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I felt like posting pics and making a big deal of it.


The rules: Post one picture of each Subaru you currently have. Tell us a bit about it.

No pics = get some @#$% pics!

Host your pics @ imageshack.com if you need to upload them somewhere -

Use the bottom code imageshack gives you and paste the code into the insertimage.gif image field.


1984 EA81T GL coupe


150k-ish miles, bought for $650

no rust, runs awesome, needs all trans mounts and engine mounts changed, obviously has dents. I've already put a 2.25" exhaust on after the downpipe, no muffler.

Planned are a 5-speed swap (XT6 flywheel), rear disc brake conversion, XT6 seats, WRX downpipe & custom header, 4-spoke alloys, new side window seals, new driveline mounts, intercooler, analog dash swap, and of course some better sheetmetal for the front. I've got the parts for all of that except the front sheetmetal and the rear discs and I have yet to select/find a 5-speed trans. I also have like-new gold & black side trim pieces :cool:



1986 GL10 ex-turbowagon

-old picture of the wagon:



Current picture of the wagon:



I'll post in more detail about the wagon when it's done, but it has a 4" lift, RX trans/LSD, EJ swap, and a whole bunch more!

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sounds fun!


here's my '86 GL coupe:






1986 GL... 2WD 3AT :dead: original SoCal car, yet has the hideous windshield and rear quarter panel rust... some body damage, already found bondo :eek:.... dents here and there, front and back bumpers pushed in, blackish silver steelies :dead:


Thing is... I cant help but love her... only 94,000 miles on her! She still looks wonderful in my eyes regardless of bodywork! I've turned down a girl on the whole "either the car or me" thing... she's never being sold!


Planned is fix the body work, get an XT dual-outlet muffler, factory mudflaps, RX body kit, some Superlites (if I can find some) and possibly get new pinstriping and decals :)

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Ok then... heres mine.




Bought her a couple of years ago. Came with the 2" lift kit and some 14" wheels. She also had a a true EA81dc (dual carb, valves more like the EA82 engine, better flow.) She got some mud terrains 6months after I bought her. These are now on my secondary wheels as I got a set of 6 stud Superlites which you see in the picture above. These are fitted with 215/60R15's which grip great, but horrid on dirt. She got a rollbar and bullbar soon after I got it. The rollbar everyone asks about, its a 3" stainless steel bar. Pretty simple really. I bought it from a wrecker where it was already mounted to another Brat. The bullbar is completely alloy and is good enough to use as a recovery point.

There is heaps more I have done including the latest EJ22 conversion along with the "tri-hybrid" gearbox which includes EA82 low range, FT4WD center diff locker, and EJ D/R casing so there is no adapter for it to the engine.

I have also done some custom work on the inside including the new low range shifter, custom center console fitted with gauges and a PDA which acts as a mp3 player. It has a radio and amp in the glovebox. UHF and VHF CB radios. 6.5" speakers mounted in boxes in the doors. It sometimes has the sub and amp box mounted behind the drivers seat which has a 12" sub and a 200watt x 2 Fusion amp (my brothers.) The pedal box is even modified to fit the new clutch cable and throttle cable for the 5sp and EJ conversion. Aftermarket 310mm steering wheel. Well, the list goes on. And one picture can't show it all. So if you want to read more check out my website.

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not like you guys haven't seen this before. but what the hell


Currently partially dismantled:


87 GL-10



5 lug swap with adjustable coilovers

WRX wheels

20mm sway bars front and rear

Some gauges

Some other crap








Might actually be on the road again in the next month or so. I started parting it out a while back. Have yet to sell anything I can't replace easily. Once it is up and running how I want it, it might go up for sale whole.:D

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heres mine.. 1983 subaru brat. little rust. leaky windshield gasket.all that for $100:grin:





after.. AA lift. campershell with massive subie girl logo. legacy seats. factory brushguard. stock rims tiny tires (anyone want to loan me some cash to get my pugs fitted with new shoes?)



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My Daily Driver.. 88 GL-10 turbo sedan


wrx ic

5 lug swap

wrx wheels

rx front air dam

custom dash gauge pod

No rear E-brake:dead:

custom front bumper

custom grill

custom intake

working a/c



2 days after purchase



a couple days ago..



Paid 700.. now i figure i got 1400 in it.. this winters project will take me to the world of ej's.. i just gotta..


This car has been rock solid.. vegas heat.. blasting a/c.. and me behind the wheel..



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88 touring wagon

ej22 + auto converted to vtd transfer with lockable centre

4.44 vlsd

3.5" rear lift 2" front

rear wheel carrier,alloy bullbar

future mods 5 stud and 4" lift 15" wheels.

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Ooh I like these threads!

Ok so these are Gen 1's but hey...

'81 Brumby, my first Subaru, and car.


Is fairly tidy only had 64,000km original when I got it now has 82,000km.

Is awaiting removal of a little bit of rust, then 'restoration' so to speak begins.


#2 '81 Brumby, Parts-mobile.


Got it cheap, for parts, and what do ya know, it was legal on the road and ran mint! Still has 1 month of legal motoring left in it, so is being daily drivin till then, at which point, I'll park it in a field for parts, and maybe future trailered 4X4 project.


'87 Omega RX


I'm actually trying to sell this at the moment, So I can focus on one old car. And get something a bit more practical and less-turbo for perminant DD.

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Current daily driver:


1990 Legacy LS

Cone air filter, new OEM clutch.... WRX wheels as soon as the weather clears up lol



1987 GL Turbowagon


XT turbo engine, 5 lug swap, XT6 sway bars front and rear, leather shift knob, dual range part-time 5 speed turbo trans, custom exhaust (2 1/2" straightpipe, no muffler), hollowed airbox.


Mods to come:


WRX intercooler

Delta cams


Probably will eventually get a turboed EJ swap but not for a while...


My old 84 4x4 wagon


344,000 miles on the motor... lotsa rust!


My first Subaru


only mods I ever did to it were I swapped it to a 5 speed with an EA82 2WD 5 speed, put a cherry bomb on it, and swapped the steels for a set of white wagon wheels. Was on it's way to being pretty cool when some arsehole T boned me...

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ok, I'm currently down to only ONE subaru :eek: so here it is:


'92 Loyale wagon, started life as a FWD 3AT Florida car (Rust Free :banana: ). My dad bought it down there, and drove it up here, and it was our daily driver for a few years. then I got my license, and it was passed along to me. I hated the drivetrain, so replaced it with the '85 4WD wagon, and then a couple lifted wagons.


then, last summer, I pulled it out of the woods, and between parts from my '85, my mom's old '92 legacy, and some other stuff....I did this to it:





now it's running a full RX FT4WD DR drivetrain with rear LSD.

R1 Racing 450/500 lb/in adjustable coilover springs over stock struts/shocks (yikes :eek: )

XT6 front sway bar (have the rear, but need the turbo trailing arms...)

'85 front bumper and grill


rear discs using 200SX calipers (haven't redone the cables yet...so it's still front handbrake)


this summer, it's getting 5-lug and a full suspension setup (poly bushings, GR2s in the rear, AGXs in front, rear sway bar, and some springs theyareontome.gif ), and hopefully a crazy custom hybrid tranny...


then, some belt-driven forced induction and a PP6 :burnout:


then there's my dad's '94 Legacy Touring wagon, and my mom's '01 legacy sedan.

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This is my 84 GL with 238K miles on it. I've owned it for over 9 years and I've put over 71k miles on it. Rally tire of choice is the Kumho Ecsta R700 165/80/13.




This is my 94 Legacy GT. That's right is a Gen1 Legacy with a raised roof. It's been my daily driver for the 5 years that I've owned it and I've put over 65K miles on it in that time.

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I'm Game:



Bucky..my 92 Loyale FWD 5 spd wagon...202,000 miles had for 4 years now ..paid $600 from a dealer..what can I say..I adore this car..old reliable...right now has no brakes but just wont give up




And my Demon Spawn Rocky...my 88 XT6..Melis calls my orphan child..FT4WD 5 Spd..23,000(ish) miles on the motor 166,000 miles on the car. this is the only shot with his new rims and tires..I love him and I hate him..when he is running..OMG what an amazing car...when he is broke down ( which is sometimes more than he is running) I want to push him off a cliff;) Daily driver right now while Bucky is down



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I'm in, mine are in cronological order, newest to oldest.............


2006 WRX TR in San Remo Red W/ 5spd, rear wing, boost guage, and sub woofer amp. Named "Ruby"


Next is the 97 Outback Wagon. used as DD, camper puller and dog car. Named "CRKHEAD" (Yeah it's a 2.5:lol: )


87 GL wagon, 3/4 PK BYB lift 14" Pugs, LSD rear, Weber 32/36, rear disk brakes. Named "DRTYGRL"


This is my favorite, "RUZILLA" More then I have space but the big mod is the Brat fun tops


Last but not least is the 84 Turbo Coupe, not a thing done to it, not even named named yet.......



These and more on my pictures site. Tim

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The Brown Beast... Recently back in action after nearly a year hiatus (engine swap madness!!) Cleanest EA82 this side of ANYWHERE.



EJ22 Swap, D/R 5spd, Locked Rear, Custom Bumpers front and rear, 28" TSL's, Wilderness Roof Rack, More KC lights than you can shake a stick at, Custom Switch panel, Custom Mounted Stereo, Pioneer Components in all 4 doors, Pioneer 10" Sub in Custom Box. Subiesport Featured.





Ultimate RX




EJ20G, Legacy 5spd with Excedy Organic Clutch, Hydro clutch conversion, XT6 5-Lug Swap, Front and Rear Sways, Pioneer CD player, Diamond Audio Components up front in custom door panels, Diamond 10" sub in the back, JDM WRX seats, 2000 2.5rs Wheels, COBB Cast Downpipe w/ custom 3" exhaust and a flowpro muffler, Haltech Standalone Engine Management, Innovate LM-1 Wideband, etc...


I also have a '83 Brat somewhere....

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1990 Legacy wagon LS

K&N Air filter

Naxos Muffler



EJ22T swap

04 wrx suspension swap

Legacy GT rims

Anything to make it as fast as an sti


I need to get some new pics





Its gonna look really nice with GT rims.

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I can play along.




1993 Loyale. The first car I've ever bought. Got it from my uncle for $500 and has been running great since! 178000 on the clock, want to do a dual range swap and rear disks, but keep it looking as close to stock as possible.



My 83 GL hatchback. Actually I tried to get rid of it as I don't have time or money to work on it, and my brother doesn't want to fix it up for his first car for some reason. At least he does want a subaru though!

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ALLRIGHT, allright, I will taint the thread with a couple shots of the SS Tetanus :grin:


1987 GL-10 (I think of it more as a GL-5) SPFI, Front Wheeler, 3-speed auto.. the digidash, (ech) sunroof, trip computer, factory cruise, and power locks/windows are its only redeeming qualities...




and her bad side...



I shall say again, the undercarriage of this car looks BEAUTIFUL, and this car was ziebarted (:eek:) the rust is ALMOST all WYSIWYG.. the only hidden spots are under the windshield; a stray piece of gravel is most likely going to be the deatchknell of this chassis one day..... but the frame is solid as a rock.

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ok. first up. 82 GL Brat. 99k. 5" lift, built engine, blah, blah, blah.... (all the off roading mods)




Next Up. 86 GL Brat. 88k, 3" lift. rear discs, otherwise stock. this one is my baby, and will be my son's first car....




my daily driver 84 Hatch. pretty much stock, but some mods coming this summer.... (already have louvers on it...)




and lastly, I present Mountain Grizzly. 82 GL wagon, 195k, 3" lift, all power options available in '82. rear shoulder belts from "down under" installed. this one will be for sale probably...



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wow, guess I should get my fleet on here of what I have left... or still...


1987 Subaru GL coupe, FWD 3AT, SPFI EA82. Got it for $100 a few months ago and the body is in premo condition. Blue interior which is getting changed to black. Currently is in the process of complete 5-lug conversion, RX FT4wd d/r 5-speed tranny swap, 3.7 rear LSD, turbo engine crossmember for later plans, WRX 16" alloys, RX checkerboard seats, short throw shifters, Pioneer DEH-P7700MP deck, Kicker Comp VR 12" subs in a Q-Logic box, Kenwood Excelon 1000watt amp, RX bodykit painted flat black, ebay coilovers, 2-piston front calipers and a few other odd-n-ends.

Future plans include an EJ20G swap, EJ AWD 5-speed with rear VLSD, STi hoodscoop, tinted windows, STi interior bits like seats and such, and a few more odd-n-ends.



1978 Subaru Brat DL. Yes, its a shell but its getting the body worked on right now. Has been media blasted and is in epoxy primer. Plans? I don't know yet.... Return to stock? Maybe with a few upgrades...



1989 Subaru RX. Its another shell! Plans? Hoping it'll be gone this weekend... It had some major mods done to it but I kept blowing it up so when I got my silver coupe, this was done for.



1979 Subaru 4wd wagon. Its not a shell but its missing half the front end and its in Oregon. If someone wants to get it, you can have it for free, just go get it. I have a title and everything for it. Plans? If its still there when I move to Washington, she's gonna get the work done to her I was wanting to do waaaaay back when I got it, like 4 years ago.

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Well, I guess I'll add all of mine as well in the order I recieved them.


1998 Outback with the f'in 2.5 traded my Nissan Frontier in for it and yes, I've already blown the head gaskets- one month after purchasing:mad:



1983 Rust Wagon 4X4 bought for $200 for parts for my Brat that I was going to get. Had four different d/r 4spds put in and ALL would not go into third:mad: . Then as I was moving it into storage I think (hope) it blew a head gasket. Will be stripping for the Brat and ditching the rest.



Next is my Brat. 1984. Got it in trade for the running gear and air suspension out of an 86 Turbo coupe MINUS rear discs (kept for myself). Does not run and will not move (tranny seized I hope). Will be getting an SPFI EA81, SJR 4 or 6 inch lift and already got some 14" Pugs for it (got the Pugs off a friend for $50 :banana: ).



Last for now is my 1986 Gl Wagon 4X4. Bought it off TahoeSoob for $350 for the d/r 5spd, only it's too nice to part out. Came with NEW snow tires, plugs and wires, timng belts just replaced and new hoses. Was missing one hose and replaced it, now after putting 22 miles on it, it does not like to run. Hoping its the accelerator pump. Plans include an SJR t-case lift and 6 lug conversion.



And to think, four months ago I did not have even one Subie, now I have four:grin: . Minus the Outback I've paid a total of $675 for three Subies and have my eyes on another 83 4X4 Wagon and an extra engine (both been sitting for a while and needing gaskets and seals) for $100:eek: . Also know of more EA81 wagons, one 2wd EA81 Coupe, one 2wd Hatch, ALOT of EA81 and some EA71 parts, 2 EA71 Brats (one rolled one not), 2 EA81 Brats, and a 78 and 79 4X4 Wagon in the area. I think I'm in trouble:lol:

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