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  1. Question: do all 4x140 Subie wheels fit the 90s Loyales? I was chatting with a fellow a while back about older gen DL/GL wheels not fitting newer Loyales due to brake clearance, etc. Being I have zero experience here, I thought I’d ask the experts. Ive got a lead on a sweet set of 13” “H” style wheels (from and ‘85 I believe.) Any known issues fitting these on my ‘90 Loyale Wagon? Also, anyone know where to score 2 matching center caps?
  2. five! (5) OEM 1977 Subaru Coupe 4x140 Steel wheels, First gen ( EA71 ) 4.5" backspacing harder to find smoother steel pattern. 4 are 175 70 13 Toyo Eclipse All Season tires, Spare painted flat black, 155 85 13 Toyo Eclipse, matched tread spare. All have Very good tread, see pictures. 250 OrBestOffer, Located in Sandpoint, ID. Discount for forum members, better discount if you want them for a coupe. https://spokane.craigslist.org/wto/d/5-subaru-wheels175-70r13-toyos/6338105085.html
  3. Hey ya'll, I'm talking to a guy right now on a Peugeot message board about picking up some wheels off him and I had a question I couldn't find an answer to through the search bar. (does that thing ever work? I can never find what I'm looking for on there...) The wheels he has are 15" diameter and 6" wide. I'm curious if 1. 15" will fit under a non-lifted 88 GL and 2. if anyone knows if they will line up well and not stick out. I'm having trouble finding backspacing information for the subaru wheels and the peugeot wheels. Here's a pic just so you know what I'm looking at.... Dude told me his are 4x100 bolt pattern in the e-mail, but I think he just doesn't know?? They are coming off a 1986 Peugeot 505 Turbo Wagon. He also said mine should be 4x100....so either he mistyped or is just misinformed right? Any help would be great. Thanks ya'll.
  4. Hey everyone, looking to get some bigger tires under the GL and since I can't find any Peugeots anywhere I was just searching the net for an alternative....Some of these have a 4 bolt pattern any idea if they will work? (I'm thinking no, but figured I'd ask anyway) http://www.autorimshop.com/mazda-protege-2001-14-wheel-rim-64817.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjwxbDIBRCL99Wls-nLicoBEiQAWroh6vjH0Hj7loVsv-0qWteKmXgH8dSlhh88NVLfPywu8q0aAjj48P8HAQ http://www.autorimshop.com/honda-civic-1992-14-wheel-rim-63727.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjwxbDIBRCL99Wls-nLicoBEiQAWroh6rIQjEO-h3y8u3CsbJtFWl4XAoWrhT6neVa_jR-7ub4aAvh-8P8HAQ http://www.autorimshop.com/ford-focus-2001-14-wheel-rim-3365.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjwxbDIBRCL99Wls-nLicoBEiQAWroh6vj4W7np67vAUGID8y6PkTt4I8z2e6ZWLQZLf5RWZjMaAtCf8P8HAQ
  5. Hey everyone, looking to get some bigger tires under the GL and since I can't find any Peugeots anywhere I was just searching the net for an alternative....Some of these have a 4 bolt pattern any idea if they will work? (I'm thinking no, but figured I'd ask anyway) http://www.autorimshop.com/mazda-protege-2001-14-wheel-rim-64817.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjwxbDIBRCL99Wls-nLicoBEiQAWroh6vjH0Hj7loVsv-0qWteKmXgH8dSlhh88NVLfPywu8q0aAjj48P8HAQ http://www.autorimshop.com/honda-civic-1992-14-wheel-rim-63727.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjwxbDIBRCL99Wls-nLicoBEiQAWroh6rIQjEO-h3y8u3CsbJtFWl4XAoWrhT6neVa_jR-7ub4aAvh-8P8HAQ http://www.autorimshop.com/ford-focus-2001-14-wheel-rim-3365.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjwxbDIBRCL99Wls-nLicoBEiQAWroh6vj4W7np67vAUGID8y6PkTt4I8z2e6ZWLQZLf5RWZjMaAtCf8P8HAQ
  6. So I'm in a pickle when it comes to my senior project, I am turning my Loyale into a Safari wagon. I have my sights set on a small and easy lift kit but I am having the hardest time finding wheels with a 4x140 lug pattern. Is it easier to get an adapter for 5x100 or would it be more economical to put all terrain wheel on the stock rims? Also if you have any tips on making this project easier (I know I chose a hard one) that would be great. My deadline is in April, winter set me back too far and need this done quick. And I'm not a mechanic but I learn quickly and I do have help when it comes to handy work so if I gather things now I should get be able to get things finished.
  7. Hi everyone new here, and looking for your expertise...I have an 06 Outback, and I'm looking to swap between snow tires, and summer tires for the Maine seasons..I would prefer to just have 2 sets of wheels/rims one with winter tires on them, and another set with the summer tires on them...My question is: Do all '06 Outback wheels/rims use the same bolt pattern?..And are they, or would they be interchangeable between all other '06 outbacks? So basically could I buy a friend's rims off of his car and slap them on mine if we both have 06 outbacks?.. Thanks for your help!
  8. I'm trying to find steel wheels for my 16 OB. I'm looking to get 17's because they're apparently the smallest you can go without grinding down the calipers ???? I have no idea about offsets, spacers, width, or any of that jazz and would like some guidance. My car currently sits on th stock 225/60r18 tires and whatever wheels coincide. My goal is to get a fatter tire size. I don't care how far they stick out or anything, I just want them to be safe and practical. I do not currently have a lift, but I plan on getting on sometime in the future.
  9. Hello All, I have a 2003 outback that is in need of some new tires. I am looking to use the vehicle as a daily drive/ trip car (camping, beach, exploring, etc) I am going to spend most of my time on the road, as such, noise, tread-life, and wet weather handling are important. That said, I live in NC, I spend time in the mountains and on the outer banks. I am not looking to ford a river or drive on an island. but some sand, gravel, rock, etc will he negotiated at times. I am looking for a tire that will be practical on the road, but will not leave me stranded if I decide to venture off the road a little bit. Currently looking at continental TrueContact all season. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  10. I have several factory parts for sale that have been removed from my 1985 Subaru GL Hatchback. Factory Carburetor complete with Air Cleaner, Filter, Hoses, etc. Both Front Turn Signal Assemblies that mount in the bumper Both Front Bumper Energy Absorbers Both Front Marker Light Assemblies Several Front Bumper brackets that hold parts to the bumper I have a set of factory white spoke wheels with good tires 13" I have the factory spare with original tire that mounts under the hood My email address is: LV2GOFST@yahoo.com Please contact me with any questions.
  11. I'm trying to figure out what i'm going to do for wheels on my 93 Loyale Wagon.... Just envisioned it with those Crosstrek rims to mix new with old. Anyone do that yet? These rims prob are not easily available though. I like these peugeot wheels: http://www.cars101.com/subaru/1983gl.html Found some old mazda rx7 rims that I might grab (4 lugged). This ain't easy, but fun ;-) guidance welcome.
  12. Was looking for skidplate designs to "borrow" and found these, and hadn't seen anyone mention them. http://get-primitive.com/wheels-rally-race-street/466-team-dyn-15x7-5x100-matte-blk.html Expensive, but easier than drilling or finding pugs. Note: I'm not affiliated with them in any way.
  13. I am looking for any info about the SJR wheel adapters to run VW wheels on our 4x140 Subarus. Do you have to have a lift to run these wheels and adapters? How is the back spacing with these adapters and are their any issues with tire rub? I am thinking of just running factory VW steel wheels with a 185/65R15 or 195/65R15 tire on them. Any have experience running these adapters and a similar tire size? I tried contacting him awhile back and just got a simple replay of, it depends on what wheel I run. No other useful info. http://www.sjrlift.com/index.php/catalog/misc/wheel-adapter-vw5-to-subaru-4-x-140-detail
  14. My beloved Subaru "BumbleBeast" has been with me since New, from june 1985; I changed the Lug pattern on it since year 1996, from 4X140 to 4X114.3 to gain easy access to a more variety of Rims; I posted photos and more information regarding that, ~► Here. I choosed originally fifteen inches Rims, as they're easier to find Tires in many sizes, brands and styles; and their price is not high, so, I choosed this ones, which were Five Spokes 15" X 7" wheels, and 25" all-terrain tires: But after that, I never Liked too much their looks, because they were somehow "Too Much Bling-Bling" for my style and the offset wasn't perfect, they came a little to the outside ... Some months after I obtained them, I had financial problems, so I sold them, and obtained as Gift, the old ones from the Buyer's car, which are also 15" but beated steelies + half worn tires, out from a Hyundai Elantra, see: I decided to run my "BumbleBeast" like that for a while, because I planned to reunite enough money for a New set of 15" Rims with five spokes but all Black finish ... But suddenly I lost my Job, after fourteen years being there, due to political reasons, and I'm Not a political person... (Photo taken my last day at my ex-job's parking lot) So I had to stay with those ugly steelies for around a year so far ... But my Spare wheel is a 15" rim that came from a '93 Nissan 240SX, it is a lightweight aluminium, seven spoke Rim: These has the very Perfect offset (40) for the Subaru, and are somehow "age correct" for my "BumbleBeast" So, lately I've been Thinking about obtaining a Complete set of four Used rims from a 240SX, as I already have tested the one I have, and somehow its look grown on me... also used Rims are Cheap to obtain here, in Honduras, and I'm in "Low Budget Mode" If I obtain a set of four of those, I plan to: ► clean them, ► polish them, ► paint them, with Black powdercoat, so, let me Know what do you Think about that idea. Kind Regards.
  15. Co-worker has a 2004 Forester with 205/60-16 bad tires for snow. I have 1990 5 bolt rims with 195/75-14 very new super aggressive snow tires. The outer tire diameter is within reason, the width a little less than I'd like. The real question is will the calipers/rotors on his car will clear the smaller rim inner diameter. Yes we can try it and see if it fits, but I can see if anyone posts and save a hassle too
  16. Hi everyone - So as you may know I'm giving away my DL wagon. But because I've lost so much money on it already and I hope to own another wagon in the future, I'm keeping the steel rims if I can. I might have to sell them with the car, however. If so, what what would you say would be a reasonable price for the rims alone? Thanks!
  17. My 1995 legacy wagon has 15 inch factory rims. I bought some used aftermarket rims that they thought were 15's but it turns out they are 16's. Can I put new rubber on them and use them or will they rub ? Thanks for any input.
  18. Hi folks, I know this has been covered a million times, but unfortunately I can't find a clear answer. I'm looking to swap out my old tires (165/65R13) for new shoes before attempting to drive across the country. I'd like to go as large as possible without running into any rubbing issues or requiring any sort of lift or fender cuts. It seems as though folks are recommending 165/80, 175/70, 175/80 and some 185/70. Does anyone have experience/recommendations with any of these on a Gen1 Brat? I'm leaning toward 175/70 to be safe, but I'd love to hear what people think (and see any pics that might be floating around). Thanks!
  19. I have a 94 loyale and I've been looking for bigger alterain tires or 15 wheels to fit the ones I have but I can't find anything. How do other people get bigger wheels and tires that fit?
  20. Howdy folks, long time lurker here, finally piping up with some questions. I’ve recently acquired a Gen 1 Brat with an EA81 motor and tranny swap. Things are running fine and it’s currently on the road, but I’m looking to drive it from Las Vegas back home to Toronto in a couple of months time when my current gig ends. To do so, I’m trying to compile a list of everything I’m gonna need to replace, acquire, fix and torque down. I’m hoping the USMB can help me out on this front as I try to get everything sorted out. First on the list, I’d like to replace the front axles - the boots on both are completely shot. I’ve read here that a lot of folks prefer having their original axles rebuilt rather than buying replacements. For my purposes, I’ll certainly hold on to my originals for future use, but to drive across the country, I’ll be looking to swap in some new ones. Word on the street is that EMPI have decent build quality, do Gen 1’s and Gen 2’s share the same axle assembly? Rockauto seems to suggest they don’t but it’s not totally clear. Do folks at USMB have a preferred vendor for EMPI? Lastly, if I’m replacing the axles I feel like I might as well do the wheel bearings too - is there anything else that falls in the same category of “might as well replace it” while the wheels and axles are off? I’ve got many more questions as I look to drop a weber on it, delete the EGR, tune up the cooling, switch over to Pertronix from points and possibly upgrade the alternator to a GM, but for now, any guidance regarding my axles and associated upgrades would be tremendously appreciated. Lastly, here’s a pic for those of you that are interested.
  21. Howdy, I am looking to put bigger wheels/tires on my stock 85 Brat. I wanted to get some ideas on the best way to do this. I do not know if this would work, but ideally- Id like to throw some 5 bolt 15" wheels on it. Would this mod be fairly simple or should I just look for some 14" 4 Bolt wheels and go from there. I understand that I may have to cut into the fender and I am OK with that. Any input would be greatly appreciated. As always, thanks! -Andrew
  22. I was thinking about redrilling my hubs to 4x110. I have a couple extra pairs of atv wheels, some are 4x156 and some are 4x110. Do you guys think it'd be anything near safe to try and do? I don't know how I'd go about doing it, I'm assuming in between the original studs? I'm a cheapo, I know, but this is a trail only rig so there isn't a dot worry or a rims blowing up worry, and I want to be able to use atv tires, I mean imagine having some black mamba tires on a brat!
  23. I'm wanting to go with a more aggressive wheel and tire on my 92 Loyale, any recommendations? It's 4 lug and I didn't want to have to mess with modifying the hubs, are there any styles that will bolt right on?
  24. I have a 1980 gl standard 4 lug and i was wondering what wheels would fit because my peugeot wheels are scratched and one has a hole that i cant find(been through 3 tires on it in a week)? Any help would be nice
  25. Hey everyone! I am brand new to this forum and actually joined in order to get some advice from more experienced owners of Bajas and Outbacks. That being said, I am no newbie to working on cars and love learning more about them, anyway, on with the questons... I inherited my '03 Baja from my dad who passed away in February, right now it is in need of heaad gaskets, well basically most of the engine seals are leaking a little, and new metal needs to be attached in the area of the drivers' side rocker panel/pinch weld below. There are other minor things; paint touch ups, some bondo from when it was rear-ended etc. BUT, I was looking into installing a turbo. I don't really know much about this specific engine, but i have heard that the oil and coolant feeds for a turbo are already there. I haven't looked into it at all and am wondering if that is true, and if not, maybe I would be better off getting a new pre-turbo'd engine. Also, is it easy enough to do a 5 speed swap? Or, maybe an H6 5 speed swap {{evil grin}}? I realize this is a big old money pit at this point, but I want to have it for at least another 10-15 yrs, I want a Subaru, and I'd rather my dad's than any other, so it's worth it to me. I'm just sort of trying to get a better picture of what is feasible, and what wouldn't really be worth it. I've got a local welding shop estimating $1200 to fix all frame issues and guarantee the whole thing for 10yrs, and I'm thinking the head gaskets will be another $1000ish, which leaves me with around $1500-$2000 to do some upgrades etc. Obviously some of the above mentioned mods wont get done for a while, but what do you think would be the best use, as far as upgrades, of my extra $2k-ish once all repairs are done? I was thinking about some high mount offroad lights, a turbo, and maybe a new audio system, the current one works intermittently. Basically getting rid of it is out of the question, and I'm going to be having some extra money to dump into it soon. Let me know what you think, any opinions are greatly appreciated. ~c4pt1n54n0
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