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Found 15 results

  1. ---- 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback 2.5L H4 AWD Automatic ---- Hey all!! So I'm painfully aware of how little power the EJ25D has and I want to lift the car to have at least 8.5" of ground clearance, 9-9.5" would be awesome however I'm worried about losing torque and power with bigger tires. I've mostly seen good lifts regarding the H6 or other slightly more powerful engines and they've gone up to 29"or 32" tires with no problem. I'm not rock crawling with this thing, I just want to get to some cool off the beaten trail camping spots, and my buddies stock 2017 wrangler had 8.3" of clearance, which handled very well on the trail I'm using as a gauge for the lift. but obviously the jeep has amazing approach, break over and departure angles and ill fix that issue later. I just want to know what my sweet spot is regarding things like spacers, struts, bigger tires and ground clearance as it relates to me having the clearance to get over obstacles and enough power to get over it without having to take a huge running start and redline my engine. I don't want to have to winch myself through a trail. should i be worried or is my engine powerful enough to take 29" tires?
  2. Does anyone have blueprints for a 2 in or a 4 in lift kit?
  3. Sitting at the computer, I'm at the point where I'm about to pull the trigger on purchasing my lift kit. -=BUT=- The SJR website says their 4-in kit "fits EA71, Gen1 1978-80 all body styles"... I thought my 1980 wagon (with the 1600) still fell into the EA81 category? (Plus, the SJR kit for EA81 is about 50 bucks cheaper.) I also have a 1981 parts car with the 1800 motor I plan swapping into my 1980 wagon when I do the lift. Thinking that would be easiest when everything is already apart. I've been told I'll need to use the crossmember from the 1981 to make the swap. Is there any truth to that? Can somebody set me straight on which car I have and will a crossmember swap make any difference as to which lift kit I buy? - I appreciate any insight/experience you folks might have.
  4. Quick question: I have a 2001 Outback that I want to lift. do I need any body spacers to go with 2” strut spacers?
  5. I recently was given a 78 Subaru Brat, which i am already in love with. I have a few plans for this thing needless to say. My first and foremost project is to build the lift kit for it. Now i have read every single thread there is on lifting a gen 1 brat, trust me, but i still need help. i have all the materials i need for a 5 inch drop lift and 6 inch strut spacers, but i am just wondering if anybody has block specs or maybe just some last minute advice? This thing is never going to be my daily driver, i have a full size Chevy for that so it doesn't need to be comfortable on the highway just somewhat safe. My brat sat in about 9 inches of mud on the side of a road for just about 20 years before i got it, and before that it was not treated well, so its really rough. But it will be perfect for an off-road toy! all i did was drain the fluids out of this thing, put new fluids in, clean spark plugs, put a new fuel pump, coil, and air filter on it and it started up perfectly and runs like new surprisingly! The transmission is pretty noisy, but it's getting quieter the more i drive it. The previous owner decided to spray red primer right over the old paint 20 years ago, and that's why it looks as bad as it does, its not rust. I will keep you guys updated with any new progress! Mine is the red/blue one in the pictures needless to say.
  6. I'm thinking of lifting my 2008 Forester. if i go up 3 inches (strut spacers) will i need to also change out trailing arms and such? I do realize i will need an alignment and adjustments. any input would be great. Thanks
  7. Hello all! This is my first post, marking my foray into modifying my currently factory stock 2009 Outback 2.5i Wagon. I live and work in Los Angeles, so I do most of my driving in the city. However, I have been making more and more trips into Death Valley, Mojave, and other desolate, rugged desert locations, and have been tackling some pretty rough terrain in return. I've shredded two tires in the handful of times I've been out there, both times from very large rocks. I'm interested in lifting my Outback, as I don't want to do permanent damage to my car (like I said, lots of very large rocks and rough washes), but I am a complete novice when it comes to knowing about cars, so I'm looking for some advice! Where do you think I should start? Larger tires would require a lift kit I imagine, also thinking about a skid plate, etc.... Pros and cons? Thoughts? Thank you all for any help! Cheers, Jack
  8. Hi Guys, After all reading and understanding about how to lift my car, I decided to do it by my self. My car : 2006 Impreza SW, 2.0L, 4WD (euro model). I took my measurements from front and rear strut mounts and they are precise and fit my car perfectly. The spacers fabricated from 6061 Aluminium. Attached my drawing in PDF. I also have it in X_T and Solidworks but I cant share it here. Enjoy, Arik Arik Front Spacer.PDF Arik Rear Spacer.PDF
  9. so I would like to buy a '91 loyale i saw on craigslist, and I came across this forum while doing some research and you seem like the community to ask about this stuff! for starters I'd want to lift it, most likely 2" and get some bigger tires on there possibly 27"? any advice for lifting it? is there a good kit I can buy anywhere? on the other hand, I know people have built their own and I was wondering if anyone who has could tell me about their experience doing so? what about finding a good roof basket? any advice? the only work I've done on cars so far was alongside my father and it was mostly just simple replacements for my pos starter car when I was 16, so I'm really pretty much a novice to this and if anyone has any advice at all on what I can do to improve the loyale to more of an off-road status, I would love to hear it!
  10. hey guys, I've just bought a 93 DL 4WD D/R and I'm looking to lift it. now i know there is probably 1000 topics on this but they are all over the place and you only get half the story in each one! what I want to do is 3" suspension lift with a 2 or 3" body lift. I have done the homework on strut spacing and any more than 2", bigger wheels blah blah blah. But i would like is a list of all parts and potentially drawings if you have any. To start i would like to know if I can use 3x2x1/2 (I'm not used to using imperial measurements so if i make a mistake or 2 just bare with me) RHS or if ill need to make a more sturdy unit, dropping the cross members what is a the best rule of thumb for working out how much to drop. As for body lift should the blocks be solid is the 1/2 RHS good for that. Nuts and bolts, what are the best grade for all this, general purpose, high tensile, building. These are all things i just cannot find answers to on any post. If you can think of anything else i have forgotten please feel free to add it, I am looking to do this right and not too dodgy or bodged together. if that made no sense just let me know and I'll try to get it right for you that time. cheers guys!
  11. Hello out there this is my first time on this board as I just acquired an '85 GL wagon and have heard from many that it could make a good off-roader. Wondering if you guys can give me ideas on ways to lift its clearance and good wheels and tires that can go off-road but also handle the highway without killing gas mileage and my wallet...
  12. Hi folks, I'm looking at buying a 2007 Outback with a 2" lift kit. Had it inspected and the report came back with, "The engine and transmission made an irregular noise with an associated vibration, during the test drive, mostly at slow speeds and accelerating. Requires further investigations. (We suspect a faulty engine or transmission mount)" Just wondering if the lift kit is likely to cause any issues, and if anyone has similar experiences and what the outcomes were? Thanks in advance David
  13. in an effort to avoid getting sand up in everything while using a single lane access road that is deeply rutted out by the other larger vehicles that use it to get out to the beach from the main road, i ordered a 2" lift kit from Mike at WarMachine Lifts and Accessories http://subarugllifte...ts/show/2020636 but i only got the blocks for the front and the adjustable cylinders that can be set for a 2, 4 or 6 inch lift in the back. he's sending the two crossmember blocks that weren't in the first package in a few days. put in the kit and think the 2 front blocks went in the wrong way (\\ //) so changed it (// \\) and still had really bad wheel angles/super bad camber, tires were riding on the outside edge and handling was really squirley. also went and pulled some 15" pug alloys from a junkyard in Pennsylvania thanks to a tip on here (thanks @rrgrr!) and ordered and received a set of lugs made by @4X4brat (thanks Dan, got um in 2 days). thought the increased wheel height would straighten out the axles. they helped a little, but didn't nearly solve it. if i knew, at all, what i was doing, i'd know what how to take care of this, but i'm an admitted novice, amongst some real experts here on the USMB. so once again, i'm trying to figure out what i can do to solve this situation. if i need to take out the lift and just keep the pugs on (already got rid of the front mud flaps and cut some stuff outta the way so i don't get any rubbing), that's what i'll do, especially since 9 months outta the year, i'm almost strictly on the street, not doing any wheeling. sept-dec., i have a permit to drive on one particular beach to access my favorite fishing spot, which is why i got my Loyale in the first place....didn't want no SUV and got turned on to subies thanks mainly to the USMB. i know i'll have better handling and gas milage if i go back to my stock set-up, but already went to a lot of trouble to gain some height, so i'm not giving up yet. thanks for all advice and explanations...i know a lot more now thanks to everyone's generosity of info, but still an utter newbie. thanks again, Glen here's a bunch of pics of the progress: http://s406.photobucket.com/user/GlenSzabo/library/2%20inch%20Lift%20kit%20and%2015%20inch%20Pugs
  14. Hello All, It has been awhile. I installed a lift kit that was provided on the other topic. The kit has been cool and works great. I tore a CV boot and removed the axles. I replaced the boot and I can't for the life of me get the strut pulled in far enough to the center to reinstall. What am I missing here? Eric
  15. I just recently purchased a 2003 Subaru Baja Sport and i have been trying to find a lift kit or a leveling kit to install. i just need more clearance for me to use it for work. any ideas where i could find one?
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