. Has anyone ever found a manual steering rack that will fit a 1999 Legacy? Been looking around and just not sure if any old Subaru manual racks would fit. I've read rumors of people using Ford Pinto manual racks.
  3. Hello, Over the winter I got my hands on a power steering pump o-ring, the hose that goes from the reservoir and pump, and the two clamps for the hose. This is to hopefully fix the whine. From what I've read on here it seems pretty straight forward: take the one bolt off, quickly lift hose, pop out old ring, pop new one in, and bolt back on. What I haven't been able to track down in how to open the clamps to replace the hose. Are they straight forward or some fancy trick? Thanks!
  4. 2010 Forester with 90000 miles. About 3000 miles ago I changed the power steering fluid with the Dexron III. Everything was fine but recently it developed a problem: when the motor is cold the power steering starts binding. To avoid binding I put the transmission in neutral, raise the RPMs a little and the problem goes away. I do not experience any problems with the warm engine. YouTube search shows that I probably have sticking valves in the power steering rack and recommends Seafoam TransTune. Has anybody used it? Will it help? And the main question: did I cause it? I am looking for some help/suggestion, Sam
  5. Does anyone know the overall width of an EA82 power steering rack WITHOUT tie rod ends installed?
  6. The pulley that adjusts the power steering belt (unsure of what it is called) has seized. Is there a way to loosen it up by cleaning and lubricating it? Or do i need to replace the pulley altogether? I have an 87 3door with a FI 1.8. If i need to replace it, I sure could use some advice on where to find one. THANKS!
  7. I'm having a problem with a power steering squeal on my 2011 Subaru Impreza. It started when the temps starting dropping. I've replaced the O-ring and the hose clamp to it. I have also removed as much of the fluid as I could and replaced with new. I'm having no air/bubbles in the reservoir when the wheel is turned to lock and lock. But when the temps drop below 35 outside the more of a squeal I get. I've also sprayed the belt with a small amount of belt dressing also. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Is the power steering pumps the same on the GL's and XT's? On Rock Auto, they list a kit for the XT, but not the GL. I'm rebuilding mine and things would be easier if I could just get that kit and be done with it.
  9. I'd like to have an integrated res on top of my '01 P/S pump. I can't seem to get a good answer from parts stores online... Is this even an option for a 2001 or am I stuck with a remote res? Jason
  10. Does anyone know where I could get the pressure hose for the power steering for my 1998 Impreza?
  11. So about a month ago I noticed my power steering started to get harder and harder to turn. About a week and a half ago it began to make noise. Last week I replaced the pump and yet still no change. Today I blew an axle...yay me....so as I was under the car checking out my busted hub and axle, I noticed a small tear and the power steering boot. I squeezed it and power steering fluid came gushing out. Does anyone know if this is the cause of the squeeky and difficult steering, or is it something more internal? Also, of anyone has instructions on axle Replacment, that would be wonderful. Thanks guys!
  12. so i was on a road trip and while on the highway my battery light came on and i noticed a difference in my power steering. i pulled over to check it out and both belts for the alternator and powersteering had fallen off the "pully" that links the 2. i noticed that it was just loose so i got the belts back on and tightend it back up but now if i start the car the belts dont move but the bult itself just re-unthreads to make the pully loose again..... i need help on this one!
  13. 92 Loyale with 173000 miles. This past weekend I finally attempted to reseal badly leaking power steering pump. I did not know how to treat a copper gasket inside, so I applied an anaerobic sealant to it, and assembled everything back. The pump is still leaking and I cannot find the source. I did not change o-rings, since based on my experience, aftermarket stuff works much worse than the original one. It looks like the leak is coming from underneath. So I blame the copper gasket. This weekend I plan to take everything apart again, but still want to be sure that I do everything right this time. Should I replace this gasket with a cardboard or something similar? Any advice? Regards, SaM
  14. Hi all! Its been a few years since I have posted here but hello to all! I am involved on a team at my university that is building a contraption of sorts. I was wondering if I could be pointed in the right direction about the following information: What is the OEM subaru # for the power steering pump used on all the EA82's of the 80's?? Does anyone know who the ACTUAL manufacturer is of this pump? (Who did subaru buy them from?) Does anyone know the displacement and relief valve pressure of this pump? We did some measurements a while ago to get an ESTIMATE on displacement per revolution, but we still have yet to actually know. At present this pump is in the process of being modified to be the fluid source to a highly modified Toyota automatic transmission that has had the torque converter removed. Thanks everyone!
  15. Hey all, first time using this forum. I have a 2005 Legacy L, 150K with various problems, but runs great. There is a minor oily fluid leak dripping from the jack-up plate behind the oil tank. I took a close look and noticed that the steering boots are broken which is right above the jack-up plate. Could this have anything to do with the leak? I have a feeling you are going to tell me I have to get the whole rack replaced. It has been slowly leaking (one drip per day) for 6 months and I haven't noticed any drop in oil or PS fluid levels and the car runs fine. One of the axle boots is also broken. I also have a gas smell on the interior when I turn the heat on and the heat is super slow to get started. AC is also broken and a recharge didn't work. Not too concerned about these though. I love my car and would appreciate all helpful positive responses.
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