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  1. Hey everyone! Newbie here The name's Shikani, originally from Melbourne but now studying in Darwin! Since I'm in the NT I've bought a Subaru down here for pretty cheap! it's a 97 Forester and I love it Thought it would be a good idea to join a forum and meet other Subie lovers!
  2. I’m in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and if you know the Parries, you know we get some cold weather. It has been -20 Celsius or less for a week now and I’m having some real issues with the warning lights on my dash. I have 2014 Forester 2.0XT with Eyesight and a factory installed car starter. After a night of cold weather I will, of course, try to warm up my car using the Subaru installed starter.. but it won’t work. It doesn't want to start the vehicle because the computer is displaying the following warning lights: Check Engine, Hill Assist, AT Oil Temp, ABS, Vehicle Dynamics System, Pre-collision braking system off and Lane departure off. I took the car into the dealership last year and presented a photo of the dash (because these things never seem to present themselves when you have a technician standing next to you), they agreed that it was strange and replaced the wiring harness. This seemed to do the trick; however, at this point the overnight temperature had begun to improve as spring was on its way. Now we’re into January again and I’m faced with same issues. I don’t want to be a super big baby about it, but I paid the extra money to have a car starter installed (because I don’t have a garage) and it just won’t work. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue as me? Or, do I have to just suck it up and face the fact the car starter only works in the summer, and that the warning lights are just another reminder that the winters on the parries are brutal.
  3. We are the Ford's. New Years is also our anniversary. The boys wanted us to join them at the orv park near our house. It was a lot of fun. We also met a couple of new Subaru friends. Chris if your out there it was great meeting you and your friends. Peace and a Happy New Year.
  4. All - opinions solicited... Blew the engine at 234K on my 2008 Forester - eventually will re-power her up, but at that mileage I'd prefer to go new. What are the must haves on a 2015? And I want the base model - or close to it - so what has anyone paid new for one. I'm trying to see what wiggle room there is in the market. I live in Vermont. I think its time to buy post-Turkey Day. Deals in December they say.
  5. Looking for pics and/or diagrams showing the components, layout and, ideally, location on vehicle, of the components connected to the charcoal/carbon canister. Where the drain line goes, if there's a drain valve where it is, where the ultimate end allowing access to the atmosphere is (hose end or filter box or valve nipple, etc.) thanx guys
  6. Hello everyone, I did a ton of searching about my intermittent no start issue on my 2007 forester sports 2.5 non turbo. I didn't find anyone who's car won't start sometimes and when it does, after 4 seconds holding the key. Starter switch low input is what's said about the code however it makes no sense to me. The battery is new, the starter sounds ok and what's even stranger is that if I hold my key to the on position, it won't do anything for about 4 seconds and then if I'm lucky, it turns over and starts like nothing is wrong. It runs smooth, and the starter solenoid doesn't sound like it's sticking open. If I clear the code, it goes away for 150 miles and comes right back stranding me (if I'm not lucky and it doesn't turn over after 4 seconds holding the key).. Gas cap is also verified to be in proper working order. I don't have the money to go to the dealership, no warranty, bought the car about 4 months ago,I have good mechanical aptitude. I am more into Diesel engine swaps and jeeps, and newer cars like this are confusing for me. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  7. Hey gang, I've been going through www.opposedforces.com for things I should pull off my parts Forester for my Impreza and I wanted to know about the steering rack. I see on OF.com that it isn't a direct replacement part between the two but I can't help but think that it would have to be close enough to use anyway because so much of the suspension, crossmembers, etc are direct swap-over parts. Has anyone done a rack swap between the two before? I have a hunch that there is some minute difference between them in ratio (for different tire size maybe?) or something that makes them not 100% identical parts but that they would still swap in and work in place of each other. Any ideas? I'm trying to farm out as many spares from this rig as I can before having it hauled for crushing. So far I've put all four struts and springs on my impreza as well as a bunch of stereo mounting dash parts and the nicer front bucket seats. I've also pulled all the axles and the front control arms to have 'in stock'. I think I'm getting pretty good mileage out of a $250 parts car.
  8. Here's my situation: I bought a used 2005 Forester X 2.5L SOHC w/ 4-speed Auto Trans with 65,000mi. About a year ago I ran it out of oil (and I'll never hear the end of it). Sounds like a rod is knocking. Between my dad and my brother who is a VW tech, I can get the engine in and out of the car. The problem is that I'm finding it insanely difficult to find info on this engine as well as the car's compatability with other engines. The info off the timing cover reads: EJ253BXSAB-0D8 459576 LC 10 Don't know how to interpret this past the 253. I want to rebuild the engine, but having mostly worked with GM vehicals (I'm the first in the fam to own a Subaru) I know little about these.I thought maybe it would be smart to drop another engine in while I rebuild so that the car is driveable, but the only exact match available through LKQ is nearlly $2,000 shipped. A bit pricey. I was told over the phone by an engine salesman that an EJ20 would drop right in and that the 06+ EJ253s would not, but I have no idea how they would and would not match up. Also, I've learn from experience not to take the words of a salesman to heart. I understand the basics of engine timing, but I don't know how the ECU compatabilites differ between models. I realize I'm asking a lot but I'm just at a loss and need help. If experience were not a factor, would it be a good option to start the rebuild? Or is there another inexpensive option for interchanging? I realize there is a lot of good info in these forums so If something has already been discussed, I'd appreciate a link.
  9. Hey folks, I just got a 1998 forester 2.5 4AT for free. I drove it around for about a week and heard about head gasket problems, sure enough when I looked in the coolant bottle I found this 80% Oil 20% Coolant Premix. I just want a confirmation from you Subaru Professionals that this is indeed a bad head gasket/gaskets. there is no visible leak on the head-block mating surface but there is an Oil leak on the VC-Head surface. This Subie has over 260k miles on it so far, what can I expect from it? Thanks for the help folks.
  10. Hello, all. I go by Jeffrey or Jeff. I'm from the Dallas area. I've got a 2005 Forester X that has been sitting due to engine problems. I'm finally getting around to it and I figured it's about time I start looking for help from people that actually know what they're talking about. But seriously, reading through some posts you all seem like a great bunch of people. Looking forword to learning a lot, and hopefully even contributing some of my own in the future. The more I learn about Subarus the more I like them. I'm having fun already.
  11. 2002 Forester 5MT 210,000-km I am ready to replace my rear suspension struts. The FSM says to disconnect the rear brake-hose from the caliper, and to tape the hose out of the way. Is this necessary? I would prefer not to have to re-bleed the brakes after I've finished. So can I leave the brake-hose connected to the caliper, and just support the rear-axle and brake hub/rotor assembly? Will this give me enough room to remove and reinstall the strut? I haven't done Subaru struts before, so any help would be appreciated.
  12. So I just picked up my very first Subaru. Its a 2002 Forester L. Of course the jerk who sold it to me forgot to mention that the headlights don't work. I replaced the bulbs with new ones, and still nothing. If I "fiddle" with the drivers side bulb connector I can get both of the headlights to come on, but they are very dim. Oh, and the passenger brights come on... WTF?!? I checked the ground cleaned it off and it didn't change anything, also I squirted some dielectric grease one the headlight connectors because they're a bit corroded, drivers side is actually burnt a little bit too. I'm assuming the problem is bad three prong female connectors, but i'm confused on why both headlights turn on very dimly when I fiddle with the drivers side connector. Any tips/advice would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  13. the situation - 2003 Forester, great physical condition, love the good aspects of the car, but am stuck in a bad situation. bought it July 2nd, in las Vegas, quickly because we had just placed my father in hospice (I had power of Atty). the car was $4200, made belt noise, the air conditioner didnt work great when not moving, but otherwise it seemed ok. fiance, 3 year old daughter, and myself had to travel to San Diego to move out of our apt, then get back asap to attend to my father. asked the dealer, ”is it dependable, able to drive back and forth from Vegas to San Diego, no head gasket problems, etc”. he said all good. I asked ”if it breaks down in a month, what then.” he said they'd take care of it. on way back to las Vegas, the car overheated, so I'm stuck in desert, 1pm, 110 degrees with my 3 year old. the oil I checked before leaving San Diego is gone. we were towed to a mechanic 100 miles outside Vegas, where it currently sits, at $50 day storage fees even though I was waiting for a never provided estimate to show to dealer. contacted the dealer after much difficulty and was told (i recorded everuthing) they'd offer the following - they'd give us a mechanic who would only charge us wholesale prices for repair parts, which we'd pay for in addition to labor, I.e they will pay nothing. the mechanic where the cars now sits says the engine is done - the day of the overheat, after putting oil in it and starting it, there is a rattling rod like noise and it will only idle 30 seconds before shutting off. the mechanic says it needs a new engine. after doing more research on these cars, I do believe the worst about the engine.the dealer now wants me to bring the car in as they don't believe the severity of the damage (though I think its more that they realize its going to take another $1000 to get the car to them, hoping we can't or won't.) getting the car to the dealer, not knowing what if anything he will contribute (they did not provide required reports, info, etc when we bought the car), means I'm $5500+ into the car. a replacement engine at a shop in Vegas would run around $2200. $800 labor, and I've seen replacement engines on eBay for around $1400. my questions - if I have to pay out of pocket another $3500, is it a better option than another $3500 car (that is, the dealer offers nothing & I pay for a replacement engine)? is it worth driving back to vegas from san diego, getting a truck & trailer ($$$), and dropping the car off at a very suspect used car dealer who have little understanding of subaru engines, and are only offering the slightest bit of assistance under threat that theyll be reported? or should i forget the car and just report them? forget it and put $ into another vehicle? anyone have advice on interacting with the dealer? its been a horrific 2 months, comically so. for example, bringing my deceased fathers stuff to San Diego, the uhaul overheated at 2am, then overheated on each large hill the entire drive to San Diego (any uhaul help was 3 hours away, so they requested we put water in it and try to keep going). I'm completely exhausted, need a vehicle, and am near paralyzed regarding the best course of action. I've never asked or been as desperate for any assistance as I am now, but again, its been a worse 2 months than I can explain. thanks in advance for any help, I'm greatful. regards, Del.
  14. Hi, I'm wanting to boost the performance in my 2003 2.5L Forester XS (non-turbo) what would you guys recommend? I'm mainly interested in boosting the acceleration rather than top speed. I'm on a bit of a budget so super chips and the like are a bit out of my league, preferably DIY stuff, I'm fairly handy and have been pulling apart and putting back together my car since I was about 10 so I know it pretty well. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  15. So I am inbetween cars right now and I found this awesome community. Ive been considering a 2003 Subaru Forester XS, and I really just want everyone's opinion. My main concerns are: I do not want to buy someone else's problem; I just got rid of a car that had plenty of issues, which is why I sold it. I hear nothing but amazing things from people about Subarus. The one I am looking at has 150,000 miles, but has been a one owner vehicle, no crashes, clean title, regular maintenance, etc...what do you all think? Sound like a sure thing, or should I have reservations? I am excited nonetheless. Thanks!
  16. Hey everyone! New to the forum! My name is Jenn! I live in Portland, Oregon and I have an 04 FXT 5-speed limited edition. Black with gold fleck on black leather. Panoramic sunroof. She's a beauty.
  17. Hi. I am going alone on a backpacker journey to Australia in next month where I intend to buy a car. My first car! Obviously it has to be a Subaru - but which one, an Outback or a Forester? I will stay in Australia for five months and I suppose I will drive more than 10.000 km, so ofcourse the fuelconsumption has to be reasonable and the comfort has to be good as well. Since I will be sleeping in the back of the car somedays, it also has to fit to a mattress and some luggage etc. It also has to be great offroading, since I will be going to Fraser Island and other remote areas. I have been keeping an eye on the Outback and the Forester, and the price varies from 2000,- to 3500,- AUD. So wich one gives the most bang for the buck and suits my needs best? And are there something in particular that I shall be aware of when buying a used Subaru? // kgoul, Denmark
  18. Hi Guys I have the 2003 Subaru Forester 2.0 xt, automatic and has 90 000km on the clock. I got it second hand on Saturday and i drove it back to my house which is 600km away. All went well but i am having a problem, when the car and the air around are both cold i get nice performance and can feel that beautiful Subaru motor, turbo and intercooler pull that drew me to this car, but as soon as the car heats up a bit after maybe 5 min of driving or if the car sits in the sun. The power disappears. It may be wrong to say that the power completely disappears but it fells like the turbo isn't pulling. One other thing. As soon as i got it home it did a full service on the car hoping that this would sort the problem. That was fuel filter, air filter, oil filter, oil change, spark plugs changed. This didn't sort my power problem. I took it for a spin around the block and was pushing it a bit trying to see what's happening with the power. When i got back to the house there was steam pouring out of the bonnet. The heat gauge seemed fine and was half way. I opened the bonnet and there was coolant everywhere. The top of the radiator where the black part joins with the aluminium (The aluminium is curled over the black top part holding it down). There was water coming out of there. It seemed to be the only part that was loosing water. Please guys help me find what the problem is. I presume that the top tank on the radiator maybe needs replacing and i have taken the radiator out of the car but i don't know what caused this to happen and would hate to get a new top tank and it happens again or it blows something else. Please guys i love this car and don't feel that the expertise needed are available here in my country to sort this out.
  19. Hi guys. I have just bought my car from Japan and I have noticed that there is rust in most second hand 2003 foresters where the coolant cap is. There seems to be a catchment tray around it which has the rust. Is there a way to stop this and to get rid of the rust that is there already? Please see the picture. It is located on the bottom left hand corner of the air intake from the hood scoop.
  20. Can I put a 97 forester transmission in a 98 forester? They both are auto transmission and AWD. Sorry if it is a dumb question I'm not very knowledgeable on cars. I bought a 98 forester and I need to replace the transmission.
  21. The EJ251 engine in my 2002 Forester weighs 119 kg (262 Lbs). I had trouble finding this info online, so I thought that I would post it here. I had taken the engine out to replace the clutch, and before resting the engine on the floor, I weighed it on my bathroom scales. Not exactly 100% scientific, but close enough. The weight is for a bare engine: - No oil; - No coolant; - No A/C pump; - No Alternator; - No Power-steering pump. But includes: - Flywheel and clutch; - Timing-belt, all idlers and covers; - Main drive-pulley; - Rocker-covers and spark-plugs in place; - Engine-mounts attached; - Intake & Exhaust manifolds attached.
  22. I need to know if I can put a 97 forester transmission in my 98 forester? They are both AWD Auto transmissions.
  23. Hello! I am brand new to the forum and admittedly not too knowledgeable about cars. We have 99 Forester with about 120,000 miles. It had check engine light on for a long time - our mechanic stated it was an evaporative emissions code, not necessary to fix and very pricey, so we drove it like that for a couple of years. Exhaust system also required work for a long time. We finally did these repairs just in the last couple of days - we found a different, affordable mechanic, who seems very trustworthy. We found them after we bought an Outback from them a year ago. The car has always gone through a lot of oil, too, and we were not always super good about keeping it up. Sometimes we would check it and it wouldn't register on the dipstick at all. It doesn't have any leaks though, just eats oil. A couple days before taking it in to the mechanic to be fixed, it did something new. It started idling really low. It would start up well, even in the subzero temperatures we are having here in Minnesota, and then after warming up and driving it for a while, it would start to idle low, around 500 rpms, and feel like it was going to die. The air blowing out of the heater would also really slow down, and lights would dim a bit until it got more gas. We mentioned this when we brought in. Mechanic says they checked the alternator and the battery and both were OK. They replaced the MAF sensor and the front O2 sensor. They didn't experience the symptom while it was in their care and sent it home with us. However, it is definitely still occurring. Having just invested all this money in a car we thought was on its last leg is kind of a bummer. Any thoughts?
  24. I have a 2004 XT with an EJ255BXTBB. My heads are shot, not sure about crank. I bought it after it broke down and was assuming it was just a head gasket job. Anyway the heads and cams are scored. Not sure about the crank yet but have heavy concerns. I am pricing a replacement motor. Can anyone tell me if the 2005 Legacy had a model with a EJ255BXTBB? Wiki says the EJ255 came in that model but wont confirm BXTBB in any variations of the legacy. Most motors I am finding are $2,700+ used. I am in Kansas City, MO. A local pick-n-pull has a 2005 Legacy and 50% off sale on all parts this weekend. The Legacy has only been there for 2 months, have not seen it yet, not assuming it has a timing cover to identify. Is there a more reliable resource for cross referencing Subaru models and engine #s? I could come come in way under $2,700 even after I send the heads to the shop, buy a gasket kit and a timing kit so I would really like to find out if this is an option.
  25. I have this strange problem, when i drive down hill and let go of the throttle my car starts to jerk. But if i just give a little throttle it stops to jerk. Its a forester 2.0t with automatic gear. Someone who have had the same problem?
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