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Who's Who Two (Roll call for lifted rigs)

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Everytime I turn around lately, I see another member with a lifted Soob. I'm very happy about that. I remember when I only knew of one in the USA. That was just over 4 years ago.


If you would, please give a brief description of your (current) lifted Soob, list others you've owned or a link to their photos. Club affiliations please.

Also include one photo of it.






I'll start.


*Member of the Hatch Patrol and Oregon Offroad Subaru Club and the West Coast Stompers.

*I've owned 6 lifted Soobs prior to my current:

*1986 GL Hatch back, PK 3inch lift, 4spd dual range, Weber 32/26, welded rear diff, rollbar, rear discs, "Desert Rat" custom wheels, 27/8.50/14 Superswamper SSRs, KYB shocks and struts

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as of yet I only 1/2 count... rear lift just needs one more brace welded in, and the t-case mounts are mocked up but not even tacked in yet.


My sig says pretty much all of it.

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No Club Affiliations as of yet :), Three Subaru's prior to my 1986 "Parts" Hatch :brow:. 28x8.5 TSL Swampers on 14" Steel Spoked Rims, Custom 3.5" Lift, Slantback Canvas Top, Welded 3.9 Rear. Most likely a Weberized EA81 with 5spd D/R.


Ill do this for Brandon since hes rarely able to get on the board.


84 GL Hatch No Affiliations, 3.5" lift, 28x8.5 TSL Swampers on 14" Steel Pugs, Weberized EA81, 5spd D/R, Welded Diff, Dual Batteries.

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Cool thread idea Eric.


In progress is my 83 TurboTraction/RX wagon.

3" Ozified, 14" pugs with street tires, 5 Speed 88 RX Trans. 3.70 gear ratio with matching LSD, disc brakes all 4 corners, and custom front axles. Picture is old and pre-lift. Its been in the garage far too long but im getting there.


I bought the car not running. I have never driven it. I lifted it, did a trans swap, diff swap, column/key swap, full brake change, axle conversion, etc.....before EVER even hearing it run. Guts?



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No club associations yet:


Not lifted yet, but the PK 3/3 lift is in the garage boxed up ready to go on when I have a hand installing it and my 87 GL is out of the garage, but I will be lifting my 82 BRAT, bobbing it, and maybe experimenting with armoring the rockers a bit. They have rust on them now, but it will be fixed, ive thought about using angle iron of some size down there, havnt test fit anything though... just seems like it would help to keep the rockers nice and pretty (and give a stronger jack point on the body) Probably gonna have open diffs, and its going to be sold when its done even though it runs good.

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I've been lifted for over 5 years now, although you didn't know me then, and it was a puny 2 inches. Anyways. I know you know, most of everyone else knows, but for all the new people, and those that have been in a cave for the last 3 years:


1982 Brat, DGL designation, mods: 6" NDJ Engineering Lift, MPFI 2.7L Flat 6, 5spd D/r 86 RX tranny, Nissan X-fer case, Lincoln Locked rear, GL-10 Seats, custom interior carpet, reverse cut rollbar, 17" Bobtail, 29x9-15's on 8" chevy "deepdish" rims, 6 lug, Jeep 4.0HO Grand Cherokee radiator.


And coming, this summer, to a shop near me, A Brat! A Brat unlike any that have been built before, the Hummer of all Brats! Muw wa hahahah. . . ahem, sorry.


Club affilations, Founder of the Rogue Roo's, Southern Oregon's one shop stop for all your Subaru desires.


Here's the pic: http://usmb.net/albums/album12/flinginmud.jpg

(On a side note, I shouldn't watch any of those empowering infomercials before hitting the board)

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i have owned 3 soobs, but this is the first lifted one, all mods are in my sig, except I also have a welded diff, a weber, and finally got the Hella horns installed.

affiliation: ATLAS





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I have had 4 lifted soobs so far.


My first one (still have it):

1986 GL Brat http://usmb.net/gallery/album89/after


3" BYB kit from Australia. ShawnW and I did the Installation

86k and this one sees no midwest salt. it stays safely tucked away. Plan on keeping this to give it to my son when he can drive....

Has short style push bar, low roll bar, and Genuine subaru 14" alloys with 205/70R14 tires.



My second one (sold):

1982 GL Wagon - Mountain Grizzly http://usmb.net/gallery/album93/PDC_0331


3" BYB kit from Australia. DesertSoob installed lift kit. ( I bought vehicle from him and turned it into mountain grizzly)

had weber 32/36, and GL-10 door panels. had power steering and power windows... sold it to a local guy who is still wheeling it.

Had LSD in rear, XT6 alt, rear disc brakes


My third one (traded/crushed):

1984 Turbo Brat http://usmb.net/gallery/album93/tbnew2


3" BYB/Ozified kit. Installed by Chris V. before I bought the vehicle. he also put a 4 speed into it.

I beat the hell out of the fenderwells and did lots of cutting to make the 30's fit. with the turbo and the 4 speed, I could still smoke the tires :)

Rusty, rusty, rusty. traded to ShawnW for another Brat...



My fourth one (still have):

1982 GL Brat http://usmb.net/gallery/album109/PDC_0626b


4"/3" BYB/Ozified lift, modified and tweaked to be about 6" total lift (body/susp), but the weight of the winch and burly bumper bring it back down to 5".

Weber 32/36, 27x8.50x14 BFG Mud Terrains on pug steels. Rancho shocks in rear. RX Springs in front. LSD Rear, Dual battery set-up, SuperWinch.

XT6 alt, Accel Supercoil, custom 2.25" exhaust and Magnaflow muffler (1.75" headers), rear disc brakes.

Currently awaiting a 5 speed conversion and installation of 135 Amp alt (direct fit )

And another Mod will be coming soon to replace the weber :)



I'm a member of the Central Iowa 4 Wheelers (the only soob)...

Have made it out to WCSS3 in '01 and

wheeled a weekend with Qman and Zap in '02

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Eh, my old one is posted a couple of posts above :( Currently with out a lifted Soob. Have to wait till later this year to build a new one. I think I'm still a member of the HP :brow:

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Well - I suppose I should put mine in here:




84 GL Wagon, 3.5" lift, 82 4 speed D/R, Weber, 28" Mud Terrains, 15" Chevy Wagon Wheels, Lincoln Locked Rear, TWB Fab Bumpers, Custom Skid Plate




ATLAS, Hatch Patrol


And this is the angle most of you will see me from :lol::





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I am in the process of lifting my 83 Brat. Just gathering all the parts first, I have bought all ready:


Ozified 4/3" Lift Kit

S3500 Superwinch

Set of 5 US Wheels 75 Series 6 lug rims

Front Bumper


Waiting for



Machine shop hubs

Installation $$

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82 GL 4x4 Wagon:

4/3 Ozified Lift

5spd Dual-Range Tranny

Weber 32/36

Hubs drilled to accept 'Yota rims (6 lug)

Powerguard MT's on Yota wagon wheels

Roof mount spare tire carrier/Factory winch bumper/Custom Rear bumper


Club affiliation: Hatch Patrol? (I won't consider myself/ or even apply the decal until I've gone on a run with you guys... still take the HP stuff seriously) So try and keep me in the loop if there's some wheelin goin on :D


Turning around up in the Mt's...



- Erik Hosa - Tacoma, WA -

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1986 GL Wagon

5spd dual range


2.5" cat back exhaust

3" Ozified Body Lift

14" Peugeot steels

28" TSL's

Welded rear diff

Reinforced moustache bar

Rear disc brake conversion

Custom overload springs (about 1.5-2" lift in rear)

RX front springs (coming soon!)

Custom rear tube bumper

Custom side skids

Custom front tow bar

Wilderness Roof Rack

Rack mounted full size spare

Lots and Lots of KC lights

Custom dash panel for switches

RX front seats

Rack mounted shovel

Air Horns

XT6 Alt.

CB Radio


Member of the Hatch Patrol and Team Intrinsic.


Pictures at www.subarutex.com

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1981 gl hatch.

Bought it for 800 needed lots of work, (still does) Fixed alot of stuff like vice grips holding exhaust on. Webered it, been out on one mini hatch patrol outing, don't know if that means i'm a part of it or not? The hatch has 27" kumhos but I usually roll around on the 13" wagon wheels when i'm on the street. Done lots of stereo mods It has a 1500watt amp with mtx 10" subs Pioneer 3 ways in back and 2 ways up front. Its a fun multi colored beast! Black hood maroon body beige fender blue rear hatch.

Heres a pic.


This is a better pic i think.

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This is my third subaru but my first lifted one. Im shure it will not be the last.


I have a 84 GL Wagon



6 inch home made lift

samurai T-case with 4:1 gears

31X10.5X15 tires on Toyota mags

6 lug

home made bumpers

8000 lb winch

welded rear diff

home made diff hangers

home made lower A arms

much more in mind but i need to stop being lazy and get them done



I am a member of the Rogue Roos



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Four so far......


First one was an 86 GL10 turbo Long gone, but parts still live on in other cars.


Current three.......


Mine, 86 GL Hatch Most obvious addition is the Brat fun top. CCR engine, 5spd D/R with Jerrys adaptor kit, 28" Swampers, LSD, Latest "toy", Kenwood sterio. 3" PK/BYB, Weber. Almost everything has been replaced on this car. "RUZILLA"


Her's, 87 GL Wagon 3" BYB lift, Weber, LSD, 205/75/14 Terra trac OTR's, GL10 swap including rear disks, 209K and still going strong. "DRTYGRL"


Spare, 87 GL Wagon 3" lift, weber. Aquired under very unfortunate circumstances, but we love it like one of our own:) "RADIO"

Hatch Patrol's the only ones who will have us;) . Later, Tim

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'78 brat, 3"lift, weber, low roll bar, custom front bumper, hitch, steel 14" jackmans. No current pictures, one is floating around somewhere,shows brat with a '78 suzuki DR in the back. Dave.

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MorganM reporting in :D


1988 GL wagon. EA82 SPFI. 3" BYB lift. 2WD -> 4WD conversion. 15" steel pugs. 29"x8.5" Liberator ATs. Everything else is strictly custom :brow:








Have also owned a 1990 Legacy L wagon. Loved that thing! Need to get me another soon.


Only club affiliation is USMB!

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88 DL, thats mostly GL now, its all in my sig.


Proud member of the hatch patrol, i have the scars to prove it, luckely not on my dad's forrester, which i took out once, but with ken's expert spotting i was able to get out unharmed.

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I've got two:

The first is the Notorious (UNHATCHED)

The original t/c conversion

6 in lift and so on.

soon to be reworked.


The second is ...................TOP SECRET!

tease........already a trophy winner.......never before done!


Hatchpatrol and Oregon offroad member

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Ok, Here is My List....


First was a 79 Brat.I had it from 1991 to 1996 R.I.P. it had

2 inch suspension Lift

14inch tires

Duel Exhaust

Ea-81 and 4 sp.Hi-Lo Transplant

26 gal. Auxillary Gas Tank in Bed

Custom Bumpers Front and Rear


Many others From then to the BEAST


The BEAST was an 86 Hatchback

3 inch Mudrat Design Lift,

Custom 2" Exhaust

Built Ea-81 Motor

5 sp. Hi-Lo

3:90 LSD

Rear Disc Brake Conversion

Custom Mudrat Design Bumpers And Roof-Rack

Weber Carb

many little goodies

29x8.5x15 Wildcat EXT tires






12 inch Lift

2.2 Motor and AWD automatic Conversion

Nissan T-case

4:11 Diffs with Licoln Locker in the rear, and LSD up front

Recaro Seats

Custom non-cat 2" exhaust

Rear Disc Brakes

Custom Bumpers

Custom Roof-Rack

32x9.50x16" Wildcat EXT tires

All Mods Done by

Mudrat Design & Fabrication with the Help of Lumpcam (Rob)

R.I.P. BEAST-A-CON........




NEW PROJECT.........TOP SECRET............SEE AT WCSS 6........


Member and Founder Of

The Oregon Off-Road Subaru Club


Member of The Hatch Patrol


later All.....John and Crew in Oregon....

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1984 GL Wagon, 4spd D/R 4WD.

1.8L EA81 w/hitachi.

3" PK Lift

26" Cooper Discoverer STT's on 14" Pug alloys

TWB Front bumper/guard & Soobfari roofrack.


Uhm... yeah, nothing special... just another lifted Wagon.


Affiliations: Pick one...

HatchPatrol, Subaru4wd.net, Team213, Sierra Subies but most importantly just the USMB!



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1980 wagon. info below and hundreds of pics linked below.


:D just wait a year and see what happens to it next.....

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