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  • 1 year later...

For those who might being wondering... 



I've been in "offline mode" since last december 'till now.


My li'l family and I, moved from a big city, to a small "mountain top" village,


in the Rural area of Honduras. We are not working as lawyers anymore... 


I'll try to access internet at least once per week.


Kind Regards and warm greetings.

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It is great to hear from you. Honestly, I was worried. It is so cool to see the pic of all the people hear that sent you messages looking for you. Is it not nice to know that so many care even though we have not met personally. I myself moved from a big city to the mountains and love the change from the busy city. I hope it is a good thing for you and your family. You are a man of many talents, I am sure you will find something else to do than a lawyer. 

My Rx is in the shop getting Line-X ed. The whole car, white. It is a very durable bedliner like product. I will post a pic when I get her back. I did the toyota front struts on the rear with the honda springs. I look forward to sharing the progress with you and others. You can see it on the What have you done to your Subie lately, towards the end, a page from current post. 

Glad you and your family are okay.  ;)  :)

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It is great to hear from you. Honestly, I was worried ...


Thank you!



... I myself moved from a big city to the mountains and love the change from the busy city. I hope it is a good thing for you and your family. You are a man of many talents, I am sure you will find something else to do than a lawyer. ...


Thank you, and you're right: Instead of working as Lawyer, now I manage the Storage and Distribution of different hardware and bulky items, delivering them in big Trucks to different places as required.





woah congrats on the move - are the roads worse or better in the mountains!?!


Thank YouThumbup.jpg


Here in this small mountain village, the roads are Better -for me- mainly because of two reasons: There are No traffic jams and there are nice natural environments and landscapes around, but the roads becomes Worse, after the huge caribbean Downpours we have here... try to drive a huge, loaded truck in the slippery mud of the unpaved secondary roads (which are much more than the paved roads), and you'll understand: What was Fun with my Subie, becomes a nightmare with the Trucks I drive now.





Please follow ~► This Link, to see some photos and further info regarding Rural Honduras.



Take care of your self.


Yes, I'll do that. Thank you!


Kind Regards.

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i asked about him about a month ago lol,

not sure either, last thing i knew from him is that he can only get on when he goes into the city since he lives outside the city, no internet, he was getting on once every week for about 2 months, then completely disappeared...

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This was his last Facebook post on his personal page, from May 16th.


Dear Friends,


I don't know what is happening to the world, but there is something very Wrong, hiding underneath.


I always believed that we come to this life with a heart, that is an empty Bag, which we should fill with precious moments, and wonderful memories; those are the only things that you will take with you, forever, even maybe to the other life; while everything else, material things, will never fill the emptiness of the bag on your heart.


Trying to fill your heart's bag with material things, will only left you even more emtpy, not only on the spiritual plane... People seems to never realise that every day that they live, is a day less in their count of life; but it could be a day More, fulfilled with awesome memories, in their hearts. 


People forget that their little children will not be playing alone in that corner of your house, forever; waiting for you to finish seeing all your "friends" updates on social media, prior to dedicate a couple of minutes to play, before falling asleep. 


Believe me, social media is absurd and fake in many different ways; in real life no body cares if you ate bacon with honey in your pankakes for breakfast; but fake people will "Like" your empty and useless breakfast photo, like if they care; and so on... millions of people wasting time in a world full of hypocrisy.


Not only time, but sometimes people also waste efforts, paying for travels, cars, etc, that really never wanted nor needed them, only to have the chance of taking the stupid "selfie" photo in order to gaining more "likes", they are living their lives like if they're in a high school's popularity contest; meanwhile what they really are "gaining" is only Emptiness, and the need to do a harder effort to pay for those unneeded "luxuries" to the system, that enslaves them more, and even more...


Meanwhile, the little children grows, with an empty bag in their hearts, empty from the lack of precious moments, then they becomes men and women that goes from home, to start their own homes, leaving you even more empty... 


One day you might realize that you are really tired from being part of the system and being absorbed by social fakeness; and you might want to bow down and play with that little child that spent the childhood, alone, in a corner of your house, waiting for you to play; but you'll notice that nobody is there, and you are even more alone.


Nothing worse than wasting such times. And sometimes parents fool themselves, sharing lots of photos from their children in different places, as if they really are playing or being with them; but they go from a place or another for the photos only; to display them in social media, but they have an empty background.


Nothing is better in life than the Family; remember that your Wife / Husband \ Children, really needs you, and the best you can give to them, is the best part of your time, as long as you can; never give begrudgingly leftovers from your time, to them.


I suggest you to try to fill your Heart bag with precious moments. The car, the money, The house, the job, the gym, the club, etc; everything will stay in earth. If you die, others will continue using them; the world continues and the other people, really don't care about you; only your mere family, if you dedicate quality time to them. You will reap what you sow.


Every average day, can be turned onto two different things: it could be a hell, if you continue with selfish customs and being chained to the System, fighting for no real reason; or also the same day can be turned into an Awesome happy day, where all the family is surprised with a Pijama Party, a Family movie together, or simply by a dad or mom that decided to throw away the cell phone, shutting it off, to turn their lives on; and bow down to play with their children, or listening and paying attention to your spouse. You can make an average day, to be a Special day, every day, if you want to.


Remember, Kids never care about the features of the car you drive; kids will remember if they went together with their parents in that car, to a nice sunny camp day on the mountains, or wherever their parents decided to go; those memories really fills the hearts of all the family and last forever, because the time that families spend together, is a priceless treasure for their hearts.


I kindly suggest you to see less TV, less social media, drink less alcoholic beverages, smoke less; to avoid wasting your precious time and resources in empty things; and fill the hearts of every member of your family, with your presence, your warm heart, the things that you do together; you know... with spiritual things. Material things will never fill your immaterial soul.


Sorry for this long letter, but I wanted to explain the reason why I am not visiting often my Facebook, nor the automotive web forums I used to... somehow I noticed that my daughter was growing too fast, and I decided to shut off my "Virtual Life" online, as much as I could; in order to spend all the quality time I can, with my Daughter, my wife, and the rest of my family.


Still, I will check here from time to time. Sorry for any delays in answering.


Kind Regards and Blessings.


JesZeK (Loyale 2.7 Turbo)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Dear friends,

I am infinitely grateful for your interest in me, which I appreciate deeply.

I've been in "offline mode" due to several reasons, but internet access is not exactly one of them, because despite living now in a rural area, in the high mountains of Honduras, there is plenty access to the web from different ways.

I have been active on the internet since the late 1990s, and I have published my photographs that accompany my writings on repairs, since I started uploading them to Photobucket in 2003, I accumulated there, many photos (appropriately sorted in albums), which illustrated my write ups; so, the biggest demotivation in my life happened with the Photobucket fiasco, as I explained here:



Also, after working for fourteen years in the same company, I lost my job (for being honest and do the right things), but also I was losing my health due to that job, which sent me to the hospital three times, so it was good, somehow, to leave that job forever...



That situation finally lead us (my family and I) to move to a rural and quiet area of Honduras, far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. I gave up my profession and now I manage a business where I have to distribute different construction materials and hardware, in trucks, from warehouses; where I have to take inventories, etc ... and I am extremely busy, with very little free time, since the job is practically non stop, except Sunday afternoons...

Also, I travel often, I have had to drive through the seven countries of Central America, bringing parts and machinery, and carrying people too ... mainly in trucks, but sometimes in the car of my boss, and a couple of times in my Subaru "BumbleBeast" when the load is small.

By the way, my Subie hasn't failed nor needed any repair since we came to live here, but timin' belts are about to reach a decade, under some sort of long-term experiment I've been doing with it...



The quality of life is much better in the small towns of the high mountains of Honduras; people are more friendly and the downtown feels like being inside a big shopping mall, since there are restaurants, banks, pharmacies, clothes' stores, barber shops, electronics´stores, toy stores, etc, one after another, surrounding the different parks, and everything is so close that it is better to go and come on foot, than to use a car; but here you have green and blue mountains as background landscapes...

My family has taken the move very well, but my wife, who is also a lawyer, gets bored sometimes and is thinking of restarting her career in this small town.

Now we have a new member in the family, since my daughter adopted a golden Cocker Spaniel, which is very, very special...


Mr. Honey

Speaking of my daughter, I wrote the previous letter on Facebook, which was rightly reproduced here by "86BRATMAN", as an explanation to my absence from the social networks, because besides the demotivation from the photobucket fiasco, and the abounding senselessness from social media, now I have very little free time left daily, which I want to spend most of it with my daughter and my wife.

I have many stories to tell and share with you and many new photographs that accompany them, which I don't know how to securely share 'em here... I am trying with "imgur.com" in this post.

Photobucket was responsible for spoiling my writings from many years, all I could do with my past writings, was to create "offline" versions of my main writings on the most interesting and useful modifications that I have made to my beloved Subaru; same that are available for download, here:



So, what limited my interaction here was the lack of time, plus the demotivation explained above; however, I hope I'll find out how to share the new photos I have taken, securely, here with you; and thus be able to write new stories... also I want to answer all your questions in the best way I could, (so please excuse me for any delay in answering); I hope I could find enough free time to visit here more often.

I wish the best for you, receive a warm hug from Honduras,

Kind Regards, greetings and Blessings.


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Your wife seems well educated, I'm sure she can find something locally worthwhile if there's no legal work; teaching, private tutoring, politics, etc. Perhaps some type of internet advocacy or legal advice...?

keep the new puppy's ears trimmed of hair and use some ear cleaner regularly - they are prone to having too much moisture in the ears.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey JesZek, we haven't met (virtually). I just wanted to say I've followed your posts for years and that your creativity, passion and attention to detail in all of your work is part of why I've come to love Subarus the way I do. You and the BumbleBeast were fresh on my mind when I bought my old Loyale, the first car I ever bought, and you were my go-to source for a number of projects on that car and especially on my brothers carbed GL wagon. I can say for certain that I wouldn't have this rusty old RX in my garage right now, with parts in tidy little boxes in every corner if it weren't for you.

What I'm trying to say is, your work was formative in the early days of my mechanical evolution and I will always be grateful for that. Though the virtual manifestation of some of your work may be gone from the internet, due to the Photobucket mishap, there are hundreds or maybe thousands of people who were impacted by the love and careful attention that you put into that stuff and that's not ever going away. 

I'm a journalist and filmmaker, out of school just a few years ago and working construction to pay the bills while I build my portfolio. I pursue a career in storytelling because I believe in it's power to do good in the world.

Your story, Jeszek, and the way you tell it, is beautiful and I look forward to the next chapter. Good luck to you, friend. 



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  • 1 year later...

I believe that this thread might better be moved to the OffTopic subforum.


My father, the one who purchased brand new our first family car, the Mercury Comet Coupé in 1969, and I, were about to do a little travel on it, for its Fifty Years Anniversary last november 2019, and we just obtained brand new 20W~50 Valvoline's "MaxLife" motor oil, brand new oil Filter and a brand new electronic Fuel Pump, as the old one (also electronic, as I changed it two decades ago), started to fail due to low usage rate... We wanted to celebrate the Milestone of fifty years of continuous ownership, when my Father suddenly passed away; he was 74 years old, he wasn't ill nor suffered from any illness, he went driving his pick up truck to a place, where suddenly got a fulminant heart attack.

My Family and I feel very, very sad and the emptyness we feel couldn't be described with words.

He thaught me how to do basic maintenance on Cars, in this Mercury, when I was a little child in early 1980's; I learned how to change a fuel filter, how to change motor oil, sparkplugs, radiator coolant, etc... and to be with him, learning and doing lot of things, always felt amazing, to the point that a repair felt very exiting.

I learned many, many things from my Father, such like Honesty, to be sincer, to be kind, to treat everyone in the way I would like to be treated; to work hard... in fact I started to work at the age of Ten years old, alongside with him, and now I'll continue, like him, until God call me.

My beloved coupé will run again, but without him, feels very empty.

I have stopped working on cars for a while... then I had to service the Automatic trans on my wife's "KiaStein" while my Subie "BumbleBeast" keeps going on Strong without any issue, but my Mercury lies inert on the Garage... Looks like a Car that has been parked since new there, flawless but covered in Dust, the tires are loosing their air, they're at half pressure now, and despite of having a Compressor at home, I don't find the courage yet to touch it... 

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Also, I've been facing several huge problems this 2020 year, after the loss of my Father.

Among them, my Mother was left stranded in the middle of Europe because she was about to get the airplane to come back to Honduras, when suddenly the authorities there, decided to establish by decree an indefinite quarantine for the SARS 2 coronavirus pandemic; the lock out happened at the ides of march...

We were struggling to find a solution to help her to come back home and to keep her safe, several days passed while we waited, when I had an accident while walking on a Hardware Store's warehouse; I fell from the mezzanine and hit the concrete floor below, with my right side Knee.

Long story short: due to mixed circumstances, we managed to bring mom back to Honduras in a special flight which was going to land in an airport far, far away from home in my country, landing the mere same day when I had a minor intervention on my right knee by an orthopedist, who extracted seven full syringes of synovial fluid on past April, and I just got out from his clinic and drove 1,200 kilometers non-stop on this baffle less Sorento, to pick up my mother from the airport.

I disinfected every luggage with a can of Lysol, prior to place 'em inside the Sorento's trunk; we followed all the bio safety regulations and went back home immediately, and stayed locked for fifteen days, due to legal quarantine times' regulations.

Everything went right healthy wise, except for my right knee, who decided to fail ... the pain was deep and terrible, just felt like an endodontic on my knee.

I miss the times when my knees were known as the "Left" and "Right" and now they're the "Good" and the "Bad" ... I am getting better slowly from this nightmare that left me in bed with deep pain for weeks... it needed two more interventions in May, to get better, and is Feeling much better now, thanks to God.

Prior to start the trip to pick up my mother, I switched off the Eco mode, the Kia Sorento (in which I modified the engine a little by removing the obstruction on the oil feed to the pump) raced pretty well, highways were almost alone, empty during these quarantine times, so I kept it between 80 MPH and 100 MPH sustained nonstop speeds going down and up hills, drove all day and night long, and the Sorento literally Flew like an airplane on the road, while the baffle less engine runs smoother than ever, noticeably even at idle speeds.

I only shut off the engine for half hour, because I reached the airport when my mom's plane already had landed, she was waiting for her luggage; then after half hour, restarted the car and we traveled together back home, without any problems, thanks to God.

I only miss the stability of my Subaru "BumbleBeast" on Highways, even the kia Sephia feels better in stability than the Kia Sorento, but this is a much taller car with shorter suspension for sure, despite that the Kia Sorento only measures ~ four inches longer than the Kia Sephia, it is wider.


Here's a pretty short video, I was driving during night times on the Kia Sorento... slowed down to record this footage.


Please be Careful during this CoronaVirus Pandemic...

Greetings and Blessings.


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